In Australia, there are more than 300 types of termites. However, not all of them cause damage to properties, only a handful of them do. If you need more information, you may contact the masters of pest control.

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Types of Termites in Australia

Termites in Sydney

There’s more than one type of termites. Some common types that can infest your property are the ff.:

West Indian Drywood Termite

Although this type of termite is said to have originated in Jamaica, its actual origin is unknown. It feeds on structural lumbar is said to have been spread around the world thanks to wooden ships. In order to survive, it needs to be places with high moisture.

Just like other termites, the West Indian drywood termite is a social insect and resides only in the wood members it infests. Collecting water and cellulose from wood fibres, they are larger and more cylindrical in size, compared to other types of termites.

Dampwood Termite

Dampwood termites are larger in size than subterranean ones. The species with wings (known as ”˜swarmers’), are around 25mm long. The soldiers, however, are 20mm in length.

Swarmers are the ones that start a dampwood colony. They only produce a few eggs a year, having created a small colony. Gradually, they start expanding their colony.

Termites Control Sydney

They have a preference for wood that is decayed and one of the best ways to know if you have a dampwood infestation is if there are small, clean holes in the wood. This is because they like to eat across the grain.

Formosan Termite

Formosan termites love places that are warm. Their bodies are designed to be resistant to the heat in certain ways. They have 3 distinctive castes: the alates (ones that reproduce), the soldiers and the workers.

The best way to tell them apart from other species of termites is that the soldiers are oblong, whereas subterranean termites have a rectangular shaped head. Formosan termites are also more aggressive when it comes to defending themselves.

When they feel threatened, they release a white fluid that is used for defence purposes. The swarmers/alates have a thick covering of hair over their wings and are yellowish brown in colour and are half an inch in size.

Diet, Behaviour and Habits of Termites

The diet and behaviour of termites depends on the species. Most people have a perception that termites are small ant-like creatures that feed on wood. While this is true to some extent, they are bigger than ants and feed on more than just wood.

The typical diet of an average termite is the cellulose found in wood fibre. Some species of termites like the Formosan, love to invade soil and create mud tunnels. These ”˜tunnels’ serve as their nest.

Just like honey bees, termites also have a queen that they follow. The queen can lay up to 1,000 eggs per day. When certain termites develop wings and are released from the colonies, they go on to establishing new ones.

What should you do when you discover termites in your property?

So you have discovered termite colony and the initial reaction from most home owners is to get the insect spray out and kill them all. DO NOT DO ANYTHING! If you have discovered termites, put everything back as it was before you discovered them. If any termites have come outside their workings and are visible, collect a few specimens and preserve them in some spirits. This will help us identify the type of termites in your home. Termite control is only effective when the correct termite treatment is used.

It is important not to attempt any termite treatment yourself or disturb them any further as they may scatter around the house and make treatment more difficult. Remember a termite queen can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day and live up to 50 years. 

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Termites in your home

There is a strong change you have termites crawling inside the structures of your home if you have never had a pest or termite inspection. Usually when termites have been identified, immediate action is required to avoid structural damage to your residential Sydney home. There are several instances where homes have to be sold for significantly reduced prices because of termite damage.

Termites will eat any wood structure and will even go through electrical wiring and plaster walls to satisfy their appetite. When electrical and wall damage is discovered, 90% of the time this will mean entire building damage and no remedial work can be taken, in this case, the house may need to be demolished and rebuilt. Even with steel frame homes, wood is found in the roof, furniture and structure flooring. Termites will come through the ground into your house in search of wood so their Termite mound or nest may be hundreds of metres away. They will burrow underground tunnels and sophisticated network of mines to reach your home.

Termite services you can use in Sydney

We offer a wide range of termite control services for residential and commercial properties. These include: Pest Control Services Termite, Termite Treatment, Termite Prevention, Termite Protection, and Termite Barriers.

We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We can match any comparable termite price quote for treatment on your premises.

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Termites can be nasty little pests, which once they have infested your home are very hard to get rid of. By gaining some knowledge on what to do and using the right tools, you can apply preventive measures to avoid termites before they do any significant damage. Probably the best way of getting rid of termites once and for all is by calling a professional company like us to clear your home of any pests. Since leaving termites unattended can result in permanent damage to your property, it is advisable to call professional pest control company and get help as soon as possible.