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All Eastern suburb homes that have been newly constructed must undergo termite inspection since it protects the first property owner. Many termite control companies provide free initial termite inspection services to homeowners. The common areas inspected for termites are the foundations of the house and the surrounding areas. There may be termite tunnels where a huge colony of termites may be living, which is why you must check everywhere.

Professional termite control Eastern Suburb services are the preferred way to deal with any termite infestation, but they come at a cost. The termite treatment cost will depend on several factors, but the number of termite colonies and their size is the main factor that will affect the cost. If the termite infestation is widespread, it will mean that the termite treatment cost will also increase due to additional resources being used to control the problem.

To give you a better idea about how much a professional termite treatment will cost you, we will highlight the primary factors affecting termite treatment. These are:

  • The location
  • The climate
  • Length of time
  • External home problems
  • Number of solutions needed

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Pest Control Tips for Eastern Suburbs Residents

To protect your Eastern suburb property away from termites, you should regularly inspect your home and always try to ensure no rotting wood, mud tubes, or any visible termite presence around your home. Although at the time, getting rid of rotting wood may seem a bit annoying, when you think about the cause you are doing it for, you will gladly give some of your time to get it away from your home.

  1. Stagnant water and moisture are major sources of food for termites, so make sure that you have dried all moisture and diverted away from any water from your household through the gutters to prevent the growth of termites. Like all other living beings, Termites cannot survive without water, so they have no ground to grow if you cut down the sources.

  2. Make sure that there is no firewood or lumber stacked near your home. Some properties use wood as a means of staying warm during the winter, and although this is a great idea sometimes, it can backfire, especially if the woods have moisture on them. Ensure that you keep all the firewood at a safe distance from your home to ensure no termite infestations are coming to you soon.

  3. You can also remove all of the old building wood, discarded fencing or ground stakes that may be located around your house. They are unusable anymore and can also trigger a termite infestation, so there is absolutely no point in still keeping them there.

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