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What Is Natural Pest Control?

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    Natural pest control looks at ways you can protect your home or commercial property from common pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Instead of using harmful chemicals and pesticides to get rid of pests, it is better to use natural pest control methods proven safe and effective.

    Hire the masters of pest control to get rid of unwanted pests without causing harm to your health. We provide cockroach control, termite control, spiders pest control, ants pest control, rat control, mosquitoes pest control, and more. Our mobile vans service the entire Sydney area!

    Our team of pest control experts can inform you about using natural pest control methods and safe treatments. One common natural pest control treatment is using Pyrethrum. It is used in child care centres, organic gardens, agricultural and food establishments in Australia and worldwide. Contact us for more information about our natural pest control and child and pet-friendly pest control services.

    It may take some time and work to find the best competitive pest controller in your local area. Sydney, for example, is home to several pest control companies, which may all claim to be the best.

    Licensed and certified

    We are fully licensed and accreditated contractors to perform work on residential and commercial building sites. Our accreditation ensures all our workers follow work health and safety guidelines, follow insurance requirements, and maintain up-to-date pest technicians training.  We can guarantee that we only provide safe and reliable pest control. We make sure that our pest control treatments are pet and child-friendly.

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    OHS industry safety certification

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    HACCP Certified

    We help food manufacturers, food courts, restaurants and fast food outlets maintain their HACCP Certification. This ensures the food business continues with its developed, documented and implemented systems and procedures in accordance with HACCP.

    Natural pest control to remove pest infestations

    Masters Pest Control Sydney only uses safe methods, unlike other pest control companies that may still use insect removers that can cause harm to people's health.

    There will be areas we recommend pure natural insect control methods. Farmers professionals in the food industry prefer this method for safety reasons. We are all well aware that chemical-based pesticides or toxic pest control products can adversely affect plants and produce - and we definitely do not want those pesticides at our dinner table.

    Choosing natural and organic pest management in Sydney is also good for the environment. We recommend using natural or organic methods instead of harmful chemicals that may damage flora and fauna in your area.

    Full pest control service that's proven to be safe and effective. 

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    Our team is ready to conduct property inspection and natural pest control treatments.

    Natural pest control

    We have created a simple 5-step pest control process that will naturally eliminate insects on your property. From our years of experience providing professional, honest, and quality pest control services in Sydney, we can be guaranteed to reduce the number of pests without using harmful methods. Here are simple and natural pest control methods to apply:

    Remove Water Sources

    Your first step is to investigate your home to find where bugs may be entering and hiding. You should also check for possible organic food and unnatural water sources. You'll want to be sure to check two areas under your sink in the kitchen and behind your refrigerator. If water collects in these areas, this will provide a natural drinking ground for rats and cockroaches to thrive. Every living rodent or spider needs water. Remove the water source by drying water condensation and getting any leaking pipes fixed.

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    Call the masters to inspect and protect your property from pests.


    If you have piles of unnecessary items lying around your house, it's time to get rid of them. This may include stacks of old magazines and newspapers, old shoes in the closet, and any other clutter that you don't need. These things give bugs a natural place to hide, not to mention Mastersial for building nests. It is also harder to clean around areas of clutter, resulting in an increased food supply for many types of insects. Cardboard is beautiful to bugs, so get rid of any empty boxes you may have to lie around.

    Would you please go through our house and gather up items you no longer use or no longer need? Either sell or donate these things and then organise what belongings you have left. All storage should be at least an inch off the floor and away from the walls. Keep food in tightly latched plastic containers, especially pet food.

    Maintain a Clean Environment

    In this step, you remove any markings and droppings left by insects and get rid of their food sources. Vacuum, mop, and thoroughly wash all of the cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces in your home, especially under the refrigerator, oven, and kitchen sink. Use your vacuum attachments to make the job of reaching into those corners and crevices easier. Once your initial cleaning is done, continue to clean regularly to keep your house free of food and water sources. Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately, wash your dirty dishes right away, and empty your garbage before you go to bed. Leave pet bowls empty overnight and refill them in the morning. Keep your drains covered when they're not being used as well.

    If you're facing an infestation of cockroaches, be sure to sweep or vacuum under furniture and in other hiding places to remove any dead cockroaches. These can decay into roach dust, which may trigger allergies and asthma attacks in some people.

    Remove Possible Entryways

    Next, you will need to seal any openings to avoid pests. These are commonly located in kitchens and bathrooms, where pipes enter your house. Concentrate your efforts in the kitchen and bathroom, and work your way outward from there. Use cement, plaster, or caulk to seal the cracks and gaps where insects enter and apply weather stripping around your windows and doors.

    Install Pest Baits

    If you've done all of the above steps and your vermin problem has not been resolved in a matter of weeks, it may be time to use some natural and organic bug baits. These kill insects by capturing them inside special containers or deterring insects from coming too close and therefore can be used quite liberally around the home. Ensure there are no harmful chemicals used to keep the pest management child and pet-friendly.

    Get The Experts In

    If you want to protect your family from diseases that pests may spread, then give us a call! We can inspect your property on a regular basis and protect your loved ones from pests. We provide safe natural pest solutions all over Sydney. We provide fast, simple and cost-effective pest control.