Termite Prevention

Termite prevention is key when it comes to ensuring that termites do not cause any damage to your property. 

If you are in search of termite control services, hire the Masters of Pest Control in Sydney. We implement preventive measures to avoid any termite infestations in your property.

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Termites are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. Unlike other pests, they are detritivores, meaning they feed on wood and dead plants. However, some types of termites feed on paper, plastic and drywall as well.

They’re one of the most dangerous insects in the world, mainly because they cause damage to properties and structures. 

How to Prevent Termites from Infesting your Property

Termites are despised by homeowners because they can cause major damage to properties. Here are some tips from the expert pest controllers in Sydney that will help you prevent any termite infestations in your property.

hire termite exterminators to prevent termite infestationRemove moisture around your property.

Termites are known for being attracted to moisture. If you want to effectively deal with termites, it’s important for you to remove moisture around your property. Make sure to fix any water leaks or plumbing problems. Conduct regular check and seal off leaks to prevent moisture from attracting termites to your home.

Inspect wooden furniture

It is recommended to regularly check your furniture for any signs of termites. These bugs feed on wood and can infest your furniture without you noticing it. It is important to prevent termites from infesting your furniture since they can easily spread to other parts of your home. Treating wooden materials around your home is a must.

termite prevention tips from pest control experts in sydney

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Inspect your lawn for signs of termite infestations.

Your lawn is a perfect nesting place for termites. To best deal with termites, the first step is to inspect your lawn. If you see signs of termites, do not take matters into your own hands. You should get in touch with pest control experts who can help you get rid of the termites without causing damage to your lawn. 

Hire a professional pest control expert get rid of termites.

We recommend that you work with a pest control team. Experts can help you assess and inspect your property for any signs of termites. They know how to handle dangerous pest control chemicals and implement the correct termite control solution for a specific case. Not only will get you get a lasting solution, you also ensure the safety of your loved ones from harmful pest control chemicals.

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What are termites?

Termites are a soft-bodied social group of insects of the scientific order Isoptera. Due to their way of life and eating habits they are able to cause severe damage to homes at a steady rate. It is very easy to distinguish termites from other similar small insects by simply comparing some of their traits such as the abdomen. The termites’ abdomen broadly connects the thorax unlike some other insects such as ants where there is a slender petiole that connects these segments. Moreover, the antennae of termites are threadlike or beadlike which is another one of their distinguishing features. Since termites tend to primarily eat wood, it is very necessary to have some sort of basic prevention measures. If you don’t, you  might suffer an infestation from them without even realising it. (Related: How to get rid of termites.)

Diet, Behaviour and Habits of Termites

The diet and behaviour of termites depends on the species. Most people have a perception that termites are small ant-like creatures that feed on wood. While this is true to some extent, they are bigger than ants and feed on more than just wood.

The typical diet of an average termite is the cellulose found in wood fibre. Some species of termites like the Formosan, love to invade soil and create mud tunnels. These ”˜tunnels’ serve as their nest.

Just like honey bees, termites also have a queen that they follow. The queen can lay up to 1,000 eggs per day. When certain termites develop wings and are released from the colonies, they go on to establishing new ones.

Termite Prevention Techniques

Termite prevention is important if you do not want to suffer from an infestation. Nowadays, most of us tend to opt for more eco-friendly techniques for almost anything that we do. However, when it comes to stopping termites, time is not on your side. There is no one out there who would like to see their house damaged to such a great extent that it needs major repairs. Therefore it is crucial to ensure a pest prevention plan is in place to protect your home.

Termite bait system

This system can be installed outside of your property. Since wood is known to attract termites, these systems have wooden base. When the termite approaches the wood a poisonous lace replaces it on which the insect then proceeds to feast on. After that, the termite carries the poisonous food to the whole colony. This is a great device that can be found in many stores.

Termite barriers

This is one of the most economical ways for getting rid of termites home. It uses different termite products such as Termidor as a termite barrier. Fripnoil is an active substance that can be found in Termidor. It acts by attracting the termites to itself and then once they have entered the affected area they die off slowly.

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Looking for signs of termite infestations

One of the things that you have to do as part of your termite control campaign is to have yearly termite inspections carried out by a professional pest controller. You have to monitor your property and thoroughly check for any signs of damage that have occurred. As with any other living species, water is essential for the survival of termites. Because of this, you have to make sure that there are no leaks either in or around your house. Regular maintenance of your home  through termite inspections will reduce the risk of termite infestation.

Make sure that you do regular checks on all of the plumbing and also replace any old washers. Paying attention and getting rid of any leaks and drips will remove favourable termite habitats. Another thing that you should take care of is to regularly clean your gutter and drain pipes so that there is no standing water anywhere near your home at any point.

Making regular checks for any presence of termites or their nests is a must. A good thing to know is that dry termites leave characteristic piles of dirt after them underneath any wooden structures. This can help you to find out if there is an infestation going on during the regular inspections that you make. Subterranean termites, which are a different class of termites, can be distinguished by the fact that they leave mud tunnels in the places where they travel. These are some characteristics that can help you find out with what kind of termites you are dealing with. On the other hand, a good idea might be to call a professional pest controller as they will know what signs to look for and where. (Related: There’s an app you can use for termite control.)

It is worth noting that building a home using termite resistant woods such as cedar, redwood and juniper will prevent pest infestations including termites.

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These are just some of the many methods that you can try so that you can protect your home from infestations. Follow these measures and you will keep your home safe for many years to come.
If you still struggle with termites or if you want a complete pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as ratscockroaches and bed bugs, contact professional services. For more good termite treatment and prevention methods you can contact Robert Taboas on (02) 8007 4666 and ask for advice.