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    Workplace Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Child-Student Friendly Pest Control Management.

    We follow an integrated pest management approach instead of simply using harmful pesticides. We can eliminate any pest infestations in your school and make it safer for students and teachers. Government schools, Non-government schools (Private), Language schools, Specialist schools and Selective entry high schools.

    Our pest controllers will carry out a thorough inspection and determine how to stop pests from infesting the school grounds.

    Removing food sources, blocking openings and applying preventive measures are part of the integrated pest management program. Providing the right solution is the goal.

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    Protecting Schools From Pest Infestations

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    Do you need a professional to prevent pests from invading a school building? Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest control service provider dealing with all types of pests commonly found in school buildings.

    Common pests such as termites, rodents, and cockroaches can affect any school and its surrounding areas. A pest infestation can result in health issues and property damages. Therefore, it's important to keep any school pest-free to ensure the health and safety of the people working there and the children who study there.

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    Common School Areas that Get Pest Infestations

    1. Classrooms
      - Pests like dirty classrooms and can hide in desks and storage areas.
    2. Gyms
      - These areas are often warm and moist with poor ventilation, especially the locker rooms, making it an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of pests.
    3. Lockers
      - Food remnants and other clutter can easily accumulate.
    4. Cafeterias
      - Pests like to be near food sources which make cafeterias an excellent place for almost all types of pests.
    5. Dumpsters and trash bins
      - It's important to inspect these areas to keep pests away regularly.
    6. School grounds
      - Pests such as termites can build their nest underground. It's best to have a professional inspect the entire school grounds
    school pest control

    Pest control for schools, universities and educational institutions

    Common Pests Found In Schools

    Before taking any action regarding pest management, it is essential to determine what pest species are causing the trouble. Here are common pests you can find in a school building:

    school pest control services

    Common Pests in Sydney

    Pest Control Preventive Measures for Schools and Universities

    Schools can reduce the chances of a pest infestation by following these simple measures:

    1. Move dumpsters containing food farther away from the building.
    2. Seal all cracks.
    3. Restrict people from eating food outside of the cafeteria.
    4. Repair and remove all leaking pipes.
    5. Implement strict sanitation measures.
    6. Clean all gutters and redirect water flow away from school buildings.
    7. Educate students and employees about how their actions can affect pest control.

    What is IPM or IPC?

    Integrated pest management (IPM), also known as integrated pest control (IPC), is a broad-based approach that uses environmentally safe pest control practices. Some pesticides are difficult to break down, so they will accumulate in the environment. After repeated use, the amount of this accumulation may be so high that it is toxic to the soil, water, air, and humans. Faced with this problem, biologists came up with the IPM program effective in pest management and preventing hazardous environmental effects caused by chemicals or pesticides.

    Pest Control IPM Process

    1st Step: Planning and inspection

    This step involves conducting an extensive inspection of the entire property. Determine the infested areas, check the extent of the property damage, and study pest activity.

    2nd Step: Identifying the type of pest

    Experienced pest exterminators can identify the specific species of pest you are dealing with. It's important to correctly identify the type of pest to determine what pest control strategy would be effective. Refer to the characteristics and identity of the pest for an accurate assessment of the situation.

    3rd Step: Selecting the right pest treatment

    Once you identify the pest species, plan out what type of pest products and the right equipment you need to correct pest treatment.

    4th Step: Pest management and extermination

    This step involves implementing the right pest control strategy that would successfully exterminate pests on your property. This step may involve using professional tools to spray certain areas, install pest traps, and fully remove pest colonies. Different types of pest measures can be chosen. For example, there are chemical or physical pest control methods.

    5th Step: Monitoring

    After the application of pest treatment, watch for any signs of any persistent pest infestations. Continue to monitor the property. Continuous monitoring and treatment may take 1 or 2 weeks. Some cases may last for a whole month. If you still find stubborn pests, tweak the pest treatment.

    5th Step: Analysis

    Review whether or not the pest control strategy is effective. If you still find stubborn pests, tweak or change the pest control program. The evaluation of results is based on a pest control checklist. Check carefully to make sure that there are no unwanted side effects.

    7th Step: Recordkeeping and communication

    A complete record of the pest activities and treatment should be kept for future reference.

    School Pest Management Steps

    Here are the basic principles we follow:

    • Thorough inspection
    • Regular, consistent monitoring.
    • Sound industry practices
    • Accurate identification of pests
    • Prompt, timely pest management decision-making
    • Good communication between all members involved in this decision-making process, including managers and owners

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    To people who live in Sydney, termite and insect control is in high demand right now. There are many termite control companies in Sydney, and it might be hard to choose which one to trust. Knowing how to check whether the pest control company you’re eyeing can be trusted will come in handy.

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    40+ years experience dealing with pests and termite problems in Sydney

    Masters Pest Control has been operating for over 40 years. As a family-owned enterprise, it follows strict principles to sustain its core values. During 4 decades of serving multiple households in Sydney, Masters Pest Control has never failed to satisfy our customers.

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    Eco-friendly, child and pet safe pest control services

    Our team focuses on safe and environmentally-friendly pest control services. We implement the Integrated Pest Management method and use advanced pest control techniques, enabling us to create a pest control strategy that’s perfect for households and even for the food and hospitality industry.

    Masters Pest Control also insists on providing safe termite and insect services for families with children or pets. The company understands that children are sensitive to the toxic effects of pest and termite control substances.

    As most pesticides have some level of toxicity and pose risks to children and infants, our pest exterminators work to reduce the toxicity of the ingredients we use on our sprays.

    Local Sydney Experts

    To homeowners in Sydney, the pest control specialists you’ll book must have extensive knowledge when it comes to common pests found in Sydney. A local Sydney exterminator will be able to identify pest species and provide better-customized services accurately.

    Masters Pest Control has a team of certified and licensed specialists who are experts at wiping pests out of residential and commercial areas.

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