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Termites in your home

There is a chance that you already have termites in your home. In this case, you should act immediately before there is any damage and with termites, there is a high chance that they will cause severe structural damage to your home. There have been situations in which homeowners had to abandon their homes because of the termite damage.

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Termites will eat anything that is made of wood and can even damage electrical wiring and plaster walls. When they come to eating the plastic and electrical wiring, this typically means that they are all over your place and that significant damage has been done. Even houses with steel frames are not immune to termites as they can still enter and destroy wooden roof, furniture and everything else made of wood. To make it simple, termites come to your house in search for food. They can come from their nest which can be over a hundred metres far. They travel through their underground tunnels and can squeeze through cracks to enter your house.

Termite Control - Common Questions

Termite Control – Common Questions

Question: Why should I worry about termites?

Answer: Termites are pests that are responsible for causing damage that can be measured in millions of dollars. They can bite through almost everything, from wood to paper, books, insulation and even your filtration systems. They do extensive damage to trees and plants. Buildings and other properties can get infected by termites at any time, however, a special level of attention needs to be given to termites when buying or purchasing a property. Besides the lost money this can cause, thousands of termites in your home or business can impact you psychologically.

Question: Why most termite infestations happen between March and May?

Answer: Winged termites, known as swarmers, emerge during spring and can end up in your home. They spread with the goal of starting new colonies, triggered by warm temperatures and frequent raining. They then drop down on the ground and lose their wings. After mating, they attempt to start new colony in the ground. Swarmers that end up inside your home, cannot eat wood or do any damage but they are still a sign of an incoming infestation.

Question: How to know if I have a termite infestation?

Answer: Typically, seeing winged termites indoors is the first sign of a termite infestation. Some other signs of infestation include spotting mud tubes that extend over your foundations, support columns, floor joists and other. Mud tubes have a diameter similar in size to a pencil. Termites use the tubes as a tunnel that protects them while traveling from their colony to your home. You can break these tunnels to check for termite presence. Even if the tunnel appears to be empty, that does not need to mean that there are no termites around. Termites can abandon some tunnels when they travel to another part of your house. Wood that has been damaged by termites is usually hollow and has tiny bits of dried mud and soil on them. Sometimes, there will be absolutely no signs that your home is infested with termites as they are very shadowy pests that prefer to hide. Termite infestations can last for years before being detected and the damage associated with these infestations is often critical and beyond repair. If you as little as think that you have a termite infestation, call an expert pest manager who will spot hidden and hard to see signs of termite infestation and deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Question: Can I get rid of termites in my home myself?

Answer: Short answer, NO. Getting rid of termites requires a set of special skills coupled by years of experience in the field. Our experienced pest controller will identify the critical parts of your home and treat all hidden entry points. The only thing that you could try treating yourself are small infected areas that are away from your house, such as your sandbox or mailbox post.

Question: How to choose a pest controller?

Answer: There is not a short answer to this question like there was with the previous one. Different companies offer all kinds of different treatments and guarantees. While our company gives guarantee on all services, some companies do not give such things and if the termites return, you need to call them (and pay them) again. Consider contacting at least couple of different pest controllers. Request estimates and check references before hiring but most importantly, take some time before making a final decision. A safe and complete termite management requires an expert and not someone who has limited field experience in treating termite infestations.

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Question: Which treatment method and products are the best to use?

Answer: There are two kinds of treatment methods and these include liquid insecticides and baits. Liquids are used for a long-lasting barrier that stops termites from entering buildings. The most famous one is Termidor which is our product of choice as well. Baits are made of paper, cardboard and a substance that is lethal for termites. The baits are placed below ground or in plastic stations. Some can be placed inside over full mud tunnels. Termites eat the bait and share it with other termites in the nest. Using baiting for termite management can be very complicated. For detailed information and best quotes on the market, please call us on the number below.

Question: Do I need to treat my whole house or just the areas that have termite activity?

Answer: Underground termite colonies can have thousands of termites that go in all directions. Applying localized treatments can be a gamble and there is a high chance that termites will emerge somewhere else again. Most pest controllers advise to apply treatment to the whole house in order to achieve best results and diminish the chances of termite recurrence.

Question: Will the chemicals you use be harmful to my family and pets.

Answer: All chemical products that we use have passed extensive tests for all possible effects on health. Based on all knowledge and experience that we have, all products used by our pest controllers pose no health risks to humans and pets.

Question: Have I been scammed by a bad pest controller if the termites return after treatment?

Answer: Termites returning to your home after the treatment do not mean that you have been scammed or that your pest controller did a poor job. Even we, after thousands of successful termite management jobs, experience a client that calls saying that they have returned. While we build an impenetrable chemical barrier that goes deep in the ground, termites sometimes find their way back. The best way to reduce chances of termites returning to your home is to call a professional pest manager who will give you full guarantee on all services.

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