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Pest-Free Environment In Strata Properties

Hire pest control experts for your strata property. Prevent pests from infesting your property by booking a pest control inspection and safe eco-friendly pest control treatments. We'll help you prevent or remove common pests. We offer termite control, cockroach control, ant control, bed bug removal, rat control, and more.

Masters Pest Control Sydney adheres to strict industry regulations. We deal with all types of strata pests, efficiently and with 100% discretion. Our fully licensed pest exterminators are ready for an on-call service!

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Strata Pest Management

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There are many available programs that can be used for residential areas. Make sure to book a pest control service that is safe and eco-friendly.

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Residential areas including strata properties are susceptible to pest infestations. Regular pest control is recommended to maintain a pest-free and hygienic environment.

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Pest Inspection for Strata Properties

When purchasing a property, you can stumble upon some hidden problems that can potentially cost you a lot of money. When purchasing a property, a strata inspection can help prevent unexpected costs. A strata inspection may include planned key works, former building problems, and special levies that can cost you a lot money in the long-term. Inspections have to be presented by pest control experts in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act (Sec. 108).


Tenant's Pest Control Responsibilities

When pests appear after tenants move into a building due to poor housekeeping, it is usually the tenant's responsibility to handle the pest control problem.

However, if the tenant believes that it is not caused by negligence or poor housekeeping, the tenant can cite a possible breach of the tenancy agreement by showing that the landlord failed to provide a sanitary environment for his/her tenant.

Furthermore, it is important that a tenant thoroughly inspects a property first for signs of pests such as faeces on floors and in cupboards.

It is recommended to check if the previous tenants owned any pets and check if carpets have fleas and eggs. If you find evidence of pests in the apartment, you can ask the landlord to handle pest control for the property before moving in.

Landlord's Pest Control Responsibilities

It is the landlord's obligation to ensure that a property is pest-free before offering it for tenant occupancy. It is a landlord's responsibility to keep the residential property in a reasonable state of cleanliness. The landlord should handle the maintenance of a property before renting it out.

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Masters Pest Control Sydney provides eco-friendly commercial pest control treatments. We service strata properties, apartments and commercial areas such as the ff.:


Removing Strata Pests