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Complete pre purchase building and pest inspections

Our pest controllers will look at the interior and exterior areas of your property, checking for visible signs of pest infestations. This will include droppings, broken wings, chew marks and damage to walls. For termite-specific inspections, we will look at termite droppings, mud tubes and damaged wood. Our team can provide full pre-purchase building and pest inspection reports suitable for buying a new home, an investment property or for potential development sites.

The best way to prevent a pest infestation is through proper maintenance. Applying preventive measures can help ensure that you don't suffer from damages caused by pests. It is important to know that it's very likely that we may not immediately find signs of a pest infestation until it's too late. That's why getting the help of professional pest controllers is a must.

A building pest inspector can thoroughly survey your property premises, pinpoint possible sources of food, detect early signs of an infestation, and ensure that your home or business stays pest-free. Our team uses a thermal imaging camera to detect pests such as termites that are not always visible to an untrained eye.

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Why should you schedule a building inspection?

Before you move into a new home or apartment, make sure to have a pest control expert inspect the property first. Even though insects are small, tiny creatures, they are still capable of causing enormous damage to properties. Whether it is a commercial building or your own home, you should hire experts to regularly conduct a pest inspection.

There are pests such as termites and cockroaches that can go through even the tiniest of holes and can cause significant damage to any building structure. This is especially true for termites whose main source of food is wood.

The cost of getting a regular inspection is cheaper than rebuilding areas of your property that have been damaged by a termite or bug infestation. (READ: Pest Control Sydney Price)

Pest Inspection

A regular inspection by pest control experts is a must in your Sydney home.

Why get a report?

Pest control and regular building inspections are crucial when it comes to owning a property. Sometimes it gets pretty challenging to maintain a property, especially if it is one of significant size. However, the size or the cost of maintenance should not discourage you from following basic maintenance programs.

pest inspection is something you cannot do on your own. Without the needed pest control expertise, you won't be able to detect early signs of a pest infestation or know what to do to avoid attracting pests to your property. Professional pest controllers have the necessary knowledge and training to prevent any pest infestation. You can prevent any sort of pest infestation from occurring by simply conducting an inspection every year.

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Why Do You Need Regular Pest Control Inspections?

A pest inspection helps prevent pests that carry disease, ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones.

  • A regular pest inspection helps you retain a property's full market value. A proper pest control program makes a property more attractive to potential buyers.
  • For businesses, a regular inspection ensures that your business avoids fines by staying in accordance with public health standards. After all, who would want to conduct business in an area that is infested with rats or cockroaches?
  • Hiring a pest control expert to inspect a property before you move into an apartment or a home will help you save on costs. It is cheaper to pay for a pest inspection than ending up paying for a building renovation as a result of a pest infestation.

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