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Hire Pest Control Experts For Any Termite Control Needs In Sydney, Australia

We provide complete termite control services for homes and commercial properties, including termite inspection, termite prevention and termite control Sydney wide. Don't settle for less; book only the masters!

Termite infestation is a serious problem because it can cause serious damage to your property. Good thing we can help you prevent termite infestation and provide safe and eco-friendly termite pest control anywhere in Sydney. We follow Australian industry standards when it comes to termite control.

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General information about termites

Termites will eat anything that is made of wood and can even damage electrical wiring and plaster walls. When this happens, it means that they are all over your place and they already did significant damage to your home. Even houses with steel frames are not immune to termites as they can still enter and destroy wooden roof, furniture and everything else made of wood.

To make it simple, termites come to your house in search of food. They can come from their nest which can be over a hundred metres far. They travel through their underground tunnels and can squeeze through cracks to enter your house.

Termite control in Sydney

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Why Hire Us For Termite Pest Control Services?

Treating your home usually takes no more than one day. Masters Pest Control Sydney’s professional termite and pest control managers will dig a trench around the foundations of your house. The trench is then filled with an insecticide that acts as a repellent and the soil is returned back to the trench. Ask about our termite control methods. (READ: Australian Termite Control Fair Trading Guidelines)

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Our Guarantee

Here at Masters Pest Control Sydney, we know how busy you can get, and the last thing that you want to hear is that your building or your business is disrupted because of a pest infestation. We know that lost productivity is lost money so we take our every job with utmost care.

We will beat any comparable quote from other pest control companies. We offer competitive rates and guarantee the best value for your money. Read more about our price match guarantee & service warranty.

You can sleep calmly knowing that your home or your business is safe and sound from pests when you work with a professional termites pest controller in Sydney. Over the years working as pest managers, we have developed a series of unique and effective pest management procedures to provide safe and superior results.

We provide cost-effective solutions. Your time is money and you can lose both if you do not take extra care when it comes to pests. The best way to do that is to hire professional termites pest control service when you see the first traces of pest infestation.

We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments. If you still struggle with pest issues or if you want a complete pest solution that protects your commercial properties from any harmful effects.

Termidor: The Best Pest Control Termite Treatment

The major reason why Termidor is the better termite and pest control solution is its unique "Transfer Effect". Termites are very social insects living in large colonies. They watch out one another and feed together. They are also in constant contact as they search for food. Termidor takes this behaviour as an advantage. When a termite comes in contact with Termidor, it will transfer it back to the colony on its body and infect termites that have not even been in direct contact with the zone that was treated with Termidor. This "Transfer Effect" is the key reason why no other product performs better than Termidor.

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Some older products are used as repellents to keep away termites rather than kill them. The problem with this approach is that the barriers need to be 100 percent complete and without any holes in them. This is almost impossible to achieve as termites will search for these gaps as long as they find one.

On the other hand, Termidor is not a repellent and termites cannot detect it. They will not avoid it at all and will continue to walk over the treated area and pick up a lethal dose.

You might be offered alternative treatments such as various baiting systems. These systems attract termites to bait stations before being fed bait. This can take months and during that time, termites will still attack your home. Termidor pest control treatment provides protection against various types of termites that will last for years. Termidor is number one brand for termite control in Australia!

Pest Control against Termites in Sydney, Australia

A termite up-close, attacking the structure of a house

Alternative Termite Treatments

You might be offered some cheap alternatives instead of Termidor. The common saying is that is the same thing but only cheaper. This is not true! Termidor is made of a number of different and carefully selected ingredients that ensure a product of highest quality. These ingredients have a large impact on performance. The manufacturer of Termidor, BASF, hired an independent NATA accredited laboratory to test cheap alternatives to Termidor.

The results obtained by these alternatives are shocking. 6 out of 8 total chemical properties have proven to be inferior to Termidor. From these 6, half were over 5 times inferior and one of these properties was an ability to penetrate the soil.

This means that cheaper alternatives leave gaps in the soil which act as a free passage for termites. The cost savings of these alternative products is less than 5 percent of the total cost of termite treatment. If you take into an account the total cost of your home and all associated risks, it is not worth the risk. Termidor has a track record of over 200,000 satisfied users in a 10 year period. Termidor has been used in over 4 million buildings in the US. Always remember, there is only one Termidor.

Termite pest control services

Termites Termidor Solution

Termite Control: What’s Involved?

Treating your home with Termidor usually takes no more than one day. Licensed pest controllers will dig a trench around the foundations of your house. The trench is then filled with Termidor and the soil is returned back to the trench.

Holes are drilled in slabs and paths, while the concrete is cut away so the ground beneath can be treated. Heavy soils such as clay soil must be removed and replaced before doing any treatment. Every termite treatment will require a follow-up visit. Plumbers and electricians can open the access for termites when they do their work underground. Tree roots can also make access to termites as they grow throughout the ground. We recommend that a thorough termite inspection should be carried out each year.

Termites In Commercial Properties

Commercial properties or small business owners need to regularly get termite pest control inspections to protect their businesses. Having a pest problem is extremely detrimental to a business.

Termites will eat anything that is made of wood and can even damage electrical wiring and plaster walls. When they start gnawing on plastic and electrical wiring, this typically means that the infestation has become widespread, and that significant damage has been done. Even structures with steel frames are not immune to termites as they can still enter and destroy wooden roof, furniture and everything else made of wood.

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Termite Control That’s Safe For Your Family And Pets

All pest elimination products used by our team are environmentally friendly. We make sure that to protect your family members. We provide child and pet-friendly solutions.

What Wood You Do?

The right step to take is to call a professional termite & pest control service. Since pest extinguishers have the knowledge and equipment to take care of the problem, they are reliable and will be able to take care of the problem in a quick and timely manner.

Secondly, since certain types of termites use defence mechanisms and release venom, the average homeowner does not stand a chance. Pest control services know which type of termite they are dealing with and bring tools accordingly.

Masters Control Sydney uses effective tools and products to remove spiders without any problems. The products by their specialists for treatments are child and pet-friendly.

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