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There is a zero tolerance for pests in food preparation areas. Restaurants are places for food preparation and serving to their customers and they want pests far away from their food and table. Just the smallest sign of pest activity in such a place can harm the reputation of restaurant and public perception of that place. Pests also carry many health risks in surfaces where fresh food is used.

When using pest control restaurant services, be sure that they will provide you complete protection from your problem.  Keeping the good reputation of your restaurant means a lot. There are also many legal obligations for pest controllers which have to be fulfilled because of the Australia’s extensive food legislation.

Restaurant owners and managers can do their own pest control, but they need to know that there are specific limitations and regulations for pest management in every food handling business. These regulations have to provide that food and food preparation areas are not infected with pest insecticide and that there are none remaining of it. These measures are also taken for fly control and rodent control to secure that no one body part can contaminate food or areas where food is prepared, served, eaten or stored.

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Pest Control Restaurants

Pest Control for Restaurants in Sydney

Why Regular Commercial Pest Control Is Important To Your Restaurant’s Success

In the age of social media, it is easier to tear down a brand’s reputation faster than it took to build it. This is especially true for commercial establishments involved in the food and beverage industry. The first thing most people would do nowadays is turn to the internet to help them make a decision on where to go for a meal.

At any dining destination, it is the quality of food that shines through. As customers become more discerning of their expectations, superb service and an alluring ambiance are now key points of considerations. Cleanliness and sanitation are certainly not far behind either.

Once pests make their way into your kitchens, toilets and dining areas, you will turn off customers. Regulars will think twice about coming back while potential ones won’t dare set foot in your establishment. Hence, anyone who owns or manages a cafe, bar or restaurant can benefit from routine pest inspection and advanced pest control solutions.

How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Business

No matter how amazingly prepared or wonderfully plated, a dish can be ruined in seconds by the presence of a single pest. Whichever way you slice it, an insect has no place in the kitchen, let alone a plate. But it’s not just cooking and eating surfaces that need to be kept pest-free. Toilets should also follow high standards of hygiene.

Should your patrons spot pests in your restaurant, expect that you will hear about it””not only in person but online. They could write an entire story about it on their blogs, post it on their social networks for all their friends to see or leave a comment on your Facebook page for the world to read.

Given today’s digital landscape, real-time updates and no-holds-barred reviews are the norm in discussing standouts in the local food scene. You can take the spotlight with glowing feedback or be singled out for everything you’re doing wrong. It cannot be stressed enough how important word of mouth is, especially when word travels faster than ever before.

Consider Restaurant Pest Control ASAP

While you cannot please everyone with the dishes you serve or the service you provide, you can at least make sure that your customers’ health would not be put at risk. Even if all pests do not carry or transmit disease, they can still contaminate the food you have stored and the meal you are preparing.

Sydney Commercial Pest Control

Sydney Commercial Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM)

Pest control restaurant is a process and not a onetime happening. It has to follow constant cycle of three activities that are known as:

  • Evaluation

  • Execution

  • Control

The Integrated pest management from Masters Pest Control Sydney will keep pests away from your restaurant area, during which it will give you maximum protection and minimum exposure. Every restaurant is different from another, so each one needs extensive inspection of the property for making a protection plan. Protection plan is required for describing the pest control restaurant procedures that could work.

We provide eco-friendly commercial pest control treatments for a variety of businesses.

As much as possible, opt for companies that specialise in natural insecticide and child-friendly pest control products. To ensure you comply with NSW regulations to ensure no pests are present in your restaurant, call Masters Pest Control today, the Sydney pest experts.

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This kind of program should contain other services as:

  • Exclusion ”“ this is used to seal possible pest entry points because they enter to the restaurant through door and small gaps. For that reason, is important to protect the property by making it less alluring to pests.

  • Fly control ”“ flies are one of the filthiest pests and they can carry more than a half billion microorganisms on the surface of their body. That way they can contaminate food while landing on it. This type of control can manage all kinds of infestations, even the major ones.

  • Odour control ”“ although they are invisible, odours can damage your restaurant reputation. Odours that can be found in interior spaces, like kitchen and bathroom, or outside in dumpsters and trashcans should not be just masked, they have to be eliminated.

  • Bird control ”“ birds can be big trouble and can cause buildings, roofs and ventilation damage which can be very expensive. Other problem is that they spread many diseases which can infect restaurant customers or staff.

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Solutions for Different Pest Types

When you see the first signs of pest in your restaurant or other food handling business, the best solution is to call professional pest control restaurant service as soon as possible.

Fly lights

They are efficient because they have ultraviolet light which attracts flying pests to a sticky and non-toxic board inside closed trap unit. These lights are best used near entrances for food preparation and waste disposal areas. Sticky boards should be changed regularly, just like light bulbs for every few months. Fly lights are also used for pest-monitoring.

Sticky boards

Sticky boards are used for capturing crawling pests, like cockroaches. They are placed in the areas that will more likely be attractive to pest, like inside storage areas or under kitchen segments. Just like fly lights, these boards can help you and your pest management expert to monitor the number and type of pests that are found at each location to determine level of pest activity in the total area.

Pheromone monitors

Pheromone monitors are most commonly used to help manage stored-product pests (for example ”“ Indian meal moth). They use synthetic version of insect pheromones to lure pests into a sticky trap. These kind of traps can be an indicator of the stored product pest presence in the warehouse.

Insect Growth Regulators

Also known as IGR, and it is with Pheromone monitor most commonly used chemical technique. IGR uses synthetic version of insect hormones to prevent pest reaching their full development and reproduction. That way it limits pest population.


This method forces pests to move them from their habitat to other place where is easier to control them. These treatments use materials like pyrethrins and silica gel, and when that combination of materials attack pests, they have to retreat. Pyrethrin is a combination of a botanical based material and silica gel is an inorganic compound that harms pest exoskeletons. Combination of these materials usually dries out pests’ bodies through dehydration. Repellents are for the use in small openings around the exterior side of the restaurants. They are specially good for ants to force them out from the cracks and gaps. After treatment is important to seal the openings because it will lower the chance of future infestation.

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How to rid pests from your restaurant

  1. Cockroaches ”“ professional treatment is the most effective way. Some products like a fogger that release a mist of pesticide into the air, gel baits, boric acid and cockroach traps will do the job.

  2. Flies ”“ most commonly used techniques are professional fly control treatment, keeping hygiene of the place, baits, dusting powders, sprays, fogs, aerosol mists and electronic fly killers.

  3. Stored product pests ”“ in order to control insects within food, the food must be removed or destroyed because it can disperse the infestation. High standards of hygiene and sanitation needs to be maintained. Professional services usually use techniques like: dusting, precision spraying, aerosol spraying devices, space sprayers, exterior infestations, fumigation and controlled atmosphere.

  4. Rats and mice ”“ they are one of the most adaptable creatures on the Earth and can be extremely difficult to exterminate. The most effective method for it is keeping your business place clean.  You can make your business rodent-proofed through finding and sealing as many possible entry points. There are repellents like mothballs or essential oils and they will not solve the full rodent infestations.  Also on the market are available live traps, glue and classic snap traps.

  5. Ants ”“ remove and minimize moisture because ants need moisture to survive, and also clean property clean. By sealing all the cracks and holes on your property you will stop them from getting inside. You can use the vacuum to remove all the found ants.

Pest Fumigation

Restaurant Pest Fumigation

Rat Prevention

Restaurant Rat Prevention

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At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have a team of experts that is able to help you with all your pest issues. Our knowledge, our skills, our expertise and our pest management solutions are unmatched across all of Sydney. We can resolve your issues with pests in restaurants and with the minimum of fuss using pesticide-free heat treatments and tailored management solutions for pests in restaurants.

Pest control restaurant is what we do best.  We are professionally trained, insured and licensed in all areas of residential and commercial fumigation. We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments that are child & pet friendly. If you still struggle with pest issues or if you want a complete pest solution that protects your commercial property from any harmful effects, check out our professional services below: