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Importance of Pest Control in Restaurants

Ensuring the highest standards of food hygiene is the number one priority for any Sydney Restaurant. In Australia, the ‘Food Standards Australia and New Zealand’ (FSANZ) are the regulatory authority reasonable for ‘Food Safety Standards.’ The FSANZ sets guidelines around the health and hygiene obligations that you as a Sydney Restaurant owner must abide by. A reliable pest control service is a crucial part in maintaining any business

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Common Pest Control Methods in the Food Industry

  • Exclusion – Used to seal possible pest entry points.

  • Fly control – flies are one of the filthiest pests that you may see at a restaurant. They can carry more than a half billion microorganisms and can contaminate food.

  • Bird control – birds can cause property and ventilation damage. They may also spread diseases which can infect your staff or customers.

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Pest Control Restaurants

What's included in a restaurant pest control service?

We abide by strict industry standards and are fully trained and equipped to provide the latest pest control methods for the food industry.

Restaurant pest control includes:

  • building and pest inspection
  • analysis and tailored treatment selection
  • safe and cost-effective pest control for your restaurant
  • preventive pest management and monitoring
Sydney Commercial Pest Control

Common Pests in Restaurants

Here are some top pest you should be looking out for:

  1. Cockroaches – professional treatment is the most effective way. Some products like a fogger that release a mist of pesticide into the air, gel baits, boric acid and cockroach traps will do the job.
  2. Flies – most commonly used techniques are professional fly control treatment, baits, dusting powders, sprays, fogs, aerosol mists and electronic fly killers. 
  3. Rats and mice – they are one of the most adaptable creatures on the Earth and can be extremely difficult to exterminate. The most effective method for it is keeping your business place clean. You can make your business rodent-proofed through finding and sealing as many possible entry points.
  4. Ants – remove and minimize moisture because ants need moisture to survive, and also clean property clean. By sealing all the cracks and holes on your property you will stop them from getting inside.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control Services - Hire the Masters for Commercial Restaurant Pest Control

Choose a pest control company that specialises in natural pest control and child-friendly pest control solutions. We know how important it is to maintain the safety of your employees and customers.

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