Rat Pest Control: Get Rid of Rodents With the Help of Local Pest Exterminators

Hire pest controllers to provide protection from rodents. If you’re suffering from a rat infestation, have a pest exterminator team inspect your property and recommend the right pest control solution. You can always turn to a professional, such as our pest control expert, Robert Taboas, who has years of experience fighting against rodents in residential and commercial properties.

Many homeowners will, at some point in their life, suffer from a rodent infestation. Mice or rats in Sydney and all over Australia have continuously posed health risks. These pests transmit diseases both directly and indirectly. In addition, rats can be quite brazen and are known to bite innocent people. Their feeding and nesting habits can also be destructive.

As soon as a rat problem is detected, it’s recommended to stop it as soon as possible before the rodents breed further and create an even larger problem. Their presence in and around a home is dangerous and must be dealt with to safeguard one’s health. That’s why Masters Pest Control Sydney provides rat pest control services throughout Sydney.

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Why Rat Control is Important

Rats are carriers of various diseases and can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. This is why you need pest control experts to regularly inspect your home and apply pest control treatments. Since there are many ways a rat can get into your home, some precautions need to be undertaken.

Spotting a live rat or even a dead one should alert you of a possible a rat problem. These rodents also leave other telltale signs. Evidence of a rat problem includes bite marks in both wood and plastics. Droppings are another sign that rodents are active in a home. If you spot holes in walls or the floorboards of your home, it’s likely that your home has a rat problem that requires immediate attention.

Prevent diseases that can be spread by rodents

Rats are known to spread deadly diseases. Vermin including rats, for instance, carried the fleas through Europe that resulted in the Bubonic Plague. To this day, rodents can still spread plague and its many variants. Yet, that’s only the beginning. People who are bitten or scratched by rodents can contract rat-bite fever. This illness involves chills, fever, joint pain, and rash. In addition, rats also transmit hantavirus, lassa fever, salmonella, leptospirosis, tape worms, hemorrhagic fever with renal failure, and typhus. Many of the diseases or conditions spread by rats can be deadly.

Rat Prevention Tips: How can I get rid of rats?

Preventing rats from infesting your property is possible if you follow these simple rules. Here are some tips from pest control experts:

rat eating leftover food

Prevent rat infestations maintaining a clean environment.

  • Get rid of any potential sources of food and water for rats. This is why it’s important to not leave leftover food lying around the house.
  • Seal holes or crevices to prevent rats from entering your property. Determine how rats were able to enter your home. Small rats can enter within a hole as small as 5cm. Use special seals since nailing woods over openings may not be quite enough. Building professionals, for example, use spray foam, escutcheon rings, steel wool and even steel sheets if necessary.
  • Use mousetraps to catch mice. Be wary of super rats which are immune to household grade traps and bait control. Take note that using store-bought pest solutions do not offer a lasting solution.
  • Spray pest control deterrents around the base of your home to make it a little more difficult for rats enter your property. It’s not necessary to use harmful chemical products since using baking soda or even peppermint extract can work very well as rat deterrents. (Related: Ways to get rid of rats)

Remember that every case of pest infestation is different. It is still advisable to seek the help of professional pest controllers to determine the right pest treatment that would work in your property.

diy home tips to get rid of rat infestations

Here are simple ways you can prevent pest infestations in your home.

The best way to prevent rat infestations

Some homeowners prefer to deal with rat problems themselves by using rat poisons and traps. Others may feel it’s more efficient and expedient to contact professional pest controllers. Whatever the case, a solution must be found right away before the rat population in your home grows and leads to serious health consequences.

Rats are notoriously difficult pests to deal with, but combating them is a must in order to protect the home and the health of all who live there. Many homeowners’ initial reaction when they see rats is to try and take care of the problem on their own. What they don’t realise is that getting rid of rats might not always be an easy thing to do. Using the services of a professional pest control team is still the best way to remove pests once and for all.

Working with our pest inspection experts is the ideal way to get rid of the pests from your premises. Our team conducts thorough assessments and can determine entry points around your home in order to prevent new rats from entering.

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