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    Our pest control Sydney experts can determine the right solution to a flea infestation in your home using an organic and natural flea control method. Our three-step pest control service involves restriction, exclusion, and extermination. We'll remove eggs, nesting or breeding grounds and remove pests once and for all without using dangerous chemicals or insecticides.

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    Removing a flea infestation

    1. Identifying the flea species to determine its life cycle and behaviour and how it can affect the pest control plan

    2. Identifying key areas in your home and looking for contributing factors. Are there pets in the house that need to be treated by a veterinarian for a possible flea infestation?

    3. Removing flea eggs, larvae and adult fleas

    4. Treating affected areas using effective and safe flea control products

    Removing fleas without using harmful insecticides

    If there are signs of a flea infestation in your home, the first and the best thing you can do is contact an organic pest control professional who can identify the flea species, source the problem and determine the extent of the problem. Visit this page to find out more about our flea pest control.

    Why do you need to stop a flea infestation?

    Flea bites can cause skin itching, allergies and irritation. Fleas can also cause serious health risks to people and animals. They cause skin diseases in pets and can transmit tapeworms in dogs and cats. Tapeworms can be transmitted to humans.

    Fleas spread

    • Plague (transferred from rats)
    • Flea-borne typhus (transferred from the bacteria-infected faeces of infected cats)
    • Bartonellosis (transmitted by rat flea and cat flea)
    • Flea tapeworm
    • Tungiasis (transmitted by the chigoe flea)

    Where can I usually find fleas?

    Fleas love to hide on your bed and sofa.

    If you have pets in your home who love to go outdoors, there is a high possibility that the pet could bring in fleas to your inside. To prevent fleas on your bed or sofa, it is important to regularly change or wash your beddings and vacuum under your bed and sofa to remove flea eggs. You should also regularly clean your pet's bed or sleeping area.

    Fleas infest pets such as dogs and cats.

    A usual indication that your pet may be infested with fleas is when it constantly scratches. You may even see tiny fleas on your beloved pet's fur. To prevent fleas on your cat or dog, you should regularly bathe your pet or use a flea drop to prevent fleas.

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    Dog beaten by fleas

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