How to get rid of spiders: Home Guide for Getting Rid of Spiders

Spiders are nasty little pests that many people dislike because of their appearance. Most people want to get rid of spiders as soon as they see them. After all almost no one wants to have any spiders in their home. Some may even be poisonous and can cause major harm. Here are some ways you can get rid of spiders in your home.

Sydney funnelweb spider

Sydney funnelweb spider

Tips to get rid of nasty spiders

  1. Take good look around your home and a good look around insects such as flies, moths and butterflies that can be found in your home. In order to reduce the number of spiders, you have to reduce the other insect numbers. The most effective way to fight off spiders is by targeting their food source.
  2. Avoid leaving on external lights at night as these may attract smaller insects that spiders consider as food. Spiders are predators in nature, and the size of their population is directly proportional to the amount of food that is available.
  3. Do not leave clothes that have pockets drying overnight as they may get infested with spiders.
  4. Do not leave your shoes outside uncovered.
  5. Cover any cracks and crevices using flexible gap fillers.
  6. Cover vents and weepholes with a copper mesh.
  7. Ensure all windows have flyscreens.
  8. Call a professional pest exterminator to help you get rid of these spiders.
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We will talk about some of the more dangerous varieties of spiders and will try to show you where to find them and how to minimize their presence and what to do in case someone is bitten.

Funnelweb Spider

Funnelweb spiders grow to 10mm-50mm excluding their legs. Large, black, aggressive and notable for their large fangs. Both male and female are venomous and because of its aggressive behaviour has the title of Australia’s most dangerous spider. Commonly found around the garden, the Sydney funnel-web spider can be found under logs, fallen leaves and amongst rocks. During warmer weather, Australian funnelweb spiders do not usually wander away from their nests, preferring to wait inside their burrows or hiding spots for prey to walk past. Most of the bites from funnel web spiders are the result of the spider’s hiding out in clothing or bedding and being inadvertently pressed against a person’s skin. In order to kill them you can try and getting rid of any insects that may be living inside your home. For information how to do this contact your friendly local pest controller (02) 8007 4666.

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Red Back Spider

Red back spiders like to build their nests in dark, undisturbed places that are in close proximity to the ground. Their webs are usually very small with a thick den spun into the centre in which the spider tends to take up residence during daytime hours. It is important for you to understand that once you have killed a red back spider, it is very likely that another one will take its place very soon. So once you have located one, and you have managed to kill it, you should try to find a way to make the area where the spider was less attractive as a hiding place and thus way make it more unappealing for future residents.

If you have gone through the basic steps for use against spiders on our homepage on the 10 steps to control pests and nothing else is working, contact our pest control professionals today. We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We can match any comparable spider control price quote for treatment on your premises. Give us a call now for free advice and quote today.

Natural and Organic Spider Deterrents

Pest Sydney Redback Spider

Pest Sydney Redback Spider

When indoor, focus your attention near the floor and look in stacks of papers and piles of other things, closet floors, clothing and bedding that have a direct contact with the floor, underneath cabinets and especially in corners. On the outside, look in and around debris piles, stacks of different things, rocks, logs, inner tubes, tyres, ditches, holes and crevices. Those are just some of the place that spiders may use for habitat. Spiders nest in dark, undisturbed places just like these. Try to look for spiders in other areas that fit the description as well.

What to do when Bitten by a Spider?

There are some rare occasions when spiders bite and when you have been bitten by one it is a good idea to capture it in case you have an allergic reaction to the bite. Spider traps, it may not be easy to capture but you can try by carefully lowering an inverted glass or jar over them and then sliding a piece of paper underneath the opening in order to trap it inside. Flip the container back over and tap the paper in order to make the spider fall to the bottom of the jar/glass. If you do not suffer from any reaction within 6 hours, then you have no allergies and you can let the spider go outside.

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If you manage to locate a spider, you can try crushing or vacuuming it, and if this is too uncomfortable, you can always resort to spraying it directly with insecticide. Just remember that after you vacuum one up, seal up the bag and stick it in the freezer overnight in order to kill it. If you still struggle with spiders or if you want a complete pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as rats, termites, cockroaches and bed bugs, contact professional services.