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Masters Pest Control Sydney have years of experience in providing pest management services to Local Government organisations in Sydney. Government, institutions, local council, public spaces. We also do schools, TAFE and other government buildings. We know the challenges facing Local Government areas. We are certain that a smart and tailor-made approach can reduce or completely abandon the need for pesticides in pest management- providing environmental and community-friendly pest control.

This experience enables us to prepare and deal with contracts with multiple sites of varying sizes and pest issues. We are trusted and proven professionals in pest management for local governments in the Sydney area.

Call us on (02) 8007 4666 to consult us about any pest problems.

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    Our pest control fully adheres to local gov't requirements and regulations

    Local Government offices can rely on this commitment as safety, health, and environment are always our top priority, and we do not compromise.

    Our pest control service has all the public liability, insurance, certifications and experience to handle all size of local government, government building and large scale government infrastructure pest control projects.

    We work hard to keep the community and government facilities pest-free.

    Our fully licensed expert pest controllers are our most important asset because the right people will do the right things in the right kind of way. Health and safety is our focus and is hardcoded in all of our services.

    You may reach our team through chat or by sending us a message or calling (02) 8007 4666.

    Pest Control

    Pest Control - Local Government Offices

    Local Government - Health and Safety

    Health and safety training is a requirement for all who work at Masters Pest Control Sydney. We do the best we can to keep you safe from pest issues. We embed safety best practices in our systems, our procedures, equipment and services.

    Safety and health protection is part of our culture, and we do everything with these two things in mind.

    OHS industry safety certification

    Fully Licensed and Certified Pest Control Company

    epa environmentally-friendly pest control services in sydneyAll our technicians have fully licensed professionals with Environment Protection Authority NSW. We undergo constant training aimed at further improving their skills. Importantly, we are officially certified with a pest management licence that allows us to apply pesticides to control pests for public authorities. 

    As registered pest management and control services providers, our pest controllers have everything needed to ensure up to date training and ongoing support. Because of this, Masters Pest Control Sydney's pest controllers can provide pest control services to businesses of all sizes and shapes, from your local coffee shop to your local government.

    Commercial Pest Control Experts - Local Goverment Buildings and Offices

    We provide pest control for some of the biggest household brands in Australia. We have years of experience working with hospitals, clinics, schools and other government buildings to ensure workplace health and safety compliance and documentation for regular pest control checks. We provide eco-friendly commercial pest control treatments for a variety types of business. Check out our professional commercial services, including Offices, Strata, Schools, Hotels, Cafe, Food Court, Food Processing, Restaurants, Pests in Food.

    Pest Control for Public Infrastructures and Gov't Offices

    Local governments are responsible for keeping a safe, clean and comfortable place for the community to reside and work in. It is paramount there are no pests crawling and appearing in public areas and government facilities. These places make an ideal habitat for most pest species providing an easy way to thrive and multiply. In order to make these places less ideal for pests, you need the best local government pest controller and there is no one better than Masters Pest Control Sydney.

    Several public infrastructures including local parks, local roads and footpaths, parks and playing fields, libraries, local environmental issues, waste disposal, and many community services. Responsibility for parks and recreation services also falls within local governments and these areas are usually prone to cockroaches, rodents, rats, mice and spiders.

    Masters Pest Control - Servicing all of Sydney

    Masters Pest Control Sydney's pest controllers are available all over Sydney whenever you need them. They will support you by taking detailed site surveys to identify the pest species and find the best way to deal with the problem.

    Our team have expert knowledge in their field and receive constant training and education in various areas of pest management and control. They are professionals in undertaking detailed site inspections to find the root cause of any problem you might have and quickly deal with pest-related situations. 

    We offer Pest Control Sydney-Wide including (but not limited to) these areas:

    Our pest control services are trusted all over Sydney, including CampbelltownPenrithBlacktown, and Parramatta.

    At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have a team of experts that can help you with all your pest issues. Our knowledge, skills, expertise, and pest management solutions are unmatched across Sydney.