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Stop German Cockroaches from Infesting Your Property

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The truth is, stopping cockroaches can be quite tricky. Using over-the-counter bug sprays will not provide a lasting solution. Cockroaches reproduce quickly and in surprisingly large numbers. On average, each female cockroach can lay 130 to 160 eggs in a span of 10 months. German cockroaches can produce up to 3,000 baby cockroaches per year.

Hire one of Sydney's most trusted cockroach pest exterminators to stop cockroaches in residential or commercial properties. If you find small cockroaches in your kitchen, they're most likely german cockroaches, the most common type of cockroach species in Australia. If you want to get rid of a cockroach infestation, the best solution is to hire reliable cockroach pest control experts.

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    How to Stop or Prevent Cockroach Infestations

    Remove any potential food sources that may accumulate in places where cockroaches often visit, such as the kitchen and dining area.

    Cockroaches require food to survive. Make sure to not leave unwashed dishes in the sink or leftover food on the table or countertop. To prevent attracting cockroaches, regularly clean pet dishes, unsecured food containers, garbage containers, and litter boxes.

    Always maintain proper sanitation by regularly cleaning your property.

    Get rid of junk and maintain clean storage space. Avoid accumulating trash and unnecessary junk such as old newspapers, food cartons, boxes, and other items that could be an ideal nesting ground not only for cockroaches but also for a wide range of stubborn pests, including ratstermites, flies, and more. Regular cleaning and vacuuming may also help you detect early signs of a cockroach infestation.

    Remove possible sources of water to prevent cockroaches

    Just like any other bug, cockroaches require water to survive. Moisture is particularly vital for this kind of bug. That is why you will often find them proliferating near the bathroom and kitchen. Fix any leaking pipes or taps that need repair.

    Watch out for cockroach eggs.

    Inspect new items that you'll be bringing inside your home or property. Furniture, appliances, secondhand items, and food storage containers may contain cockroach eggs. These tiny eggs may pave the way for a full-blown cockroach infestation.

    Hire expert pest control professionals to inspect your home and plumbing fixtures regularly.

    This would stop cockroaches from migrating and settling on your property. Occasionally, German cockroaches migrate from one area to another. This problem often happens in apartments and residential buildings with connected plumbing and shared features. There is a chance that cockroaches living in your neighbour's place may explore and eventually settle in your property.

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    Proactive Cockroach Removal Tips - Home Cockroach Control

    Pests can be found literally everywhere. Sydney is a large city with millions of people. Our city is particularly prone to various German Cockroach and bug infestations, an ideal place for these creatures to live in.

    If you require cockroach pest control services, one of the best providers in the city is the Master's Pest Control Sydney. Our team is always ready to give you free advice when it comes to getting rid of these nasty cockroaches. Contact us to request a free quote.

    Without proper pest control, your property can become an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches. This common pest in Australian homes can enter your property through the tiniest cracks and crevices as well as through pipes and plumbing. No one wants cockroaches on their property. Here are ways you can prevent a cockroach infestation.

    How can you prevent German cockroaches from infesting your home?

    How to prevent cockroach infestations

    Prevent a cockroach infestation in your home

    Eliminate food sources

    Cockroaches are scavengers. They scour your kitchen for food at night to survive. To discourage this, you need to eliminate their food source—store food in tightly sealed containers or plastic bags. Do not leave food sitting unattended on your kitchen counters. Always empty the sink and clean the dishes every night.

    Clean your kitchen appliances, especially your fridge, microwave ovens and toasters, for crumbs and other food particles. Kitchen cabinets and the area under your sink can also have food spills. Always clean your kitchen counter with disinfectant to deter them from walking over them and eliminate their pheromones. Finally, use a tightly lidded trash can and empty it every night.

    Eliminate entry points and hiding spots

    As we’ve mentioned, cockroaches can enter your home through cracks and plumbing. As for their hiding places, cockroaches prefer tight cracks and dark empty spaces to hide during the day. Eliminating these can help you prevent a cockroach infestation—seal cracks and crevices as well as holes in your roofs or crawlspaces. Avoid clutter, especially in your cupboards and your floors. Doors and windows should fit within their frame to avoid cockroach entry—varnish wooden shelves and cabinets to seal them.

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    Book cockroach exterminators to completely remove cockroaches

    If you see signs of infestation or would like to prevent it from happening in the first place, the best step you can take is to talk to cockroach pest control experts. These experts have extensive knowledge of the behaviour of each species of cockroach that plagues your property. They also know the best way on how to deal with them, including the proper pest control treatment to use against the specific type of roach you are dealing with.

    Like every uninvited guest, cockroaches are never welcomed in households or any kinds of facilities for their potential risks to our health. To the extent when infestation goes beyond control and over-the-counter measures prove useless, pest control comes into play to eliminate them effectively. Before taking these measures, you may develop several questions about the effectiveness of these treatments, especially those target cockroaches, the culprit of some most common pest problems and one of the most stubborn, hard-to-kill pests. Here, you may find answers to some questions regarding cockroaches extermination and find, or adjust to, the appropriate levels of expectations from them.

    Complete German Cockroach Control

    One of the most common questions is how long it might take for cockroaches to die off completely after professional pest control. The answer is, it varies, depending on the size of the infestation, the treatment, and the formulations used. There are cases when infestations are so severe that one treatment may not be sufficient and requires several follow-up visits. The same applies to questions regarding the times of treatments needed to make your facilities “cockroach-free”.

    Cockroaches inspection and cleanliness

    Keep your home clean to stop cockroaches.

    For German cockroaches, you can expect a 70-80% reduction in their population in the first week and five more weeks to get rid of them completely, which makes the total of six weeks. However, if your infestation was severe, you may need a few more treatments.

    But the most exact answer still depends on the situation. You can ask the pest control agency how long they feel your particular infestation will die off and when you may need another treatment to enjoy the pest-free state. A professional pest control company will be able to give you such information in detail.

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    First Pesticide Spray

    For a few days or weeks after cockroach control, you will even see more roaches than ever. But don’t get stressed because they do not all die instantly, but it will rather take them a week or two to die out. The terrifying number of roaches you see also means they are coming out of their hiding places to die.

    For example, if your house is treated with exterminator spray, the substance will need some time to reach the pest and kill them because cockroaches die of exposure to the insecticide in the spray, not its smell. During the one or two-week time, the poison is still working, and your problem should disappear with time.

    You may also be concerned about seeing baby roaches, but that should not make you worried. Those baby roaches come from eggs that hatched after treatment. Most professional exterminator sprays contain chemicals that prevent baby roaches from maturing and breeding so that there would be no more descendants to take their place after they die.

    After the first cockroach control treatment

    After your home is treated for bugs, you may want to do a few things as below:

    • Keep your home clean: The first thing is to keep your house free from clutter, as you would not want to give those roaches places to hide. You should often clean and store sources like food, water spills, drains, dishwashers, trash cans properly. Also, keep an eye for leaks in faucets or pipes and fix them immediately.

      Checking for cockroaches after the first spray

      Checking after the next pest spray

    • Block their entry: Another important step is determining the source or entry point for the cockroaches so that your house will not suffer from their infestation again. For instance, German cockroaches are one of the most common pests carried into the home. So, before bringing any used items home, homeowners should inspect those items for cockroaches. You may also want to seal up places such as or window cracks because Cockroaches may make their way into houses under doors and through open windows.
    • Combine other treatments: You can ask pest control professionals to use traps like glue boards in areas where cockroaches may exist, travel through, or do it yourself. Another tool you can use is baits and residuals to get the remaining roaches out of their hiding places. You can use gel baits or food bait stations, in which tasty treats are mixed with the deadly insecticide, or a homemade version with three parts boric acid to one part powdered sugar. However, those should be out of children's or pet’s reach because they may get sick from chemicals inside the bait. Remember not to spray your baits with bug sprays, as that will make the bait less attractive to cockroaches.
    • Treat dying bugs: If you don’t know how to cope with dying roaches after the professionals have left, you can vacuum them up. Because high temperatures can kill roach adults, babies, and eggs, vacuuming may also kill roaches to a certain extent.

    Masters of Pest Control - Sydney's Trusted German Cockroach Exterminators

    The ideal solution to prevent any pest infestations is to maintain proper sanitation and prioritize pest prevention. A regular building and pest inspection can help stop any pests from infesting your property and causing damages. Prevention is always the best solution when it comes to pest control.

    As a leading pest control company with 40 years of combined building and pest control experience, we understand your needs very well. We conduct regular pest inspections to guard your property pests. We also provide environmentally-friendly pest control treatments that are safe for you and your loved ones. We make sure only to apply a pest control treatment that will not cause any harm to your kids or pets. Our team is happy to take the extra time to work out a strategy that would eradicate those nasty cockroaches once and for all.

    Cockroaches are insects that cause problems for humans. As long as a cockroach appears in the house, they will multiply. House cockroaches often live with humans and are harmful to humans. They cause allergies and spread pathogens within a home. To combat the infestation of cockroaches, residents often resort to several methods to solve a roach problem, one of which is bug bombs.

    How to Choose the Right Cockroach Control Service?

    • Look for recommendations and testimonials from other satisfied customers. Most of our clients come from referrals from our previous customers. We do such good work that a handful will regularly leave comments and good reviews. We pride ourselves on ensuring professional, quality service at all times.
    • Make sure that they use pet and child-friendly pest control methods. Others may be using harmful chemicals to kill cockroaches. Masters Pest Control, on the other hand, ensures that in areas where children and pets roam, we only provide the safest pest control solutions. In addition, we understand that different suburbs are environmentally sensitive. We ensure there is no residual effect that can harm the fauna and flora around your property.
    • Always ask your pest control professional if they can provide you with a lasting solution to your pest control needs. Masters Pest Control guarantees to remove German Cockroaches the first time. We have an industry-unique solution that removes the need for follow-up pest control treatments. Could you read about our pest control guarantee?
    • A good pest expert will sit down with you and give you the best advice. We take time to talk to our customers to come up with the most efficient strategy when it comes to getting rid of any pests.

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    Don't Go for Easy But Ineffective Remedies - Let the Pros Handle the Cockroach Problem!

    cockroach pest extermination australia

    Kitchen Cockroach Infestation are Quite Common

    Experts agree that certain home remedies and common cockroach solutions aren't safe and are often ineffective in providing a lasting solution. To learn more about safe cockroach control methods, you may ask us thru chat or call (02) 8007 4666!

    What are cockroach bombs?

    Also called cockroach bombs or total release foggers are insecticides that contain aerosol propellants, chemical ingredients that release their contents simultaneously to disinfect an area to control pests and kill insects. Roach bombs work by dispersing chemicals in the confined space. Then, pesticides in the air will kill all the cockroaches.

    Has it been effective as advertised on the label of this product about killing all cockroaches by bug bomb, however?

    Although on the bomb cockroaches, manufacturers often make claims such as pesticides can kill cockroaches quickly or remove insects deep within the crevice and even deodorise. But they rarely meet expectations.

    Some Things You Need to Know:

    1. Cockroach bombs may not reach hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, crevices, and other cockroach hiding places

    In fact, the bug bombs for roaches rarely reach into the cracks and crevices where pests hide. When chemicals are sprayed from insecticidal bombs into the air, most of them cannot reach the small holes, crevices and enclosed spaces where cockroaches hide. And so, it is difficult to eradicate all the cockroach nests deep inside.

    A study in 2019 in Germany evidenced that foggers used in the house were incapable of killing and reaching deep inside to destroy the root: the roach's nest.

    There is also another problem: pesticides are often deposited on horizontal surfaces, while cockroaches often crawl under appliances, furniture, or vertically on walls. Therefore, using the bomb is also ineffective.

    2. Pyrethrin, cockroach bomb active ingredient

    Pyrethrin (the active ingredient in many bomb bugs), all products bomb for cockroaches, contain pyrethroid, a pesticide that works effectively against mosquitoes, flies and some other insects, but it does not mean that it will work with all roaches. Sometimes, cockroaches are also resistant to the active ingredients, so they may not react to these ingredients in foggers.

    In contrast, the pesticides can chase cockroaches out of their hiding place, causing dozens of cockroaches to emerge from the walls and running around the house.

    3. Bug bombs to scare cockroaches away

    When you bomb roaches, the ingredients inside the roach bomb contain repellent that scares them and can run away in the opposite direction: deep inside the crevices. Then killing cockroaches will be more difficult.

    Are cockroach bombs safe?

    cockroach pest control Syndey exterminators

    Do common home remedies actually work?

    Although this product may be effective in many circumstances, the use of incorrect or too many total release foggers may endanger people, animals and property.

    There are many brands such as Raid Maxx, Mortein, Falcon. Still, they all have the same active ingredients, such as Tetramethrin, Cypermethrin, Iminoprothrin, Prallethrin, Permethrin (substances synthetic chemistry of the Pyrethroids group) or Propoxur (the Carbamate group).

    The chemical substances in the foggers harm human health when inhaled. It can affect human health risk by chronic with pyrethroids and other toxic ingredients in roach bombs. They are not safe for humans or pets. Pyrethroids are less dangerous but can be life-threatening if inhaled in significant quantities (over 30 ml). The most dangerous effect, which has been recorded in the literature by medical experts, can be acute poisoning in humans if the victim is exposed to a significant amount of toxic in a short time. Hence the need to wipe out all pesticide residues can be formed in areas where pets can reach. Pyrethrin can also be particularly toxic to fish and other aquatic animals.

    (SEE: Child and Pet-Friendly Pest Control)

    Besides, the chemicals that are released in the air can be held on clothes and household items. People can be infected with that toxic substance by accidentally handling them without cleaning. Because the aerosol propellants in these foggers are often flammable, improper use could cause a fire or explosion. Also, not cleaning your home after spraying or reentering without airing out can lead to illness.

    Therefore, it is ideal to use other methods to control cockroaches without needing bug bombs, such as Cockroach traps, Gels for cockroaches, Natural Insecticides, or clean houses. If using foggers, users need to be aware of their harmful effects on health, use roach bombs according to the manufacturer's instructions, and have basic knowledge about first aid in case of insecticide poisoning.

    The common accident when using insecticide products is chemical substances stuck to the body. They can irritate and burn the skin in an enormous amount of toxic. You need to change quickly into clothes and wash with cold water. Similarly, if the chemical in bug bombs gets in the eye, soaking the eye in water immediately. Water will dilute the concentration of the toxic and reduce irritation.


    Why is it important to prevent cockroaches from infesting your property?

    Finding cockroaches in your kitchen does not necessarily mean your house is dirty. It would help if you acknowledged that cockroaches are highly adaptable creatures that can find water and food sources almost anywhere. In addition, cockroaches are omnivorous and eat almost anything. Because of this, cockroaches can thrive in almost any environment. 

    Cockroaches can hitch a ride on containers that you bring in from an infected area.

    Cockroaches get in through small holes in the building. These may include:

    • The space between doors and surfaces
    • Window screens
    • The space between the air conditioner and window

    You may be unknowingly attracting cockroaches into your house

    Remember to remove:

    • Crumbs under the oven
    • Leftover food
    • Not regularly cleaned trash cans.

    What are the risks associated with baby cockroaches?

    It is a virus carrier.

    Baby cockroaches carry pathogens and bacteria from different regions onto food or surfaces used to prepare food, such as cutting boards and kitchen countertops.

    It causes allergies and asthma attacks.

    Baby cockroaches can cause allergic reactions as they leave waste and moult indoors. Imagine having a bunch of baby cockroaches in your kitchen, leaving their shells everywhere. Isn't it disgusting?

    It damages furniture in your kitchen.

    While most of the time cockroaches eat organic food, they can also eat household items such as books and furniture.

    Prevention and monitoring are crucial to avoid cockroaches getting into your house. Although they are good at hiding, and it is tough to kill them, you can take steps to limit their activities.

    • Seal all the cracks and holes.
    • Prevent leaving out leftover food.
    • Repair holes and damages in your plumbing.
    • Remember always to close your doors and windows.
    • Pay attention to some signs of cockroaches such as eggs, droppings, shed skins, and so forth.