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Masters Pest Control Sydney can offer commercial businesses, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, schools and hospitals a full range of pest management options tailored to suit the needs of any business. Our aim is to resolve your pest control problem as quickly as possible whilst minimising disruption to your business operations.

Our integrated commercial pest treatment solution will help you remove ratstermitescockroaches and other pests from your commercial space. Our mission it to protect your business from any unwanted pests.

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Our pest control services include the following:

  • Commercial pest inspection
  • Customised commercial pest treatment plan
  • We conduct pest removal services with minimal impact to your daily business operations
  • We only use safe and environmentally-friendly pest removal practices to avoid site contamination. (Our pest control solution is safe around families and pets.)

Our commercial checklist ensures we deliver quality, effective and long-term vermin solution. When you have a pest problem, it is our responsibility to ensure you have a responsible, reliable and trust worthy pest management in place that won’t let you down.

Documenting Pest Activity to Determine the Best Pest Control Solution

We will provide you a folder for documentation purposes. This is to allow your staff to document any pest sightings, rodent activity, etc. Our pest control experts will review the documentation and provide the necessary pest control solution to get rid of unwanted pests in your commercial space.

We currently service the following industries: food services, hospitality, education, body corporate, strata and real estate, government, retail, offices, warehousing, clubs, pubs, hotels and more.

NOTE: It is important that all commercial pest fumigators have a complete pest removal license and are fully insured for building work. We are proud to be a trusted brand in the industry for having a comprehensive pest control license, inspection license and building license. We have the necessary license issued by the NSW Government. Pest Control Lic: 101967, Builder Lic: 211725C, Inspection Lic: HS0219.

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Commercial Pest Treatment Services

Commercial Pest Control in Sydney


Importance of Commercial Pest Control Treatment

Commercial Pest ManagementPest infestation can occur in any location regardless if it is a commercial or industrial business. Pest infestation is one of the major problems encountered any industry, be it food, hospitality, education, strata and real estate, government, retail, corporate offices, warehousing and more. When there are pests close by, the daily business operations will be affected, causing loss of revenue, drop in the number of customers, and possibly penalties or fines. In order to avoid any unnecessary business losses, you need to invest in commercial pest control.

One of the most important reasons why businesses prefer to use commercial pest management services is the need to maintain a completely clean and healthy business environment. For example in a restaurant, it would be very difficult and unsafe to do any kind of business activities where cockroaches or rats are running around. Similarly, it would be extremely dangerous and harmful if you operate a childcare facility and have pests that can harm children through bites or contamination through waste matter. If you happen to spot any rats, cockroaches, flies or any other pests within the premises of your business establishment it is advisable to remove the unwanted pests as soon as possible. For example, a few years ago we had one client who operated a small but very successful restaurant in Sydney, Parramatta, and as part of the Food Standards Code, was required to provide adequate pest eradication documentation. During the course of 3 months we provided regular pest inspections however over two weeks they failed to address a neighbouring business with a cockroach infestation problem. Unfortunately the business owner was complacent and decided to leave the issue unattended for a further two weeks. The infestation spread to their business causing over $100,000+ in damages to their food stock and loss business. Lesson from this: address commercial pest problems early.

Pest Control Checklists

By implementing regular commercial vermin treatment in your business, you can help ensure a safe and bug free working area for both your customers and your staff. There are many companies that offer very comprehensive services intended for this including our vermin treatment service. We have a standard documentation and business checklist procedure that we follow.

Getting rid of any pests around your business is one of the best ways to prevent any possible spread of unwanted diseases. Avoid contamination from pests that are constantly exposed to germs and viruses, making them susceptible to various types of diseases dangerous for humans.  If you let them carry these diseases in areas where you do your business, it may lead to legal consequences such as failure in duty of care or being imposed with fines and penalties from health authorities. In order for you to prevent this, you have to invest in preventative measures and pest removal treatments.

Commercial Treatment Best Practice

Once you have decided to utilise our commercial pest removal services, you are also going to help promote vermin management industry best practices. When this is practiced from one business to the next, the results of effective bug removal measures will be seen. Businesses that are known as being safe for families, clean and hygienic always stand out. For example, think about your local restaurant or local food court that is always free from cockroaches and rats. If your workplace kitchen and staff eating area are bug-free, you will set an example for other businesses to follow in your local area.

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Maintenance service

By selecting our professional service for your commercial pest control, we recommend 4-12 week  pest treatment intervals that includes the following:

  • On-site pest treatment documentation.
  • Inspection and treatment of commercial premises.
  • Record our pest inspection findings.
  • Pest solution action taken and recommendations.

Long term benefits

Once you have used our commercial pest treatment services, you will not only strengthen your credibility as a safe and clean environment where customers can visit and do business with you, but you will also prevent any additional structural damage to the facilities as many pests tend to cause damage to property that may sometimes result in the need for costly repairs. So with a regular commercial pest solution regime you will not only provide a healthier environment for customers and staff, but long term you will also have fewer building repairs and operating expenses. Having taken precautions to prevent against insect infestations, you will be able to focus on the more important tasks in your life such as growing your business, keeping customers happy and ensuring your storage area, kitchen and work area are free of disease spreading pests.

commercial pest control service

Commercial Pest Management Service


We provide industry certified vermin treatment best practices for businesses across Sydney. Our certified pest professional has a combined building licence enabling us to carry out building remedial work and licensed pest inspections for any commercial property. Since there are formal documents and checklists to follow for commercial business pest management, it is advisable to select only the professional, licensed and accredited pest management businesses. Our pest management team is a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association and have several years of building and vermin treatment experience to promise you pest removal from your commercial premises.