Living in dark moist places, leaving their droppings everywhere

Silverfish (Latin name Lepisma saccharina) is an insect that can grow up to 12-20 mm in length. They have teardrop shaped body. Its colour varies from white to brown-grey or bluish-silver. They look and move similar to fishes. Silverfish have two long antennas on top of their head and three long bristles on their rear.

These insects are capable of living in most climates. They prefer dark and moist places, with moderate temperature areas, such as attics, basements, laundry rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Silverfish can be commonly found under sinks, bathtubs, bookcases, closets, door and window frames. They can be often found in stored box full of clothes and papers in garages and storerooms.

Silverfish eat mould, fungi, carbohydrates (starch, cellulose and sugar), glue in books, shampoos, soaps, silk, linen, plants and dead insects. Sometimes they can get into unopened food packages.

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How do they reproduce?

Female silverfish can lay from 2 up to 20 eggs per day, depending on specie. They can produce eggs during any period of the year. It takes 3 to 4 months for them to grow from larva to an adult silverfish.

Symptoms of silverfish infestation

People often notice silverfish on the floor of their home or in the bathtub or kitchen sink. The damage cause by their feeding is the usual indicator of their presence, as well as the tiny faeces that they leave around.



Silverfish pest control

There are two ways to get rid of silverfish. It’s either chemical or natural silverfish pest control.

Chemical pest control is more expensive and can be harmful. By choosing natural pest control, you will get a safer treatment that won’t do any harm to you, your children and pets. There are a wide range of solutions and traps for this kind of insects that can be bought at stores or made at home.

Natural silverfish pest control

The first step is to inspect every nook and cranny where there may be a silverfish infestation. Silverfish are typically found near their food source. The next step is to select the pest control product that you will need. There are many available solutions available over-the-counter such as the ff.:

  1. Citrus sprays – Citrus is used to prevent and repell bugs. Most insects like silverfish don’t like citrus smell. You can use citrus spray in areas that are infested by silverfish.
  2. Spices ”“ Silverfish don’t like spices like bay leaves, whole cloves and sage because of their strong scent. Place these spices in a thin sachet in infested area.
  3. Mothballs ”“ Insects like silverfish can’t stand moth balls. Good way is to place them where insects are seen often.
  4. Diatomaceous earth ”“ It causes dehydration that will eventually kill bugs. It comes as a white powder and is lethal to pests, but not to people and their pets. By dusting areas where silverfish can hide, silverfish will die just by crawling through this powder. Diatomaceous earth is effective as long as it is dry.
  5. Lavender oil ”“ Bugs will stay away from it because of its scent. Mix a teaspoon of concentrated lavender oil with some water. And then place it in infested areas. You can spray the mixture on walls, carpets, cupboard doors, furniture and other places where bugs can be found. Allow surfaces to dry and repeat the procedure from time to time.
  6. Cucumber ”“ Silverfish also don’t like the smell of cucumber. Put thick slices of cucumber in places where they might appear. Change the dried slices with fresh ones.
  7. Cedar shavings ”“ It can be used for getting rid of silverfish in the shape of cedar shavings or pieces.
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Chemical silverfish pest control

If you choose to use chemical products to get rid of this pest, you have to know that you will pay much more by buying silverfish pest control products. You also have to be aware that using chemicals will not guarantee success.

Liquid pyrethrin is the most used chemical product for silverfish extermination. By spraying it on the cracks of furniture, doors and windows, you will kill adult silverfish but won’t harm their eggs.

Boric acid is the other solution for killing silverfish. It is powder and can be used in small amounts on infested areas. If it gets moist, just use it again.

Baits and traps

There are many traps on the market that can be used for silverfish extermination and they can be cheap and safe to use. One of them is moist and rolled up newspapers. You tie them with elastics and leave them overnight to catch these bugs. Next day, they might be full of silverfish and you just throw it in the garbage outside the house. Repeat this method every night until you rid of them all.

Take the glass jar and mask it with a tape. You can fill it with bread or with water, and few teaspoons of sugar. Place that jar near infested places. Silverfish will climb up the tape and will fall in the jar. They will die in the jar because they are not able to climb up the glass jar.

Sticky traps are also effective and you can buy them in any local hardware store. These traps attract bugs which then get stuck in glue. For silverfish baits ,you can use moist cotton and starchy food items to attrack these pesky insects.

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You should act fast when it comes to taking care of silverfish infestations. These insects reproduce very quickly and are clingier than most people believe. If you don’t treat the infestation quickly, they will cause damage to your home and make it much expensive to get rid of them after. Masters Pest Control Sydney can help you get rid of these insects using natural methods and safe chemical treatments.

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