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It’s commonly thought that termites are only active during the spring season, but the harsh truth is that termites are active all year round. They can show up at your home any day of the month, any month of the year. Living in a brick or stone house does not mean that it’s impervious to termites. Termites can naturally adapt and colonise anywhere they can, no matter how inhospitable the place is.

Why do you need termite control for commercial properties?

Termites can also affect business operations. Most business owners are surprised to find out that termites do not only eat wood. They can also damage books, paper, filtering systems, and even insulation. The best way to prevent expensive damage to your building is to invest some funds in a termite protection system. In an “impervious” building, you won’t avoid the termites. You will have a harder time noticing the termite infestation until the damage has already been done. Take action right now and get some real termite protection for your peace of mind.

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    Termite protection is paramount for new homeowners. Termite infestations are a serious problem because termites can cause damage both in and around your home. With the Masters of Pest Control, you have safe pest control options to protect your home from termites.

    In a study that The Australian Institute of Architects conducted, over 130,000 homes in Australia are attacked by termites. The average cost for pest control was about $2,500, and the average cost of repairs from termite damage was $4,500. This represents a total average cost for each termite-infested home of $7,000. Why risk having termite damage when one home or commercial termite protection will cost you less?

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    One of the best indicators of a pest control company’s quality is the presence of an extended termite protection guarantee. If they can guarantee that you won’t get infested for an extended amount of time, you can be confident that your home will be well protected even if the termites manage to find a way to break through the defences you have made. Unfortunately, although termite protection tends to be very effective, termites are known to be very resourceful, and they can still manage to find a way to get in.

    In Sydney, Masters Pest Control is the best termite protection provider with certified termite control and prevention methods and a termite protection warranty. We can detect hidden colonies of termites and eliminate them before they spread and cause massive damages to your property.

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    Termites are structural pests that can destroy the foundations of your home and cause thousands of dollars in damages. The problem is compounded by the fact that homeowners don't know about termites, and therefore are unable to notice the signs early on. However, there are lots of professional pest control services that specialize in eradicating termites from properties.

    Termite baiting systems

    Termite baiting is a common treatment used by pest control experts.

    The methods for removing and eliminating termites have also evolved, and nowadays, one of the best ways to get rid of this troublesome pest is through a termite bait. Therefore, we will discuss termite baits in this article, so homeowners can make better decisions when eliminating termites.

    Termite Baits: An Effective Way to Eliminate Termites

    Termite baiting has become popular in recent years, especially because it is clean, and entire populations and colonies of termites can be destroyed easily and quickly. When a termite bait is set up, small edible materials are put in place, attracting termites and eliminating them. Termites forage, and when they get to the bait, they will share it with their nest-mates, which will slowly cause the eradication of the entire colony.

    This is where a comprehensive termite bait system can be such an effective method of dealing with these troublesome pests on a homeowner's property. However, once the bait has been put into place, it will require regular monitoring, inspection and re-baiting when required. A termite bait can be made from a mixture of palatable food, cardboard, paper, and a slow-acting chemical that kills termites.

    The termite bait must be tasty and appealing enough to attract termites so that they keep consuming it, even if there is structural wood, tree roots, woodpiles, and stumps around. However, the bait must also not kill the termites too quickly, this will lead to dead and sick termites accumulating near the bait, and the other termites will avoid that area. Therefore, a termite bait setup with a chemical with a delayed reaction is preferred because it is lethal and makes it easier for entire colonies to be eliminated.

    The Best Way to Use a Termite Bait

    There are several debates about the best way to use a termite bait since there are multiple methods you can deploy a termite bait. For example, you can bury the termite bait in the ground outside in your yard, or you can have it installed inside the structure, where there are active termite mud tubes. On some properties, the only way to treat termite infestations is through a bait, so it is important you know the best way to use a termite bait.

    Installation Below Ground

    Most components used in a termite bait will decompose quickly when placed underground, so installations have untreated wood. This will attract termites and help eliminate them because termites cannot see or smell underground, which increases the chances of them being caught in the bait. To further increase the chances of termites getting caught in the bait, you should install it underground at intervals of about 10 to 20 feet around the perimeter of your house.

    Above-Ground Installation

    You can install a termite bait above the ground, especially in areas where there is a lot of termite activity. The best way to install them is to put the bait directly in the path of the termite mud tubes and tunnels, or you could even mount them directly over termite infestation drywall, wood, or other structures. The effects of a termite bait when it is installed above ground is faster than when it is installed underground. However, it all depends on how serious the infestation is and the best way to eliminate termites on your property.

    Protect Your Property From Termites

    Termites Cardboard Trap

    Setting up a cardboard trap is simple. You can do it on your own. Get some flat strips of cardboard, soak them in water, and pile them on one another. Place this trap in areas where there are termites.

    Since cardboards are entirely made of cellulose, termites will be attracted to them. Therefore, keep the trap for a while and once it gets completely infested by termites, carefully remove it and burn the trap to kill all the termites that have latched on to it.

    ways to kill termites

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    This method is, however, not very effective if termites severely infest your house. It will be more appropriate to look for professional pest control services to help you stop a severe termite infestation.

    Termite Bait Stations

    Bait stations, which are usually used to capture and kill rodents, can also be used to eliminate termites. Termite barriers have insect growth regulators, toxins and metabolic inhibitors, which have different deadly effects on termites. For instance, insect growth regulators destroy a termite's ability to moult, an important step in termite maturation. If insects can't moult for long, it results in their death. Toxins such as hydramethylnon, fipronil and sulfluramid badly affect termites' nervous system, which results in their eventual death. Hire professional to help you set up those bait stations around your home.

    Termites Removal and Nematodes

    Nematodes belong to a worm species considered organic parasites for many types of pests, including termites. Nematodes search for hosts and drill a hole into them. They attack termite larvae, which results in their death within two days. They use the remains of dead larvae to lay eggs. Nematodes are a good option to kill subterranean termites. They can be bought from any garden supply store. Use them in the absence of UV light (early mornings and after sunset) to get optimal results.

    Direct Wood Termite Treatment

    Different solutions, dust and aerosols are also used directly on infested wood to kill termites. Usually, these methods are used by termite control professionals to make your house free of termites effectively.

    You can hire professional exterminators to treat wooden structures ideally during the construction phase of your house. This would kill any existing termites and prevent termite infestations in the future.

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    Termites and Soil Treatment

    Soil treatment around the house makes a barrier between your house and its surroundings. It also helps exterminate all the subterranean termites that have their nests and colonies in the soil. It is better to get this done with the help of professionals since handling chemicals on your own is not dangerous.

    Pest Control experts will dig a trench around the house's foundation and then treat it with their strong termiticide products. This is an effective termite control  for two important reasons:

    Hiring a professional pest control service to kill termites to avoid all the consequential losses will be a great decision from your side. Call us at (02) 8007 4666.

    Taking Precautions To Protect Your Property from Termite Infestations

    So you have discovered termites. The initial reaction from most homeowners is to get the insect spray out and kill them. DO NOT DO ANYTHING! If you had discovered termites, put everything back as it was before you discovered them. If any termites are visible, collect a few specimens and preserve them in some spirits. This will help us identify the type of termite in your home.

    There have been lots of changes in terms of termite treatment chemicals used to exterminate these pests. We are going to be covering all the different changes made in recent times to termite treatment chemicals. Chemicals for termite treatment can be split between non-repellent and repellent termiticides.

    How Termite Treatment Chemicals are Classed


    These are your basic chemicals, which are strong and considered ideal for killing termites.


    These are the latest generation of termiticides and are best for killing termites since termites don't detect them.

    Magic Non-Repellents

    This chemical combines both the above and is one of the best termite treatment chemicals on the market today. They are used routinely to destroy termite colony nests, which are locked away in buildings, and the effect is so strong that it will kill the entire colony without leaving a trace behind. This type of chemical doesn't need to be applied again and again because it will kill all termites.

    Termite Treatment Chemicals

    In our experience, there are many termite treatment chemicals in the market, probably too many of them, which makes it difficult to choose the best termite treatment chemicals. However, we believe that when you put your mind to it, you will have no problem finding the best termite treatment chemicals on the market. It is all about finding the most effective treatment methods available in the market and then using them to your advantage. (RELATED: How to reduce chances of termite attacks)

    chemical termite control treatments

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    Termites have also grown stronger over time, and if you want to make a difference to them, you need to ensure that you can create stronger chemicals that can destroy them. But, unfortunately, that is easier said than done because there are strict restrictions imposed on insecticides nowadays, which can harm people's health and cause problems.

    So how do you end up choosing the right termite treatment chemical? To get to that conclusion, you need to ask yourself the following question:

    The choice you make will depend on the cost, toxicity, and longevity. Therefore, you should make it a point only to check out chemicals that tick all the right boxes. There are lots of choices in the market, and you will easily find a suitable treatment chemical. (Read about our tips on home termite control remedies.)

    Australia imposes some of the strictest regulations on the pest control industry, which is why it is becoming harder to find good quality termite treatment chemicals in the market. Any termite treatment chemical that you use on your property has to go through proper evaluation and must be approved by the national and state government authorities first. That is the only way you will find termiticide approved chemicals that meet the regulations set by the government.

    Taking precautions against Termite Infestation

    It is also important that you take precautions whenever you are using termite treatment chemicals. This is for your own benefit because you shouldn't endanger yourself when using chemicals. So, make sure that you keep the following things in mind:

    • Ensure premises are properly ventilated
    • Heed the advice of your termite technician
    • Don't touch treated soil at all
    • Confine all pets when you treat the soil
    • Learn whether any pets have allergies to the chemicals

    Further Considerations

    To ensure that your termite infestation problem doesn't worsen, you should make sure that you only take termite treatment chemicals, which effectively treat termites. In addition, make sure that you take the proper precautions against termites not have to worry about any side effects.

    How to Protect Your Home from Termites

    Inspect your home regularly and always try to ensure that there is no rotting wood, mud tubes or any visible termite presence around your home. Here are some ways you can protect your home from termites.

    1. Stagnant water and moisture are major sources of food for termites. Ensure that you have dried all moisture and diverted any water away from your household through the gutters to prevent the growth of termites. Termites cannot survive without water, so they have no ground to grow if you cut down the water sources.
    2. Make sure that there is no firewood or lumber stacked near your home. Some properties use wood as a means of staying warm during the winter, and although this is a great idea sometimes, it can backfire, especially if the woods have moisture on them. Ensure that you keep all the firewood at a safe distance from your home to ensure no termite infestations are coming to you soon.
    3. Remove old building wood, discarded fencing or ground stakes that may be located around your house. They are not only unusable but can also trigger a termite infestation, so there is absolutely no point in still keeping them there.

    Once you have taken all the necessary precautions, you will significantly reduce your chances of getting a termite infestation.

    Termite protection sydney

    Without termite protection, the house structure was destroyed

    Term Seal - Best Termite Protection System

    If you want to avoid any termite destruction to your property, the best way to do so is to invest money in high-quality termite protection systems. Contrary to what most people think, exterminating termites is not as easy as spraying a can of pest control spray around your house. By the time you see one single termite and buy a can, there will already be a thousand more infesting your walls and causing great damage that the spray can repair.

    To fully get rid of termites, you will have to hire the services of a team specifically trained for this task. However, if you invest in proper termite protection before anything has happened, your house will be safeguarded against most termite attacks. One of the key steps that you have to take for effective termite protection is educating yourself. Once you know what you are looking for and have a good pest control company to call backup, your home will be safe.

    Do not postpone termite protection until you are in dire need of it. If you start protecting your home right away, you will be less likely to experience the expensive and stressful destruction these creatures can bring.

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