Termite Protection

Why do we need Termite Protection?

Termite protection is paramount for the new homeowner. Termites are a very serious problem because they can cause damage both in and around your home. In a study that was conducted by The Australian Institute of Architects, over 130,000 homes in Australia are attacked by termites and the average cost for pest control treatment was about $2,500 and the average cost for repairs from the termite damage was $4,500. This represents a total average cost for each termite infested home of $7,000. Why risk having termite damage in your home when one preventative treatment will cost you less than a few nights out for dinner? For places like Australia termites can be of great trouble as most of the housing built in Sydney continues to rely on wood structures. In this article we will take a look at some of the ways you can create a pest control campaign for you home and reduce the chances of getting termite infestation anytime soon.

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Just because you may be living in a brick or stone house that does not mean that it’s impervious to termites. Termites are able to naturally adapt and colonise anywhere they can, no matter how inhospitable the place is. In an “impervious” building, you won’t avoid the termites ”“ you will just have a harder time noticing the termite infestation that has happened, at least until the damage has already been done. And then, once you notice the infestation in your building, it might already be far too late. Probably the best way to prevent expensive damage to your building from an infestation is to invest some funds in termite protection right now. Instead of waiting for the termites to come and destroy your business, it is wiser to consider a proactive role. By taking action right now and making your building truly inhospitable for termites, you will get some real protection and peace of mind.

According to studies termites are the cause of 5 to 10 billion dollars of damage only in the United States each year. Nevertheless, most of the business owners out there are still surprised to find out that termites do not eat only wood they can also include books, paper, filtering systems, and even insulation in their food diet, turning them into sustenance that is capable of feeding their entire colony. What’s even worse, termites are not in any way affected by climate changes. They are slightly more common to come across in warm and temperate climates, but their numbers still stand no matter the season. Additionally, if you have placed your house in a forested area there is a higher chance that you might experience a termite infestation. Forests, and even fields and plains that were once forested but are now bare, are heaven itself for termite colonies which can from there easily transfer to local buildings.

It’s commonly thought that termites are only active during the spring season but the harsh truth is that termites are active all year round and can show up at your home any day of the month, any month of the year. Once the termites have successfully infested your home they will swiftly and with great pleasure chew through the floors, walls, carpets and even the wallpapers. They are so nasty that they can even pose some threat to the structural safety of your home as a whole. Just imagine, one day you wake up to find that all of your important documents, not only for work but also deeds, Certificate of Title, and car registration have all been infested by termites. Screaming and clenching your fists with rage will be of no help neither to you, nor the documents. It will already be too late.

Urban myths

Nearly every, if not all homes are vulnerable to termite infestation. Therefore you should try to be vigilant and inspect your property on a regular basis since termites possess the ability to remain undiscovered until the caused damage becomes visible. A good and effective pest control treatment is key to protecting your home from termites and their children.

A lot of money can be saved from your bank account by preventing an infestation of termites in the first place, all with the timely help of professional pet control services. In Sydney, Australia there are many such companies that can be found and if you are willing spend some time you can even look up for more information online. These firms usually are able to detect hidden colonies of termites and eliminate them in time before they have spread and will also help restrict their growth in the future.

What To Do If You’ve Discovered Termites

Don’t do anything!

So you have discovered termites and the initial reaction from most home owners is to get the insect spray out and kill them. DO NOT DO ANYTHING! If you have discovered termites put everything back as it was before you discovered them.

If any termites have come outside their workings and are visible, collect a few specimens and preserve them in some spirits. This will help us identify the type of termites in your home.

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Termite protection guarantee

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Termite damage

Termite protection should have been used.

No termite protection- the house structure was destroyed.

Termite Protection Checklist

Inspect your home on a regular basis and always try to ensure that there is no rotting wood, mud tubes or any visible termite presence around your home. Although at the time getting rid of rotting wood may seem a bit annoying when you think about the cause you are doing it for you will gladly give some of your time to get it away from your home.

1. Stagnant water and moisture are major sources of food for termites, so make sure that you have dried all moisture and diverted away any water from your household through the gutters to prevent the growth of termites. Termites as all other living beings cannot survive without water, so if you cut down the sources they have no ground to grow.

2. Make sure that there is no firewood or lumber stacked near your home. Some properties use wood as a means of staying warm during the winter and although this is a great idea sometimes it can backfire, especially if the woods have moisture on them. Make sure that you keep all the firewood on a safe distance from your home in order to ensure there are no termite infestations coming to you in the near future.

3. You can also remove all of the old building wood, discarded fencing or ground stakes that may be located around your house. They are not only unusable anymore, but can also trigger a termite infestation, so there is absolutely no point in still keeping them there.

Once you have taken all the necessary precautions you will significantly reduce your chances of getting a termite infestation.

If you want to avoid any kind of termite destruction to your property, the best way to do so is to invest money in high quality termite protection. Although this type of protection may seem costly to you, compare the expenses that you have to pay now with the expenses that you would have to pay for repairs after a termite infestation and you will surely see a difference. Even if the termite damage itself is not that high, you will still have to pay a sufficient amount of money for getting rid of the infestation. Contrary to what most people think, exterminating termites is not as easy as going and buying a can of pest control spray and then just spray around your house. There is a high possibility that the spray might not work at all, and even if it does, by the time you see one single termite and go buy a can, there will already be a thousand more infesting your walls and causing great damage that the spray can just won’t be able to repair.

In order for you to fully get rid of termites you will have to hire the services of a company which has specifically trained for this task team. However, if you invest in proper termite protection before anything has happened, your house will be safeguarded against most termite attacks. The termite protection treatment is a great defence against pests, making a powerful deterrent to turn them away from your building.

One of the best indicators of a pest control company’s quality is the presence of an extended termite protection guarantee. If they are able to guarantee you that for an extended amount of time you won’t get infested, you can be confident that your home will be well protected even if the termites manage to find a way to break through the defences you have made. Although termite protection tends to be very effective, termites are known to be very resourceful and they can still manage to find a way to get in.

One of the key steps that you have to take for effective termite protection is educating yourself. A good pest control company will teach you the way to spot the early sings of termites, and thus way helping you stop the problem before it goes out of hand and also managing to keep the damage to a minimum. Once you know what you are looking for and have a good pests control company to call in as a backup for you, you can rest assured that your home is safe.

In case you have any problem with termite infestation and you aren’t able to take care of it yourself, you can always try to call a professional pest controller. We do this everyday and know how to fight off the cockroaches with just one treatment. By calling a professional you will not only get rid of the infestation fast, but it will also ensure you that you won’t have any revisits from unexpected guests such as rats, cockroaches and bed bugs in the near future.

Do not postpone termite protection until you are of need of it. If you start protecting your home right away, you will be less likely to experience the expensive and stressful destruction that these creatures can bring.