Termite Inspection

If you suspect that there might be termites (otherwise known as white ants) in your home, the biggest mistake that you can make is not do anything. We recommend hiring a professional pest controller thoroughly inspect your property to prevent or stop termite infestations.

Termites feed on cellulose and the wooden structure of the house will keep thousands, maybe even millions of termites nesting somewhere around the vicinity well fed for a long period of time. Unfortunately for you this can and will cause severe damage to the structure of your home and could in fact be the cause of its complete destruction.

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A termite inspection is a visual inspection of all the accessible areas of your property in order to determine if there is any present activity from timber destroying bugs or organisms. Our inspection process covers the whole building, inside and out and includes any basements and areas of crawlspace, if any exist on the property. The garden landscape, including any trees, wooden fences and buildings such as sheds in close proximity are also be part of the complete inspection. In properties where there is no basement or crawl space, the ceiling will also be inspected if there is available access and safe entry, especially if you reside in an area where dry-wood is commonly found. A thorough inspection procedure takes no more than an hour, and a simple phone call to our service on (02) 8007 4666 will help you save thousands of dollars in the future when the real damage is apparent.

white ant inspection

white ant inspection

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We are members of the AEPMA and are licensed termite specialists you can trust. We have protected hundreds of homes across Sydney. If the time for contacting a professional has come, look no further than our pest control services. Our full Pest Control Lic: 101967, Builder Lic: 211725C, Inspection Lic: HS0219 ensures you get the work you expect from a qualified and trusted pest control inspection specialist.

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How important is an inspection?

Do not be fooled that you are safe if you live in an area where the temperatures drop down in the winter months. Although cold conditions may slow down the termites to a state of hibernation, they will not kill them. As soon as things began to warm up again, the termites will be back on their feet in no time. Additionally, termites will not in any way give you signs that they are in fact invading your house and eating the framework. These tiny pests are very secretive, moving in silence through underground tunnels and inside the wood. There are many cases where they have managed to completely demolish the larger part of the timber from the inside long before there is any idea by the owners that there might be some sort of a problem. For this reason if you live in an area which is very prone to termite infestation the idea of spending a few dollars every year for a full inspection might be a good way to prevent such things of happening to you.

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What to look for

Keeping in mind though vigilance can also be valuable, though it is very unlikely that you will come across a termite wandering around your basement floor. If you are very careful you might manage to come across some subtle signs of their existence. Termite droppings are often the first clue you will come across. They look a lot like grains of sand or sawdust scattered around which is how you can identify them. Their colour is usually varying from brown to more beige depending on the termites’ diet. Of course, you might be able to discover more evidence of direct timber damage in the form of a structure that resembles hollow beehive, or you may find that when you try knocking on wooden posts and they sound hollow.

pest inspection Sydney

Pest inspection Sydney

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Regardless of whether or not you are sure that you have a termite problem, think that you might have a termite problem or you are concerned that other dwellings in your area have such a problem, getting a complete and thorough inspection is the only way to be certain of anything. Our experts will be able to provide you with a full written report and advise you of your course of action.

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Visit our pest control termite page to get an outline of some things you can do today in your Sydney home or business premises to help reduce the number of termites attacking your home. If you want to prevent the termites or have the termites removed the first time to save you the time and hassle, contact our company today. We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.

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pest inspection

pest inspection


Thermal Detection

Using a thermal detection process is a new step in the business. This is a really innovative way of checking whether or not you have been attacked by termites and is deservedly getting more and more attention now. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to detect the termites by using only a visual inspection of the location. Doing the proper inspection is required especially when you are looking into new homes that you think of purchasing or you want to maintain your current home so it does not get infested.

The thing that sets thermal detection apart from the traditional form of inspection is that it gives the pest controller the ability to spot a termite problem before there are any kind of signs visible with the naked eye formed. Although there is no denying that using a regular inspection is the cheaper of the two options, it is not always as accurate as the thermal termite detection. This is especially true in the very early stages of a termite infestation. Usually, the point when a regular inspection is able to spot out there is a termite infestation is the same as the point when the homeowner is able to see the termites for himself/herself and confirm that his/her home is overrun by them. Which is, as you probably already understand, far too late.

In addition, undertaking a thermal detection has many great benefits that are truly able to outweigh the total cost of the procedure. For starters, the mere idea that using thermal imaging, the pest controller is going to be able to spot any root areas where a termite nest is formed or is currently being formed is perfect for every homeowner. Using thermal detection, the pest controller is able to accurately identify the precise location where the termites have settled. This alone can result in saving you huge amounts of money.

white ant inspection

White ants


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white ant inspection

white ant inspection

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When you take into account all of the possible damage that a colony of termite is capable of causing to a home, the numbers can really crawl up over the course of time. Spending a little more money up front in order to locate the termites and eliminate them for good before they have the opportunity to cause any kind of serious damage is obviously a much better option that will result in saving you a lot more money in the long run.

Another great benefit that the thermal detection has is that there won’t be need to cause any kind of damage in order to locate the exact spot of the termites’ nest. Most of the traditional pest inspections require assessment through visualisation, which in some cases might require some portion of the home to be cut open. This results in additional costs that you will have in order to get those cuts sealed once again. On the other hand, thermal detection does not require to cause any kind of damage on any area around the home. With the use of thermal imagery everything is visible since the heat that termites give off is easily caught by this machine.

Taking advantage of the thermal termite technology will be of the best choices that you could make as a homeowner regarding the safety of your home by saving you money in the future. Although the upfront costs of this kind of inspection might scare you, when you take into account the costs that you will have to pay in the long run should the traditional pest inspections fail and the termites manage to do some serious damages to your home, you can easily understand why this is by far the better option to choose. Using thermal termite inspection, you will be able to locate and handle the problem of termites before it has begun to arise and become significant. Spending a little more money on the upfront will end up saving you a lot of money and frustration in the long run. Make use of the thermal termite inspection today so that tomorrow you won’t have to worry about any sort of termite infestations.

If you still struggle with termites or if you want a complete pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as ratscockroaches and bed bugs, contact professional services.