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What are termite barriers?

Termite barriers are either physical or chemical termite barrier systems that can be installed in any property to prevent a termite infestation.

There are different types of termite barriers available today that can be installed during pre-construction. The most common ones are physical termite barriers, bait systems, and chemical barriers. If you need help figuring out which one will suit your needs, please contact our team. Send us an enquiry or call us on 02 8007 4666 to request a quote.

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What are the types of termite barriers?

Physical Termites Barriers

physical termite barrier around the house can be fitted as it is still under construction, or it can be added at a later point in time. Physical walls are made up of materials that termites are unable to eat through such as rock and metal. These types of protection against termites are placed in wall cavities, foundations, under concrete slabs, and such.

Termite Barriers

Another good way that you can set up a physical barrier or termite shield in your home is by sealing up all of the holes found on your roof and brickwork. This way the termites will be left with no point of entry to the home. In addition, you can also use ant caps in order to push the termites into an area in which they can be much more easily detected with the naked eye.

Chemical Termite Barrier

A termite chemical barrier can be placed under slabs or in the foundations of the home that is still under construction. Another way that you can use a chemical barrier is by placing it in the soil somewhere in the area around your home where termites won’t be able to avoid it. Usually, a chemical obstacle is undetectable for the termites and it works by having them carry it back to the nest and spread it throughout the whole colony.

A chemical barrier is very lethal for them as they won’t be able to notice it until it is too late and it has already been spread. In addition, the poison used in most of the obstacles are quick and efficient against pests, however, it is completely safe for humans so you should not worry that the termites might bring it to your home as well.

In some cases, it might be for the best that you implement more than one strategy at once in order to fight off the invasion of the termites. While the efficient chemical termite barriers might work very well, the truth is that the best way to get rid of all termites once and for all is by contacting a professional pest controller. They will be able to take action using the proper tools such as baiting systems and pest exterminators and make sure that all of the pests are gone for good. If you are under the impression that there might be some termites spread around your home it would be for the best to contact a professional providers of termite control in Sydney and have them conduct an inspection. You can never be too careful.

How do you install a termite barrier?

If you are building a termite barrier for your new home, take note that Sydney homeowners are required to install a termite barrier in accordance to Australian Standards 3660.1. The homeowner or the contractor should submit all construction details giving due consideration to the Australian Building Standards before any construction work can commence.

Need help installing a termite barrier?

Termite Barrier Pest Control

Termite Barrier Pest Control

What are the materials used for termite barriers during pre-construction?

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs can be used as a barrier but must be designed so that cracks passing through the slab or footing do not exceed 1 mm in width through the depth of the slab.

All interfaces between penetrations and slab footing must be provided with a barrier integrated with the slab. All joints except for tied footing slab construction joints should be provided with a termite wall system integrated with the slab. Aslab on its own is not suitable. It will need integrated barrier as well.

Termite Barrier Sydney

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Graded Particle

A graded particle barrier consists of particles that are termite resistant. They are graded and shaped so that a sufficient proportion of the particles are of a size that cannot be transported by foraging termite species.It can also be placed in such a way that the voids between particles do not permit the penetration of foraging termites.

Sheet Material

Sheet material termites barriers and their joints consists of materials that are termite resistant and through which termites cannot pass. For perforated sheet material barriers, the maximum aperture size can not permit the penetration of foraging termite species found in the region. The barrier can be placed in various parts of the building such as wall cavities, in the foundation, or under the concrete slabs.

Sealing Gaps

Another good way that you can create a physical termite barrier is to seal up all of the holes that are in your roof and brickwork. You can also try placing ant caps on top of stumps in order to push the termites into an area where they can be detected easily. You have to be very diligent about this since termites are very small creatures and can be very elusive.

Chemical Barriers

A chemical barrier must be termite-resistant and should consist of a product registered by the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (NRA) and approved for that purpose. You can use a chemical obstacle in a remedial way, by placing it in the soil in an area where the termites won’t be able to avoid it. Chemical obstacles are undetectable by termites so that they can then carry it back to the nest and spread it throughout the whole colony. This is a very effective method that you can utilise in your war against the pests.

What are the most recommended termite chemical barrier treatments?

Home Guard

We use and recommend Home Guard – Termites. Home Guard has many different types of physical barriers available. We are able to supply and install all of the Home Guard products available. Ask us a question about termite protection for your property. The Home Guard Termite Management System is a physical barrier product that keeps subterranean termites out from your going near your property. (Related: How to get rid of termites)

Physical Termite Barrier

TermX Replenishment System

Our company also uses the TermX Replenishment System which is a reticulated termite barrier system installed prior to construction or around the perimeter of an existing home. It is then pumped with a registered termiticide. Depending on the termiticide used and the termite pressure in the area it would vary how frequently you would have to charge the system. Generally, it would have to be done every few years.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Complete solution to your termite pest problem

There are sometimes when more than one strategy might be required so that you can successfully fight termites. While the more efficient models of chemicals might work very well, Masters Pest Control provides the complete solution to ensure termites can do no harm to your property. We can also recommend appropriate baiting systems, as well as monitoring termite movement around your property. If you suspect that there is any kind of termite activity in the area of your property you should contact our professional experts for advice as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you find out about the pests when it is already too late, a termite barrier might not work for you anymore. In the unfortunate event that this happens, you can simply call our professional and highly experienced pest controller to come and help you get rid of the termites for good. They have the necessary equipment and knowledge to exterminate the termites once and for all.

Why should you book our termite control experts to install termite barriers?

Contact us to get an outline of some things you can do today in your Sydney home or business premises to help reduce the number of termites attacking your home. If you want to prevent the termites or have the termites removed the first time to save you the time and hassle, contact our experts today. We are a group of licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA).

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