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Do you need to hire pest control professionals in Penrith? Masters Pest Control Sydney offers termite controlcockroach control, ant control, rat control, and other pest control services in Penrith.

Why Should You Hire The Masters Of Pest Control Sydney?

  • We guarantee to provide 100% eco-friendly pest control options.

  • We're fully licensed and insured with years of building and pest control experience.

  • We have satisfied customers all over Sydney. We pride ourselves in ensuring professional, quality service in Penrith and Sydney-wide.

  • We use pet and child-friendly pest control methods. Our main goal is to protect you and your loved ones from common pests. Consult our team to know more about safe pest control methods.

  • We guarantee that pests are removed the first time! We provide lasting pest control solutions in Penrith, saving our customers from unnecessary expenses. Our team not only gets rid of pests, but we also apply protection to help you avoid pest infestations in the future!

  • We'll respond to calls within the day! A good pest controller will sit down with you anywhere in Penrith to provide you with the best advice. Every pest infestation is different. We ensure that we’re giving you a suitable solution to fix any pest control problem.

  • Our mobile vans are ready to come to you anywhere in Sydney! Our flexible hours allow us to come to you at the most convenient time for you.

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    Pest Control for Homes and Businesses in Penrith NSW

    Pest control van in Penrith

    Our local pest control service van

    We want to make the process of removing pests as simple a possible without causing you any stress. Our teams are ready to help you with any pest control needs in Penrith. Our mobile vans will come to your property, conduct a pest inspection and provide you with the right pest control treatment.

    If it’s your first time looking for pest control Penrith service, it is normal to feel a bit lost not know what to expect or what to look for. You just saw the first signs of an infestation in your home, so you are probably thinking about how to address these unwanted pests before they can damage your home.

    Looking for reliable pest control Penrith experts for your property? Call Penrith’s top pest control service provider today. Masters Pest Control provides affordable pest control Penrith service. To get rid of unwanted pests from your property today, call us on (02) 8007 4666 to request a FREE quote and schedule a pest inspection.

    For home pest control or commercial pest control, hire the masters! We provide a warranty on all our work. If you want to prevent or stop pests from infesting your property, contact us today! Watch the video below to learn more about our service.

    Top 10 Consideration When Hiring Pest Exterminators

    To help set your expectations, here are 10 small but important things to observe in pest control experts in Penrith

    License and insurance

    Before you hire a pest control service provider in Penrith, you first need to check if they have the correct certifications and the license to operate their company. Pest control companies need licenses to handle different chemicals and equipment as they can be harmful if they are not used properly.pest exterminators in sydney

    Customer reviews

    One of the best ways to set your expectations of a certain company is through customer reviews. Look for their online rating and read about the experience of previous clients to find out if they are worth hiring.


    Professionalism is important in any business. The pest control company should set a time convenient for you, and you should expect them to arrive on time. If there is a delay, they should communicate the issue with you and reschedule promptly.

    Uniform and appearance

    Pest control can be a dirty job, but you should expect pest control experts in Penrith to have a neat and professional appearance with the prescribed uniform.

    Walkthrough of the process

    The pest control expert should guide you through the whole process, explaining the things you need to know, their initial observations and how they will approach the whole pest control treatment process.

    Inspection of pest entry points

    One of the first things a pest control professional would check is your property’s vulnerabilities that pests can take advantage of. Entry points such as windows, doors and pipes, as well as cracks in your walls and ceilings, should be inspected.

    Interior inspection

    A pest control expert would check the interior of your home for food and water sources that will help pests thrive. They will also check for moist areas such as leaking pipes and pest droppings that could indicate their presence.

    Exterior inspection

    Pest control specialists would check for cracks and gaps in your windows, doors and foundation. They will also take note of trees and shrubbery that can lead termites to your home.

    Pest control treatment

    The pest control company would use their observations to identify the best type of treatment for your property. You may need to leave your home for a few hours as they do their work.

    Written service report

    After the treatment, the pest control specialist will write an official report of their findings and plans for future treatment if necessary.

    Eliminate harmful pests from your property today. Call us on (02) 8007 4666 to request a FREE quote and schedule a pest control service.

    Pest Control Near Me - Penrith Services

    To remove common pests and termite infestations, get the best pest control in Penrith! Masters Pest Control in Sydney services Sydney-wide including Penrith, Western Sydney and nearby suburbs including:

    Termite Control in Penrith

    Best solution

    If you suspect termites in your backyard, the best idea and solution is to have a professional inspect your home. Termite inspections are often free unless you need a formal report for use in a real estate transaction, so you might as well take advantage of that. 

    You may have some knowledge of the destructive power of termites. You may have heard that they cause billions of dollars of damage to structures every year. You may have also read about how thoroughly they can destroy a house. An experienced pest professional will tell you they can feast on your home without you even knowing it. Termites have earned the nickname “silent destroyers.”

    termite infestation in a residential property

    Stop termite infestation to protect your property from termite damages.

    So, if you spot a termite in your Penrith yard or garden, is it a big deal? On the one hand, no. Termites naturally feed on various types of plant material, which may include bark, leaves, humus, wood, and even the droppings of herbivores. However, once they’ve exhausted the food resources near their colony, termites will move on and could begin feeding on the wood found on whatever structures they encounter.

    Basically, their quest for food may bring these termites to your house. If they find wood to feed (which they soon will, for sure), termites will build mud tubes leading from their colony to your home. Termites may cause structural damage, especially if your house is primarily built of wood. Even if the structure does not have a wood exterior, termites may cause structural damage by damaging walls, foundations, and many more.

    Termites could get into your home and feed on furniture, ceilings, floors, and cabinets. Termites can damage other cellulose-based materials, such as carpets, books, clothes, and photo frames. Since termites feed 24/7, the damage they cause may progress quickly if the right countermeasures aren’t put in place.

    Silverfish Infestation in the Kitchen

    Noticed that flat, wingless insect moving around in the most random areas of your house? That is a silverfish. For the record, silverfish bite on the surface of their food, but they do not bite people or animals. They also do not carry nor transmit diseases, unlike cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents. Now while they are not as dangerous as other common household pests, they are still not welcome guests at home.

    silverfish sydney pest control

    Silverfish Sydney Pest Control

    Sure, there are quite a few silverfish baits and traps in the market to assist you in removing these slimy little creatures. How about something effective in discouraging them from setting up shop in your living space? At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we're here to inform you about natural silverfish repellent solutions.

    Take Away Food Sources

    As far as diet goes, silverfish enjoy feeding on anything high in starch and sugar. Pantry staples such as cereals, flour and oats are among some of the food they take a liking to. Strangely enough, they can also munch on everything from old book bindings and treasured photographs to linens and leather goods.

    What you can do is dispose of your old cardboard boxes. Instead, stash your belongings in plastic containers. Make sure to seal them tightly and securely. As for clothes and accessories, you can protect them with scented mothballs.

    Brighten Up Dark Spaces

    In the warm summer months, silverfish scramble to get away from too hot and bright environments. They seek refuge in your home's dingy and preferably undisturbed areas. Basically, anywhere that sees very minimal light and activity is their paradise.

    Another simple silverfish control method is bringing more light into the darker parts of your rooms. To discourage silverfish from feeling right at home, aim to balance indoor lighting and let natural sunlight shine through.

    Clean All Dirty Places

    As a rule of thumb, dust, dirt, and grime attract silverfish. The more unkempt your place is, the more it invites them to explore and stay. If you have anything sitting in the same spot for years collecting dust, expect them to house a silverfish or two.

    The answer is simple, clean your house regularly. Make it a habit to take out the trash at least once a week and let go of items you have no use for. You will be surprised by how much a thoroughly tidied up home can help get rid of silverfish.

    Schedule a Building and Pest Inspection in Penrith NSW

    If you find out that your property is infested, you should seek out pest control experts instead of trying to handle stubborn pests and dangerous chemicals on your own.

    Pest control experts will thoroughly inspect your property and determine the right pest control treatment for your property. Each case is different, so seeking pest control experts who have years of experience is the best thing you can do.

    If you're still unsure of what to do, you may contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.