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OHS industry safety certificationIn all food related businesses, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and food courts, professional food court pest control is of great importance to the business owner, staff and customers. A pest infestation can bring many problems because nobody wants to be surprised with finding something in their beverage or food that is not expected to be there. Ignoring the pest problem and sanitation could ruin your service and products, which leads to destroying your business name and losing your reputation.

Pest management in such places is a very sensitive subject and special measures have to be used to protect food safety from using the pest control treatments. Proper way of food court pest control use is important part in keeping your food and beverage business development and quality. Investment of money in pest control food court can get you more benefits, including reduced risk of product loss, better food safety, customer satisfaction and business brand image. Any money spent on quality pest management will reduce further costs, sooner or later. You have to look at pest control food court as an investment and not expenditure.

Pest Prevention Food Court

Pest Prevention Food Court

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Pests Ideal Habitat

There are countless species of insects on earth and many of them are depending on humans to provide them with food and a place to live. Many different species of beetles and moths are infesting grain and processed grain products, while other like to live inside of food processing machines. Insects equally like other food and not just grain products. Some of them prefer dry meat and other protein products. Some pests can develop in food scraps and spillage, such as the yellow mealworm and foreign grain beetle. More commonly known pests to a larger number of people are rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, flies and wasps. By destroying the pest in food handling area and controlling them to return back, you will minimize the amount of germs, disease, faeces on work surfaces and entering the food products. While eating human food, some pests are leaving their protein traces on that food that is causing food to rot faster. Your food business could suffer big expenses because pests can steal, damage and partially eat your food, and that food will be tossed out because of the health risk.

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Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an effective pest control food court program which is used in both exterior and interior areas of a property. It focuses on finding out the reasons why pests have infested certain places. This way of management can be done by eliminating at least one of the basic conditions pests need for surviving-water, food and habitat. This is not a one-time occasion and it is not relied just on chemical products, because there are many other solutions available on the market. After finding out the cause of the pest infestation, this method can stop it before you even think of pesticides. Requirements for the pest management have to be both environmentally and economically appropriate. Integrated pest management was created for the agriculture purpose but has been used in almost every discipline under the pest management.

Integrated pest management is established on few steps which are listed below:


Scheduling the regular inspection is the basis of the IPM program. The inspections in food processing companies can be done weekly, but in some factories it can be even more often. These type of inspections have to be based on places where pests are most likely to appear, just like storage rooms, employee break rooms, places of recent ingredient spills and similar places. The prime goal of the inspection is to find out the pest entry points, water and food supplies or their shelter.

Preventive action

Regular inspection can point out some flaws in your pest control food court program, but some measures have to be taken before those flaws cause some bigger problems. Exclusion is maybe the best prevention method, because it closes potential entry points that are revealed during the inspection. This method keeps pests out of your premises and reduces the necessity of using chemical products. Pest presence will be decreased by sanitation and housekeeping, which will remove food and water sources.

Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention


Every type of pest has unique behaviour and because of that it is important to identify which pest infested your property. By identifying the ones that cause you the problem, pests can be removed much easier and be less harmful for other organisms. Pest control food court professionals always start with the identification of specific pests that cause the problems.


After the pests are identified, next step is to find out why they appeared on your property. Something has to attract them, for example, food remains or larger amount of moisture. This and many more questions have to be answered in analysis to find out the best way of pest control food court technique.

Treatment selection

Integrated pest management promotes the use of non-chemical products before using the chemical ones, just like exclusion and trapping. This method believes in using the right treatment in the right place, in exact amount as it needs to be to solve the problem. In some cases, that treatment uses a combination of chemical treatments and traps. Non-chemical option for pest control is effective in eliminating them at the minimum risk to the food safety program, other organisms and the environment.


The pest management is continuous procedure that has to keep an eye on your business area for pest activity all the time so it can protect it against infestation and help exterminate them. Pest control professionals will come over to your premises to monitor the situation on weekly basis, but your workers have to look at the situation daily and report any signs of pest activity.


The food safety inspector’s visit can get you large penalties and in some cases it may end up closing your food court. Since pest control takes up to 20% of your total score, pest control food court documentation is usually one of the first signs to food safety inspector that your business takes pest control carefully. This documentation usually includes a scope of service, service reports, pest activity reports, trap layout maps, list of approved pesticides, pesticide usage reports and applicator licence.


pest controller food court


To provide the best potential for your pest control program, you have to create the relationship with your pest management professional as a partnership. Good communication between you, your pest controller and your workers will bring out the best from the pest control program. That will save your reputation and will allow your customers to visit you for the long time.

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