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Professional pest control is of great importance in all food-related businesses, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and food courts. Australia implements strict regulations to ensure the safety of every consumer. The food industry sector must comply with these regulations to continue to operate. This is why we recommend that you hire professional pest control experts to conduct regular inspections and pest control management. Ignoring any pest problem could ruin your business. You may end up losing your business reputation due to a pest problem.

We can resolve your issues with pests fast and with minimum fuss using pesticide-free heat treatments and tailored management solutions to remove pests in food courts.

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We are professionally trained, insured and licensed in all areas of residential and commercial fumigation. We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments. If you still struggle with pest issues or want a complete pest solution that protects your commercial property from harmful effects. Check out our professional services below.

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To provide the best potential for your pest control program, you have to create a relationship with your pest management professional as a partnership. Good communication between you, your pest controller and your workers will bring out the best from the pest control program. That will save your reputation and will allow your customers to visit you for a long time.

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Food Processing Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an effective pest control program that uses a broad-based approach to determine the right solution without using harmful chemicals or pesticides not suitable in areas where food is being handled. One way of doing this is by eliminating the pest's chances of survival by removing its basic needs from your property.

Integrated pest management involves the following:

  • Inspection
  • Preventive Action
  • Identification
  • Analysis
  • Treatment
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation