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Why should you book our pest control services?

  • We have over 40 years of combined building and pest removal experience.

  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, which helped has become a leading pest company in Sydney.

  • We are fully licensed and certified pest control experts who can provide the most comprehensive pest control service and property pest reports on the market.

  • Get the most cost-effective pest control service when you book the masters.

  • We operate on flexible hours and can adjust to your busy schedules.

  • We stop all kinds of pests including termites,
    cockroachesspidersratsbed bugs and many more.

You can easily book our pest controllers by calling us at (02) 8007 4666. Get the most cost-effective pest control service in Sydney!

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    Highly Rated, Trusted Pest Control in Sydney

    Sydney Pest Control Hotline


    Phone: (02) 8404 9494

    Residential Pest Control in Sydney

    Residential Pest Control in Sydney

    We offer both home pest control and commercial pest control all over Sydney. Our aim is not to burden you with difficult processes. We don’t want you to worry about having to return for multiple pest treatments. We aim to resolve your problem the first time and make your experience stress-free. 

    We have licensed pest and building professionals with HACCP, CM3 quality control guarantee to provide eco-friendly pest control options. For enquiries, chat now or call (02) 8007 4666!

    Commercial Pest Control Sydney

    All Commercial Property Types

    Pests are not content with invading homes across Sydney. Offices, food courts, establishments and other commercial spaces are a prime target for infestations as well. With the high density of the human population and abundant food sources, pests are naturally drawn to business premises. So if you spot creepy crawlers on your property, contact Masters Pest Control Sydney immediately. We'll keep your employees in good health and protect your reputation among customers and guests when they come to visit. So call your North Shore local team of pest controllers today.

    Protect Your Business

    People who have businesses in Sydney seem to be quite accustomed to having their homes infiltrated by pests every season. Masters Pest Control Sydney has done exterminations all over the Sydney commercial business areas and is familiar with the common pests that lurk around populated places.

    Pests can manage to sneak their way indoors, living off resources right under your nose. The worst part is that you only find out until the damage is done. The best way for businesses to prevent headaches caused by pest


    Sydney Commercial Pest Control

    Famous Household Brands We Service

    Fast, Simple, and Cost-Effective Pest Control

    Our professional pest controllers have been servicing Sydney and its surrounding suburbs for decades. We know exactly how to handle pests infesting Sydney homes.

    Sydney has structures and houses built in the 1950s and 1960s. This means that keeping your home or commercial property pest-free may not be as simple since in some cases, a pest infestation may be caused by neighbouring buildings or homes that may be badly infested. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we also inspect the surrounding areas and provide the right strategy to stop any pest infestations once and for all.

    Watch this video to find out more about our pest control services.

    Integrated Pest Management - Safe and Effective Pest Control


    Eco-Friendly, Safe Pest Control for Children and Pets

    Please leave it to us at Masters Pest Control Sydney to take care of pest removal. With our extensive experience in extermination, we have what it takes to capture and wipe out all kinds of pests. We utilise our knowledge of environmental conditions, including the degree of temperatures and the level of humidity, to map out our pest control strategy. The size, location and age of your property will also be taken into account whenever we conduct our on-site assessment.

    If you are concerned about the side effects of pest control, we assure you that everything we do is in line with our mission to put the safety of our clients first. Rest assured that everything that goes into creating your home is guaranteed safe for your family and pets as well as the environment. All of our products are free of toxic substances and strong odours. In addition, we pride ourselves on our child-friendly pest control methods.

    Termite Control in Sydney

    Termite Treatment Services

    Booking a professional termite control Sydney team is the best way to deal with any termite infestation.

    Our termite pest controllers will also provide you with suggestions on the best way to stop a termite infestation. You can acquire customised termite treatment plans that are affordable and will easily eliminate termite infestations. To ensure that the termite treatment cost is within your budget, it is advised to study the termite control plan suggested by the professionals.

    pest control anywhere in sydney

    We provide affordable cost-effective pest control.

    Here are some proven professional pest control techniques to remove termites:

    • Protective liquid applications on the inside and outside of homes

    • Bait and monitoring plans, which will involve finding and destroying the colony

    • Termite foams that will control termites in hard-to-reach locations

    (Read: Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control)

    A termite treatment cost will depend on several factors, but the number of termite colonies and their size is the main factor that will affect the cost. If the termite infestation is widespread, it will mean that the termite treatment cost will also increase due to additional resources being used to control the problem.


    termite control and pest control company in Sydney

    Our On-Call Pest Control Team. Call (02) 8007 4666 today!Things to consider when booking a termite control service

    To give you a better idea about how much a professional termite treatment will cost you, we will highlight the primary factors affecting termite treatment. These are:

    • The location

    • The climate

    • Length of time

    • External home problems

    • Number of solutions needed

    Before you go ahead and book a termite control service, you should learn to read the signs to calculate the termite treatment cost. Most professional pest control companies will offer free estimates and inspections, which will help you get a fair idea about the cost of the treatment. The factors that will affect your termite treatment cost include:

    • Chemicals to be used

    • Frequency and number of treatments

    • Method of treatment

    • Type of termite problem

    Homeowners are advised to carefully look at the overall picture when dealing with termite control problems. This will allow them to easily calculate termite treatment cost and help you better budget for the termite control services. You should make sure that you only acquire termite control services from a well-established and professional pest control service.

    If you are dealing with a termite infestation in Australia, get in touch with Masters Pest Control Sydney. Call us at (02) 8007 4666 for a free estimate. Our specialists will arrive at your location and inspect your home to deal with the infestation. You will also be provided with a quote to have an idea about the termite treatment cost you will incur.

    Our termite control services include:

    Why book us to solve your pest problem?

    • Look at reviews and recommendations from other satisfied customers. Most of our clients come from referrals from our previous customers. We do such good work that a handful will regularly leave comments and reviews for us. We pride ourselves on ensuring professional, quality service.

    • Check if they use child and pet safe pest control. Professionals use different pest control solutions to fight cockroaches, rats, spiders, ants, termites, and more. We assure you that our pest control methods are child and pet-friendly. In addition, we ensure that there is no residual effect that may cause any negative effect on the environment.

    • Review the terms & conditions and look for a pest control guarantee. We guarantee to provide a unique solution that removes the need for a follow-up pest treatment. Take note that any follow-up treatments can be costly.

    Sydney Termite Treatments - Termite Baiting, Termite Barrier, and More

    Termite Inspection

    If you suspect the appearance of termites around your house, it is strongly recommended that you should not ignore the sign and take immediate action. The longer you delay taking action, the more destruction termite may cause to your house structure. Termites are one of the biggest threats to properties in Australia. Experts suggest that 2 in 3 homes are exposed to a termite issue. Termites cost Australians an average of $1.5 Billion in property damage repair and removal every year. If you haven't had your property damaged due to termites, then you might need to take steps to ensure it never does happen.

    Termites Inspection Masters Pest Control Sydney

    Termite Inspection

    The first thing you should do is to have a pest expert do an inspection. A termite inspection is a visual inspection of all the accessible areas of your property to determine any present activity from timber destroying bugs or organisms. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, our inspection process covers the whole building, inside and out and includes any basements and areas of the crawlspace, if any exist on the property.

    The traditional way of the termite inspection is a visual inspection. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to detect termites using only a visual inspection of the location.

    Our pest controller will use a thermal detection process is a new step in the business. This is a really innovative way of checking whether or not you have been attacked by termites and is deservedly getting more and more attention now.

    Of course, proper inspection is required, especially when looking into new homes that you think of purchasing or maintaining your current home not to get infested. The thing that sets thermal detection apart from the traditional form of inspection is that it gives the pest controller the ability to spot a termite problem before any signs visible with the naked eye formed.

    How to protect your home from termite damages?

    Pest Management Sydney Efficient NSW

    Pest Control Sydney Efficient

    To protect your property away from termite, you should regularly inspect your home and always try to ensure no rotting wood, mud tubes, or any visible termite presence around your home. Although at the time, getting rid of rotting wood may seem a bit annoying, when you think about the cause you are doing it for, you will gladly give some of your time to get it away from your home.

    1. Stagnant water and moisture are major sources of food for termites, so make sure that you have dried all moisture and diverted away from any water from your household through the gutters to prevent the growth of termites. Like all other living beings, Termites cannot survive without water, so they have no ground to grow if you cut down the sources.

    2. Make sure that there is no firewood or lumber stacked near your home. Some properties use wood as a means of staying warm during the winter, and although this is a great idea sometimes, it can backfire, especially if the woods have moisture on them. Ensure that you keep all the firewood at a safe distance from your home to ensure no termite infestations are coming to you soon.

    3. You can also remove all of the old building wood, discarded fencing or ground stakes that may be located around your house. They are unusable anymore and can also trigger a termite infestation, so there is absolutely no point in still keeping them there.

    How to remove pests?

    1. Clean or remove damp areas that may become a breeding ground for pests.

    2. Check if you have any leaking pipes and get them fixed.

    3. Fix drainage around your property to ensure water diverts away from the property and not enter the sub-floor.

    4. Increase the flow of air going to the sub-floor, putting additional vent. Air that passes beneath the property is a great way to dry the sub-floor.

    5. Make sure no plants or large trees are leaning towards the perimeter of your home.

    6. Don’t leave wood and old branches on the ground. Remember, termites use moist wood as a breeding ground. Keeping your yard clean will help reduce the chances of termites and spiders entering your property.

    7. If you have good passive vents and still have a wet sub-floor, you can install a motorised sub-floor ventilation system. (Note: We have done several building ventilation works, and they work incredibly well to prevent termites.

    Signs Your Home Needs a Termite Inspection

    The activity in your area

    identifying termites to prevent infestation

    Preventing termite infestations

    When buying a home, there are many factors and things to look out for, and one of those is the TIP index. The TIP index is short for the Termite Infestation Probability Zone index measured by the Australian Forestry Commission to help assess the termite activity of a specific area. If you are buying a home or live in an area where the TIP is high, then you need to take measures to ensure that your house is inspected periodically to prevent any damage that might be done due to termites.

    Your home is made of wood.

    One of the impossible things to do is to protect a property from termites. That's near next to impossible. If you are familiar with termites, then you are probably aware of the fact that, in most cases, they wouldn't care about how the exterior of the house looks. This is because sometimes, termites burrow through the soil and travel beneath the surface of the soil. This means that they can easily avoid the wooden poisoned parts of your home's structure, enter inside your property and start attacking the inside beams.

    Your neighbours recently hired a pest control expert.

    One clear sign that shows you that termite control in Sydney might be due is when such an inspection happens at your neighbour's place. The reason you should care is that once the neighbour contacts a termite pest control company in Sydney, the termites are likely to migrate in search of safer food sources and guess where they might end up? Yes, your guess is as good as mine.

    You found a termite colony nearby.

    Termites behave more or less like an army. So if you see a termite colony close to your home, then it's a sign that you have to take action. The most common type of termite species found in Sydney is the West Indian dry wood Termite which means that a single colony can contain well up to a million HUNGRY termites vying to eat up your property. Once you find a colony-forming anywhere near your property, you should give Masters Pest Control Sydney a call.

    You found signs of termite infestation.

    Apart from colonies, another sign that an inspection might be due is a visible sign of termite activity. If you see a mud tunnel or damaged wood and even swarmers, it's a telltale sign that you should call a Termite Control contractor immediately. One other important thing for you to know is that termites sometimes build mud tubes beneath the soil surface, and you sometimes need to be on the lookout for such tunnels.

    Identify Any Termite Infestation

    Hollow Sound

    Termites Control Sydney

    Termite Control Service

    Termites eat away timber by consuming them from the inside out. Once they are done, what's left behind is just a thin veneer of timber or paint. So if you knock on a wooden area in your home and hear a hollow sound, that is a clear sign of termite damage.

    Mud Tubes

    Throughout the consumption activity of termites, they construct mud tunnels to trap heat and moisture. This allows them to create the perfect environment to protect their food source and safely travel to and fro. Usually, the mud can be seen behind plasterboards, brick foundations and architraves of doors. Unfortunately, these mud tubes can also cause timber to swell, making the fit of a window or door too tight. If you find it hard to open a door or close a window, this could likely affect termite damage.

    Softened Wood

    As termites continue to munch on timber, the structural integrity of the material is degraded. If you look closer, you'll spot cracks in door jams and cornices. You will start feeling that the flooring beneath you has softened, and you'll notice that your vacuum goes through the skirting board.

    Pest Infestations

    Common Signs You May Have a Pest Problem

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Pests come in all shapes and sizes, some more horrible than others. So if your home has been affected, make sure you call Masters Pest Control Sydney for help! Termites, birds, wasps – you name it has it covered. Our extensive expertise in pest control services has given us the ability to manage any pest problem. Equipped with many years of industry experience, our qualified professionals are well suited for any commercial or residential task you have.

    1. Sawdust Residue

    This typical sign your property may have termites or carpenter ants. The residue is usually found near timber structures and materials. If you see this, please inspect further and enquire about pest control services.

    2. Cracks & Marks

    Many pests enjoy devouring your property. If they don’t eat it, they will most likely find another way to destroy it. As a result, mysterious damages to your property may start appearing – from cracks in the walls to holes in the roof, window screens and fences. The pests enjoy leaving marks on the objects around your house and using them for food and nesting materials. Call Masters Pest Control for fumigation.

    3. Presents

    Your little pests are gracious enough to leave behind some gifts for you to clean up. Their droppings, eggs, bloodstains and body parts, to be precise. If you see these remnants, then please contact Masters Pest Control immediately before they start to produce a nasty odour.

    4. Nests

    Have you noticed little nests? Or perhaps webbings that your not-so-friendly spider family live on. These little home could be anywhere! And if left untreated can grow bigger and bigger until it’s a major issue. One nest could mean there are three others around the house. Call Masters Pest Control for a pest control services or building and pest inspections.

    Rat Pest Control

    Rodents, Rats, and Rodent Mites

    There is no doubt that rodents are the pests that any of us want to get rid of because they cause damage to our property and our health as rodents carry parasites known as rodent mites. Rodent mites are a less common problem for humans than bird mites and tend to be connected more frequently with industrial buildings or maybe warehouses than non-commercial premises.

    Rodent mites have a lifecycle that lasts around two weeks. Adult and immature stages of rodent mites use rodents as the source of their food. If the rodent that acts as a host is killed or removed, the adult rodent mites left in the nest or on the dead host will leave the location and search for a new host. Rodent mites can go without a blood meal for nearly two weeks, and during that time, they can contact humans. While they cannot feed on us to complete their life cycle, they will still bite us.

    Even though there are no diseases transmitted to human through the bites, these bite marks still cause irritated and itchy feeling to our skin. Many ways can relieve the itch. However, no method can completely remove the irritation.

    Since naked eyes cannot see all mites, it is difficult to identify whether rodent mites bite you. Hence, the best way is to get help from a professional pest controller. The pest controllers will do an inspection and create a treatment plan based on the specific situation.

    Answers about Scabies from experts

    Scabies Mite Magnified

    Scabies mites habitat

    The human scabies mite is the only arthropod in Australia known to infest human skin and cause a clinical syndrome. This mite species are found worldwide and only parasitises humans. It lives under the skin and causes a condition that is known as scabies. The scabies mites dig burrows to get under the skin and make tunnels through the upper layers of the skin using an enzyme that dissolves human skin.

    Most scabies infestation is hard to diagnose in their early stages because as long as one month is needed for noticeable symptoms to develop. First symptoms occur only after the host has been sensitised and has developed an allergic reaction to their faeces, skin moults and saliva or the fluids present in the tunnels. The presence of scabies mites needs to be confirmed by a general practitioner before any treatment can begin.

    You can mow your lawn and remove weeds regularly to prevent bringing outdoor mites indoor. You can also keep leaf litter at a fair distance from your house and keep your pets clean. These devices will also help you to reduce the occurrence of mites.

    Top Reasons You Need Rodent Control

    Rats and rodents are not only a big problem for Australian homeowners but also for business owners, especially those who are in the restaurant or food industry.

    • Rats are disease carriers. Rats are known for carrying many diseases, and some among them can badly affect human health. One disease coming from rats that threaten human health is the plague. This disease actually did cause an epidemic called Black Death decades ago.

    • Rodents are not ideal to have in our living areas due to their eating habits. Not only do they destroy food containers, but they also contaminate our food by leaving their excrement, urine and hair.

    • Rats cause physical damage. As rodent's teeth keep growing, they need to constantly chew or gnaw to stop them from growing too long.

    Natural Preventative Pest Control

    Preventive Pest Control

    From cockroaches in the kitchen to spiders in the backyard, pests can appear anywhere. To make matters worse, some pests tend to multiply when summertime rolls around. In Sydney, there are so many incidents of insect invasion that locals have experienced in one way or another. As a result, households in the area have battled long and hard to keep creepy crawlers away.

    Prevention is your best defence when dealing with pest problems. Boost your protection against vermin infestation by taking the appropriate steps toward pests from the get-go. Masters Pest Control Sydney will guide you through the most basic steps towards pest prevention.

    Time to Go All Natural

    A few organic pest control measures can keep these creatures out of your house for good. To start, mix three parts fabric softener with two parts water and spray the mixture along floors and doors to deter cockroaches. We also suggest using a 50/50 solution made of vinegar and water to clean countertops and dining tables. This is effective in erasing the scent trails ants use to navigate their way around your food sources.

    In addition, you can make your own natural rat deterrent using a half cup of water and 40 drops of peppermint oil. Spray the solution along the floor to stop rats in their tracks. You can also soak cotton balls with the solution and place them near various entry points in your house.

    At our company, we do away with using harsh chemicals. Call us on 02 8007 4666, and we can give you a detailed guide in making your own natural bug sprays and repellents. If you have plants, we will advise you on certain species that effectively keep pests away.

    How much does it cost to book a pest control service in Sydney?

    pest control worker spraying pesticides in cabinet in kitchen

    Each case of a pest infestation is different and would require a different pest control approach. This means that pest control cost varies depending on each case. Typically, pest control services in Sydney range from $100 to $800.

    At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we know exactly how important it is to deal with pests as quickly as possible. Our mission is to reduce the risk of damage to our client's health and their properties on North Shore. Our professional team is well experienced in working on properties and the North Shore suburbs, such as Neutral Bay and Mosman.

    The moment you call in for whatever problem, we will send out our crew to inspect your home and search for signs of infestation. Then, equipped with the best tools and equipment, we will treat your property and make it pest-free again. Before we leave, we will educate you on preventive measures to protect against these pests in the future.