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Useful Home Remedies To Prevent Termite Infestations

Easy Home Termite Control Remedies

A termite infestation is not something that should be taken lightly. In all instances of a termite problem, it is better to book a professional inspection and termite control services. However, we’ve compiled a list of things you do at home to control termites. These methods might not help you entirely get rid of termites, but they might slow down a termite infestation and prevent further damages to your property.
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What are some things you can do at home to prevent the spread of termite infestation?

Termites cost billions of dollars due to the structural damage they cause all around the world. Unlike other pest infestations, many people find out about the presence of termites when they have already done considerable damage to the property. Follow these simple tips to help you prevent termites from spreading around your home.

Expose the infested items to sunlight.

Nearly all types of termites prefer to live in dark and murky places because light, especially natural sunlight, is a threat to their existence. You can’t expose inner wooden linings to sunlight, but it is possible to place infested furniture in sunlight. 3 to 5 days before you get professional services to control termites, place all the infected detachable timber items outside in direct sunlight. We get plenty of sun during this season which can help to control termites by killing and reducing their activity through ultraviolet rays. (RELATED: DIY termite control tips from professionals)

Use sodium borate and diatomaceous earth.

Another off-the-shelf product that you can use before the arrival of professional help is sodium borate, also known as borax. It is available in powder form, which is used to coat wooden surfaces that are infested by termites. Borax is very effective against subterranean termite infestation. Due to its strong dehydrating properties, it sucks up all the moisture from the exoskeleton of termites, resulting in their eventual demise. Like borax, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an amorphous substance that can be used to dehydrate these insects. DE is an organic product made of fossilised bacteria that can be used for many of its benefits. However, it is not advisable to only treat your space with borax to control termites. A follow-up professional termite control is necessary to effectively get rid of the pest problem.

Use of soapy liquid on affected areas.

A solution of liquid dish wash soap can also be used to control termites in the house. Make a solution and fill it in a spray bottle to treat infested areas. A thin film made of lather can form an impervious seal on the exoskeleton of termites, which can result in the failure of their respiratory system. However, there is a problem with this treatment method, it is a water-based solution and can cause warping in wooden structures. It is better to call for professional help since they have the option to control termites, without inflicting any damage to wooden surfaces.

Add salt and pepper.

Some of the daily food ingredients are also used to control termites. Pepper powder (cayenne) can be sprinkled on affected areas to get rid of termites. But this treatment is only suitable for small horizontal infested sites. For bigger and vertical infested areas, you will still need an expert termite control treatment.
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Likewise, sprinkling of simple table salt can keep termites at bay. It can prevent further damage of termite infestation while you schedule the professional treatment. (Read more: How to keep termites away from your property & How to save on remodeling costs)

Why should you hire a Termite Exterminator?

Even if your house hasn’t been infested with termites, it is better to have professional inspections from time to time. Inspections are also important in case of termite infestation because it’s tricky to identify the problem on your own. Whether you want to have your house inspected or get it treated to control termites, Master Pest Control Sydney is one of the best professional pest exterminators you can find in Sydney. We can beat any comparable termite control quote. Send us a message, chat us, or call (02) 8007 4666 to request a quote!