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Flies are not merely pests you can ignore. Flies are disease-carriers, and some diseases they carry can be fatal to humans. They carry diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, and dysentery. It’s especially important to keep flies away from your food to avoid contamination.

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Fly pest control in Sydney

How does a fly pest control service work?

Site Evaluation

Fly pest control is a procedure that requires great knowledge, resources and cooperation from the client. Fly control requires a careful inspection of the premises. We will need to carry out a risk assessment before starting any work.

A fly control essentially involves checking the ff.:

  • Geographic area – Is the property near a body of water?
  • Property orientation – We'll check the location of doors and any possible entry points.
  • Structural details – Age, construction, current status, design and all other structural details will have influence on the building's susceptibility to pests.
  • Lifestyle – Our success will depend strongly on your cooperation with the owners. If the owners leave their windows open and leave organic garbage in the premises, it will have a negative effect.
Common flies

Common fly

More about flies and why you need a pest control professional

During their lifecycle, flies go through a complete metamorphosis. Most adult females are oviparous and lay eggs near or on food sources. Some flies such as those that belong to the family Sarcophagidae are known as flesh flies. They are viviparous which means that they deposit live larvae on decomposing matter. The emerging larvae feed on decomposing vegetable matter and some are even predatory or parasitic.

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How can I get rid of flies in my house?

Professionals will essentially follow the ff. steps:

  1. Identify the fly species that frequent your property.
  2. Undertake a detailed site assessment.
  3. Evaluate and determine the pest management solution.
  4. Use the appropriate insecticide products or apply the right pest control measures.

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Our 3-Step Pest Control Approach: Exclusion, Restriction & Destruction


This involves preventing flies from entering your property. Pest exterminators may use the ff.:

  • Flyscreens – these can be mounted on all doors and windows as an effective pest exclusion device.
  • Airlocks – make sure you use airlocks that are properly designed to keep fruit flies out.
  • Strip curtains – these are often made of plastic and have a broad range of design and thickness. Smaller ones are usually used in houses.
  • Air curtains - these are very rarely used because of the associated costs and a somewhat varying level of efficiency.


This involves stopping pests from breeding and multiplying. This also involves removing food sources and breeding grounds. Restriction involves:

  • Waste removal
  • Removal of breeding locations
  • External lights – It is important to have external lighting. Fluorescent tubes and mercury vapour lamps are very attractive to most flying insects. There are special coloured bulbs that do not attract insects.


This is the most important part for every pest controller. There is an infinite number of chemical and non-chemical products that can be used as a control measure. We can say without hesitation that every insecticide on the market will kill flies but this does not mean that you should pick the first one and go on a killing spree. Make sure to read the label on the product before using it.

Pest exterminators may use the ff.:

  • Fly bait / Fly trapping – these are usually in a granular formulation and are very effective mostly because they can be applied as a dry granule and scattered around, placed in bait stations or mixed into a paste and applied to vertical surface.
  • Residual insecticidal application – usage of Synthetic Pyrethroids around doors, windows and trash cans will repel and destroy flies. Adding sugar will attract flies to the surface that have been treated. Some of them are mixed with water and painted on surfaces.
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Fly Pest Control in a Sydney Home

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