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    Our pest control services are guaranteed cost-effective. We do things right the first time, so you won’t have to worry about recurring issues and extra costs. Absolutely no hidden fees!

    Be warned that companies offering services at rock-bottom prices may come with hidden charges. On top of that, their cheap services might cost you even more in the long run. Don’t settle for less. For any pest problem, trust only the masters!

    Our pest exterminators are fully trained and licensed to conduct pest control, pest prevention, fumigation, termite control, pre-construction termite barrier installation, cockroach pest control, rodent or mice control, spider pest control, bed bugs removal, and more. All our pest control services are eco-friendly and safe for children, plants, and pets. 

    For home pest control or commercial pest control, call (02) 8007 4666.


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      Stop Pests from Infesting Your Property.

      What sets us apart is that we understand how each pest problem is different. We’ll take time to talk to you, assess the situation, and determine the right pest control strategy to protect your home or property from unwanted pests.

      Our aim is to solve your pest problem the first time and make your experience as stress-free as possible. We guarantee effective pest removal so you can say goodbye to multiple and costly treatments. When you book us, you’ll get your money’s worth!

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      Termite Control

      Hire your local pest exterminator to stop termite infestations

      Building and Pest Inspection

      Pest inspection is the best way to prevent pests from infesting your property

      Commercial Pest Control

      Hire the masters to protect your commercial space from pests

      Cost-Effective Pest Control Services

      Hire the masters for a fast, reliable, and affordable pest control service! Watch the video to learn more.

      Pest Inspection and Pest Control Services for Sydney Suburbs

      Our pest exterminators are always ready with vans servicing all of Sydney!

      Are you looking for a pest control company near you? With over 40 years of experience, the masters is one of the most trusted pest control companies in Sydney. (We have our loyal customers to prove this! Read our customer reviews.

      Our licensed pest exterminators handle all types of pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies, bed bugs, and more. Masters Pest Control Sydney provides pest control, pre-construction (termite barrier), and building pest inspections all over Sydney including (but not limited to) the ff.:

      Check all our Sydney locations here. Book a building and pest inspection or a pest control service by calling (02) 8007 4666.

      Termite Control

      Termites cost Australians millions of dollars each year due to the damages they cause properties. This is the reason we recommend a regular building and pest inspection and termite treatments. Our pest control team offers the ff. termite control services:

      Why are termites so common in Australia?

      Australia is a breeding ground for termites because of its climate and environment. There are at least 300 species of termites in Australia alone. Termites are one of the most common pests found throughout Sydney and the rest of the country.

      Termites are found throughout the year but swarm during certain seasons. The common subterranean termites typically come out during spring and summertime. These insects prefer a warm climate and are often found in moist or damp areas. Meanwhile, dry wood subterranean termites come out by the end of summer or during the fall season.

      Learn more about termites by reading our Termite FAQs.

      Sydney-Wide Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control

      Schedule an On-site Pest Infestation Assessment and Property Inspection

      If you’re running a business, we recommend that you seek professional advice when dealing with a stubborn pest infestation to avoid incurring fines. We understand the problem and know exactly how to get rid of any pests commonly found in commercial and urban areas. Schedule a pest inspection today!


      For honest, friendly and reliable pest control service, fill out our form or call to request a FREE quote or schedule an immediate on-site inspection.
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      Fast, simple & cost effective pest control solutions

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      Over 40 years of combined building & pest control experience

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      Competitive Pricing - Don't settle for less!

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      Flexible hours to cater to your needs

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      We organise warranty on pest control treatments

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      We get the job done the first time!

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      Highly Rated - We guarantee excellent customer service

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      We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service that’s why Masters Pest Control has happy customers all over Sydney.

      Licensed and Fully Certified Pest Control

      We have a team of accredited and licensed specialists who are experts at removing pests from your residential or commercial premises. Hire a pest controller who has over 40 years of combined building and pest control experience.

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      For honest, friendly and reliable pest control service, fill out our form or call to request a FREE quote or schedule an immediate on-site inspection.