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    Trusted for over 40years in business. Friendly and the best Customer services is our #1 goal

    We’ve serviced over 10,000s of Sydney families, homes, duplexes, villas, offices, warehouses, businesses, schools, hospitals and shopping centres. There is no job too small or big for our team. We have local professional pest controllers available in suburbs across the region.

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    Effective Pest Control Services in Sydney

    What sets us apart is that we understand how each pest problem is different. We’ll take time to talk to you, assess the situation, and determine the right pest control strategy to protect your home or property from unwanted pests. We are known by some of Australia’s biggest brands as providing value for money who keep to our age old Australian promise of the best and most affordable pest control services to our clients. 

    Our aim is to solve your pest problem the first time and make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our team do inspections for pest infestations in all parts of the property, including in the roof cavities, under the property and when required between walls and even adjacent properties. We guarantee effective pest removal so you can say goodbye to multiple and costly treatments. When you book us, you’ll get your money’s worth!

    We implement the cost effective, long term pest treatment solution to remove them from your property on the first spray. No matter the size of the infestation on your property, we will have you looked after. For larger or longer term jobs, we have residential and commercial packages that we can tailor make and fit within your budget.

    Call us today for a FREE no obligation quote for a complete pest infestation or pest control treatment. We can work around your busy schedule or even on weekends for residential jobs.

    Pest Treatments for Australian Brands

    Trusted by Australia's biggest brands - Amazing Sydney Service

    Sydney’s trusted services for some of the biggest brands in Australia. We are your trusted local Pest Controller in Sydney. We focus on all residential types including homes, duplexes, villas, townhouses and all commercial properties (schools, government buildings, councils, office towers, office blocks, restaurants, daycares, hospitals). We cater for all types of pest infestations, and have comprehensive followup prevention, maintenance and advice solutions. 

    We don’t just have a few years of experience, in total, we have over 40 years commercial pest control experience making us one of Australia’s top pest control experts. Our pest controllers are fully trained and licensed to conduct pest control, pest prevention, fumigation, termite control, pre-construction termite barrier installation, cockroach pest control, rodent or mice control, spider pest control, bed bugs removal, and more. All our pest control services are eco-friendly and safe for children, plants, and pets. 

    Masters Pest Control Sydney offers pest control Sydney-wide services. We are fully licensed pest controllers and building specialists who adhere to Australian pest control industry standards. With our 40 years of experience, we make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our service. Read our customer reviews to find out more about what our customers have to say about our pest control services. We’re trusted all over Sydney

    Termite Removal

    Termite barriers, prevention and complete building and eradication services. White ant treatment and prevention to termite inspections.

    Pest Inspection

    Yearly, bi-annually or pre-purchase home inspections. Pest reports for all building types using infra red technology to track anything.

    Commercial Services

    Decades of experience in delivering commercial pest control to businesses in the food, food retail and healthcare sectors in Sydney

    Fully Licensed

    Environmental Protection Authority: By law, a person carrying out prescribed pesticide work must hold a licence.

    NSW EPA License Pest Control

    EPA NSW License

    Pest Management Technician

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    Servicing all of Sydney metro regions and CBD locations.


    There are 300 species of termites in Australia, costing residential and commercial properties hundreds of millions in property damage.


    Unique safe, pet and child friendly pest control solutions. Our NSW EPA licensed professionals use the latest advanced pest control.


    Guaranteed safety for household pets, children and loved ones. Non hazardous sprays.

    Residential Pest Treatments

    Our pest controllers are servicing all over Sydney Metropolitan

    Are you looking for a pest control company near you? With over 40 years of experience, the masters are one of Sydney’s most trusted pest control companies. Our team of highly trained professionals prioritizes the safety of your loved ones. During the on-site assessment, we note any possible allergic reaction to chemicals and advise you accordingly. Our team makes use of products that are guaranteed safe for household pets. It only requires a quick phone call to your local pest control expert to ensure your peace of mind. When you do nothing about cockroaches, rats, spiders and termites, the damage to your property can add up to thousands of dollars.

    masters pest control sydney mobile service

    Masters Pest Control Sydney, servicing all suburbs

    Instead of using hazardous over-the-counter bug sprays, why not choose a safer way to get rid of pests? We offer child and pet-friendly pest control services throughout Sydney. Our licensed pest exterminators handle all types of pests, including termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies, bed bugs, and more. Masters Pest Control Sydney provides pest control, pre-construction (termite barrier), and building pest inspections all over Sydney, including Western Sydney, Penrith, Blacktown, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs.

    What sets us apart is that we understand how each pest problem is different. We’ll take time to talk to you, assess the situation, and determine the right pest control strategy to protect your home or property from unwanted pests. We aim to solve your pest problem the first time and make your experience as stress-free as possible. We guarantee effective pest removal so you can say goodbye to multiple and costly treatments. When you book us, you’ll get your money’s worth!

    Check all our Sydney locations here. Book a building and pest inspection or a pest control service by calling (02) 8007 4666.

    Termite Control Sydney

    Termites cost Australians millions of dollars each year due to the damages they cause properties. This is the reason we recommend regular building and pest inspection and termite treatments. In addition, our pest control team offers termite control services:

    Installation of termite barriers, Termite Control, Termite Prevention, Termite Protection.

    Pest spray is the number one weapon in the arsenal of a pest control expert. Without it, our pest exterminators would resort to less efficient methods for pest control. A lot of pest sprays are available to consumers in the market. These pesticides, insecticides, and even fungicides can effectively deal with the pesky critters in the long term. While these pest sprays are readily available, it does not mean they are harmless. Incorrect and careless application of these substances may affect the health of family, pets and the environment.

    termites pest control sydney

    Termites crawling around a Sydney residential home

    Professional pest controllers have access to industry-grade pest sprays. However, as a family-owned business, we understand the effect of some pest sprays on human health and the environment. At Masters Pest Control, we are committed to only using safe and environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. That is why our pest sprays of choice are Termidor and Pyrethrum.

    Termidor is a professional pest spray product formulated to deal with native subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and dry wood termites. These termite species thrive in the ideal Sydney climate.

    Termidor works by using an advanced nonrepellent liquid technology that takes advantage of natural termite behaviour. This liquid is undetectable for termites as they cannot see, taste or even smell the solution. As a result, termites will unknowingly come into contact and ingest Termidor, inevitably killing them.

    The “Transfer Effect” observable in termites makes Termidor doubly effective as termites are very social insects that live in large colonies. Through a process called trophallaxis, termites transfer food throughout the colony. Thus, termites will take Termidor back to the colony, feeding even the termites that have not been in direct contact with the pest spray.

    Pyrethrum is our general pest spray of choice. It is an organic insecticide with key ingredients found naturally in nature. It is made from the plant Tanacetum cineraria folium, also called pyrethrum daisy, a species of the chrysanthemum plant family. The substance is found in the flower heads and is a natural pest deterrent. In addition, pyrethrum can break down easily, making it one of the best environmentally-friendly pest sprays.

    The pyrethrum works by affecting the central nervous system of cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders and other similar insects. This pest spray will cause a behavioural reaction that makes these insects avoid the area in low doses. In higher concentration, the spray will remove the insects’ ability to move and eventually kill them.

    Why are termites so common in Sydney?

    Sydney is a breeding ground for termites because of its climate and environment. There are at least 300 species of termites in Australia alone. Termites are one of the most common pests found throughout Sydney and the rest of the country.

    Termites are found throughout the year but swarm during certain seasons. The common subterranean termites typically come out during spring and summertime. These insects prefer a warm climate and are often found in moist or damp areas. Meanwhile, dry wood subterranean termites come out by the end of summer or during the fall season.

    Learn more about termites by reading our Termite FAQs.

    Sydney Residential Pest Control

    Pest Infestation Assessment and Property Inspection

    termite control in sydney homes

    Residential and commercial pest inspection service with the help of Masters Pest Control

    If you are in a high-risk industry, sometimes even doing all the right things is not sufficient. That’s why it is advisable to consult the experts when it comes to dealing with nasty pests. We provide full pest control treatments and provide proper documentation that you can review. In addition, we offer both home pest control and commercial pest control services for restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and more.

    Keeping your business pest-free is not be as easy as using over-the-counter remedies. Some property owners may even be too busy to maintain their properties or take precautionary measures to keep pests away. In such cases, we recommend that you seek our help to avoid incurring any fines. We understand the problem and know exactly how to eliminate any pests commonly found in commercial and urban areas.

    If you’re running a business, we recommend that you seek professional advice when dealing with a stubborn pest infestation to avoid incurring fines. We understand the problem and know exactly how to eliminate any pests commonly found in commercial and urban areas. So schedule a pest inspection today!

    9 Tips to Protect your Property

    For honest, friendly and reliable pest control service, request a FREE quote or schedule an immediate on-site inspection.

    Residential pest control

    Pest Management for Sydney Homes

    As homeowners, we all have experience dealing with pests. From tiny creepy crawlers like termites to small animals like rats, these pests can damage your property if not addressed quickly. So having a regular pest examination and treatment is a no-brainer. And yet, not everyone is convinced that pest control is a necessity.

    There are a lot of misconceptions on pest control circulating the internet. To help you separate the facts from fiction, let our pest control experts at Masters Pest Control shed light on some of these myths. In addition, here are tips to help protect your property.

    1. You don’t need pest control if you don’t see pests.

    Not seeing any crawling critters is not evidence that they are absent. In fact, pests are actually good at hiding in your home’s nooks and crannies. Termites, for example, can build their homes deep underground and may have eaten the inside of your home before noticing them.

    2. Termites only eat wood.

    You would be wrong to think you are safe from a termite infestation if your house is not made of wood. Termites eat wood, but what they are really after is cellulose, the material wood is made of. These pests will feed on anything made of cellulose—books, documents, clothes, photographs or any plant by-product.  

    3. Cockroaches only live in dirty homes.

    While these pesky critters prefer damp and dirty places, it doesn’t mean that a clean home cannot have cockroaches. As long as they have food and water to sustain them, they can live in a clean, well-maintained home.

    4. The most effective bait for rats is cheese.

    Multiple cartoon shows from our childhood show that cheese can entice rats into traps. In reality, rats will eat anything, but they prefer sweeter food, such as fruit and grain. So next time you are setting a trap, you might want to put a bit of cereal or peanut butter instead.

    5. Your cat is the best rat control, expert.

    We recognize your pet cat and all other pet cats in Sydney as our partner in the pest control industry. However, there are some areas in your home that even your pet cat cannot reach. Rodents also reproduce quickly, and your cat may miss them all.

    6. Pest control in Sydney is expensive.

    Pest control price actually depends on the type of treatment you are getting and the size of your home. Pest control in Sydney is actually affordable. The most expensive is termite treatment largely because of the extent of the damage they could do to your home.

    7. Pest control chemicals are toxic.

    Innovations in the pest control industry have led to the development of green pest control methods. Our experts at Masters Pest Control put your health and safety as our top priority. We use a low-toxicity and environmentally-friendly pest control treatment method that is safe for your family but still effective against pests.

    (RELATED: Child-friendly and pet-friendly pest control)

    8. Store-bought pesticides work just as well.

    Off-the-shelf insect sprays can be effective for small infestations but not enough for large-scale ones. Pest control experts have the license to use stronger-grade pesticides that are more effective than store-bought sprays.

    9. Professional pest control is a waste of money.

    Many homeowner fears about pest control come from the misconception that the pests come back anyway, even if you hire a pest control expert. However, effective pest management goes beyond just spraying pesticides and calling it a day. Pest control experts will place safeguards to prevent the infestation from recurring and may even offer a warranty.  

    (READ: Reasons you get the best value for your money when you hire our pest control experts)

    Satisfied Customers

    We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service that’s why Masters Pest Control has happy customers all over Sydney. We have our unique customer charter that reinforced why we provide the best pest on site service.

    The Master’s Pest Control Sydney Customer Charter

    Sydney pest control team

    Our pest exterminators are a call away.

    1. Guarantee

    Only confident, qualified and expert pest control service providers will guarantee their work. Here at Masters Pest Control Sydney, we guarantee all our work for our client’s peace of mind. We know our stuff and have an impeccable success rate.

    2. Experience

    The more experience your pest controller has, the more qualified they are for the task. If they have experience in similar residential and commercial properties, you should definitely use them, depending on their success rate. Experience can go a long way. The experts at Masters Pest Control Sydney have been around for 40 years, so we have quite a lot of knowledge under our belts.

    3. Cost

    If the company isn’t desperate, it will be able to offer competitive prices. Shop around and compare quotes. If Masters Pest Control Sydney can’t beat it, then you may not be getting an excellent service.

    4. Service

    The range of services the pest controller offers is also a good indicator of their experience and expertise. For example, if they only service residential properties, you may have an inexperienced company on your hands—Masters Pest Control Sydney services all types of complexes, including residential and commercial complexes.

    5. Termites specialisation

    An industry secret is that you should judge a company on its termite management strategies. These pests are difficult to manage, and many pest controllers tend to stay away from them. However, if the company offers termite inspections and termite treatments, you are on the right track.

    Licensed and Fully Certified Pest Control

    We have a team of accredited and licensed specialists who are experts at removing pests from your residential or commercial premises. Our team is certified Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Health Safety, certified HACCP for restaurant and food preparation spraying and we are certified for TERM SEAL for complete termite protection.

    Pest Information Sheets and FAQs

    termite infestations result in billions
    Termite Treatments If you're trying to get rid of termites in your home, then you need to check out the

    Pest Types

    Servicing a variety of pest types for all properties


    Home pests

    Silverfish can get into unopened food packages. They eat carbohydrates (starch, cellulose and sugar), glue in books, shampoos, soaps, silk, linen, and plants. They also eat mould, fungi, and dead insects.

    General Information

    Silverfish (Latin name Lepisma saccharina) is an insect that can grow up to 12-20 mm in length. They have a teardrop-shaped body. Its colour varies from white to brown-grey or bluish-silver. They look and move similar to fishes. Silverfish have two long antennas on top of their head and three long bristles on their rear.

    Where can you usually find silverfish?

    These insects can live in most climates, but they prefer dark and moist places such as attics, basements, laundry rooms, garages, storerooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Silverfish can be commonly be found hiding under the sink or in bathtubs, bookcases, closets, doors, and window frames. They also hide in storage boxes full of clothes or papers.


    Female silverfish can lay from 2 up to 20 eggs per day, depending on the species. They can lay eggs during any period of the year. It usually takes 3 to 4 months for them to grow from larvae to adulthood.

    silverfish sydney pest control

    Silverfish Sydney Pest Control

    Silverfish Pest Control

    There are two ways to get rid of silverfish. It’s either chemical or natural silverfish pest control.

    Chemical pest control is more expensive and can be harmful. By choosing natural pest control, you will get a safer treatment that won’t do any harm to you, your children and your pets. There is a wide range of solutions and traps for this kind of insects that can be bought at stores or made at home.

    Natural Silverfish Pest Control

    The first step is to inspect every nook and cranny where there may be a silverfish infestation. Silverfish are typically found near their food source. The next step is to select the pest control product that you will need. There are many available solutions available over-the-counter such as the following:


    • Citrus sprays – Citrus is used to prevent and repel bugs. Most insects like silverfish don’t like citrus smell. You can use the citrus spray in areas that are infested by silverfish.
    • Silverfish don’t like spices like bay leaves, whole cloves, and sage because of their strong scent. Place these spices in a thin sachet in an infested area.
    • Mothballs – Insects like silverfish can’t stand mothballs. A good way is to place them where insects are seen often.
    • Diatomaceous earth – A white powder lethal for pests and causes dehydration to silverfish.
    • Lavender oil – Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil with water to repel silverfish.
    • Cucumber – Place thick slices of cucumber in infested areas.
    • Cedar – Place cedar shavings in infested areas to repel silverfish.

    Optional Pest Removal

    Trusted by 10,000+ families, businesses and organisations in Sydney

    • Liquid pyrethrin is the most commonly used chemical product for silverfish extermination. By spraying it on the cracks of furniture, doors and windows, you will be able to kill adult silverfish.
    • Boric acid is another solution for killing silverfish. It is a chemical powder that can be used in small amounts on infested areas.

    Note: If you choose to use chemical products to get rid of this pest, you have to know that you will pay much more by buying silverfish pest control products. You also have to be aware that using chemicals will not guarantee success.

    Baits And Traps for Silverfish

    There are many traps on the market that can be used for silverfish extermination and they can be cheap and safe to use. One of them is moist and rolled up newspapers. You tie them with elastics and leave them overnight to catch these bugs. Next day, they might be full of silverfish and you just throw it in the garbage outside the house. Repeat this method every night until you rid of them all.

    Take the glass jar and mask it with a tape. You can fill it with bread or with water, and few teaspoons of sugar. Place that jar near infested places. Silverfish will climb up the tape and will fall in the jar. They will die in the jar because they are not able to climb up the glass jar.

    Sticky traps are also effective and you can buy them in any local hardware store. These traps attract bugs which then get stuck in glue. For silverfish baits ,you can use moist cotton and starchy food items to attrack these pesky insects.

    Why should you stop a silverfish infestation?

    You should act fast when it comes to taking care of silverfish infestations. These insects reproduce very quickly and are harder to exterminate than most people believe. If you don’t treat the infestation quickly, they will cause damage to your home and make it much expensive to get rid of them. Masters Pest Control Sydney can help you get rid of these insects using a combination of natural methods and safe chemical pest control treatments.

    pest control Sydney

    Servicing all homes, duplexes, townhouses, villas, apartments across Sydney


    What makes them dangerous?

    Common problem

    Termites are a severe problem because they can cause damage both in and around your home. They are known to be one of the most destructive insect pests globally, and many homes and business have been destroyed by them over the years, causing significant financial losses to their owners.

    We all know that termites will eat anything made from wood and destroy everything around. There may be a chance that you have termite in your home. If you find the sign of termite around your living area, act immediately to stop them before any further destroys occur.

    What are the effective treatments?

    However, never execute the treatment yourself by spraying insecticide. This method may work for other different pests, but termite. Termite treatment normally requires a professional plan as it is a long process and needs many efforts from both you and the pest controller. If you find the signs of termites around your house, leave them as they contact a pest controller. If you use insecticide on them, they will retreat to their home, and it will get more difficult for the later treatment. When the pest controller comes in, they will inspect to find out the location of the nest and identify the correct eradication method.

    treating termites infestation in sydney

    Home infestation by termites

    Termite removal

    Termite Extermination

    A hollow sound when you tap on your door? Check. Mud tubes trailing down the side of your wall? Check. These are two major red flags of serious termite damage and activity in your home. Reach out to professionals such as the team behind Masters Pest Control Sydney for a quick solution.

    Following a termite inspection, exterminators devise a plan to remove these wood-eating insects effectively. There are numerous methods targeted towards termite control, each depending on how pervasive the problem is.



    One such method is baiting. Constructed from wood, cardboard and any other material containing cellulose, these baits are soaked in pesticide. When termites eat the baits, they can carry toxic particles and transfer them to their nests. This is usually enough to poison the entire colony.


    Another way to take control of a termite infestation is using repellents. Concocted from substances that are poisonous to termites, repellents discourage them from infiltrating specific areas and making more colonies in the inner walls of your house. Acting as a foolproof termite barrier, repellents can stop termites in their tracks.


    The use of termiticides is yet another method that professional exterminators swear by. Termiticides such as Termidor and Premise are the most popular products used by established companies. Ideal for extremely infested areas, termiticides kill termites and leave no survivors. Hundreds of gallons can be pumped into the nests to kill eggs before they can even hatch to eliminate termites.

    Termite Barriers

    Methods for protection and provention

    Physical Barriers

    Physical barriers include those that are made of stainless steel mesh or sand and basaltic particles. These are wide sheets that are layered underneath the slab of your house. This type of barrier can also be laid around the perimeter of the slab and pipe penetrations. It is all based on your property’s needs.

    Termite Control - Chemical barriers

    Chemical Termite Barriers

    Typically, physical barriers are made to isolate the pre-existing termite colony. The termite barrier provides termite protection from further attacks as it reduces entry points to a designated termite inspection zone. Physical termite barriers are commonly used for termite protection and termite control purposes for new construction projects.

    Chemical Barriers

    On the other hand, chemical barriers are, as the name suggests, made with active ingredients. These can be anything from plastic barriers that are infused with termiticide or soil treatments. The formula works to kill termites until the entire colony is wiped out. Despite being lethal to termites, this type of barrier is designed to be safe around humans and animal.

    Commercial pest control

    Servicing ASX Listed Companies, Franchises, Entertainment, Hospitality

    Trusted Companies

    Customer Service is our #1 priority

    Sydney Commercial Pest Control

    Famous Household Brands We Service

    We’ve serviced over 10,000s of Sydney families, homes, duplexes, villas, offices, warehouses, businesses, schools, hospitals and shopping centres. There is no job too small or big for our team. We have local professional pest controllers available in the suburbs across the region.

    Is your business at risk? Termites don’t seem to care what kind of property you are. They are hungry and will destroy your company’s walls from the inside out. Masters Pest Control is here to help! Equipped with many years of industry experience and expertise, our professionals are well suited for any commercial termites control task you may have. The pest management strategies we use involve a combination of chemical and organic pest control methods. No matter what your business may be, we can tailor our extermination methods accordingly. We have experience working with a range of commercial properties, including florists, food outlets and even hotels.

    Masters Pest Control Sydney recommend you have annual inspections for your business to avoid future infestations. We can protect the internal structure of your business’s property with our effective termite protection strategies. We will create an impenetrable termite barrier to stop all those mischievous white ants from coming in. Alternatively, if your company is already showing signs of termite infestation, we will provide the proper termite treatment situation promptly and completely. We understand you still have to operate your company, so our service team are happy to come in before and after working hours.

    Central Hills Business Park

    Home Centre Gregory Hills Stage-1 is due for completion in Dec 2014. The Central Hills Business Park is an impressive 45-hectare business park situated at Gregory Hills in south-western Sydney. More than 90% of this business park has now been either leased or sold. However, some limited high-quality development opportunities for lease/sale remain.

    Macquarie Park

    This is a very vibrant business district on the rise and is the head office location for many ASX-listed companies. It has a campus-style, collaborative work environment & expansive floor plates that give you enough space to create & encourage interactivity & employee engagement.

    Commercial tenants

    Sydney Business Park   

    This is a new master-planned and mixed-use commercial precinct that is strategically situated on the M7. 

    Sydney Corporate Park

    This is a unique and vibrant destination where business and office folk can work, socialise, work out, entertain & enjoy. This is truly a complete business space, and apart from the office and corporate areas has an impressive entertainment precinct with indoor skiing and trampolining. It also has several sports & retail facilities and a brewery & several café options. It is situated in Alexandria right on Bourke Rd & O’Riordan St. 

    Quad Business Park (Sydney Olympic Park)   

    Quad Business Park is essentially a 4-stage integrated office development that is situated at Sydney Olympic Park. It is made up of 4 office buildings that total 24,300 sqm of net lettable space. It is also the winner of the PCA Industrial & Business Park Award 2009.

    Lakes Business Park

    This is a premier Business Park located in South Sydney and is home to over 50 successful companies like Telstra, Bosch, Sunbeam & Mazda, to name a few. It has a tranquil and natural lake setting, 1st-class licensed Café, onsite parking and a Conference Centre, all of which make working at this fantastic business park an enjoyable experience.

    Australian Technology Park

    ATP is a very vibrant & sustainable business place that combines cultural & industrial heritage, encourages investment, provides jobs and supports collaboration and innovation. It is spread over around 14 hectares of campus-inspired grounds. It features a unique integration of different heritage architecture and premium commercial space, and state-of-the-art and elaborate conferencing facilities. It is home to various leading Australian & global IT, communication as well as science companies.

    Lane Cove Business Park

    This Business Park provides a very diverse range of cost-effective business premises located on the lower North Shore. These are conveniently located adjacent to the orbital road system on Epping Road near Sam Johnson Way. Lane Cove West Business Park effectively offers a pleasant & and uncluttered working environment for various businesses.   

    Gateway Business Park

    This is a modern office & office-warehouse business park situated in the heart of Sydney. It has more than 19,000 square meters of high-quality commercial office & office-warehouse accommodation. This estate also has the ability to tailor any specific space requirements to match the individual needs of the tenants. The industrial units also offer direct container access for unloading and loading.

    Norwest Business Park

    The Norwest Business Park is a very thriving business community that is strategically situated with direct access to the orbital motorway system in Sydney and provides effortless access to the Central Business District, the airport and the manufacturing & distribution heartland of the city.

    Commercial Cockroach Killer

    Removing contamination and pest infestations

    Cockroach Overview

    cockroach pest extermination australia

    Masters Pest Control has exterminated cockroaches all around the south-western business parks. In our experience, we have found that a proven method of protection against a roach infestation is removing all possible sources of water for these bugs. Complete any plumbing modifications, and don’t think twice if any leaking pipes or taps need repair. We come across a surprisingly large number of homes whose cockroach infestation problem could easily be prevented by fixing leaking plumbing. This is the perfect and most logical way to start your pest removal campaign.


    Cockroach Contamination

    Cockroaches are nasty pests. This is why cockroach control is a specialty of Masters Pest Control Sydney. As with most household pests, cockroaches need food and water to survive. These insects thrive in dark and damp places and are most active as the night falls. You would most often see them in your kitchen or bathroom, especially after the lights have been turned off for quite some time. Be careful not to leave food on the table and clean the area to eliminate food particles that could attract them.

    But why is it that you can’t seem to get rid of cockroaches despite tidying up your space? The truth is that proper sanitation is not enough to remedy the situation. While having a can of bug spray is handy, it does not solve the root of the problem. Aside from being resistant to household insecticides, they reproduce in short cycles and significant numbers.

    Request a free quote to protect your property from common pests

    Servicing Sydney Metropolitan including.