Pest Control: Removing Pests in Your Cafe

pest control & Food Act

Pest Control Cafe & Food Act

Businesses such as a cafe are required to adhere to the Food Act, which says that all food businesses need to be a pest-free zone. There shouldn’t be any pest infestation where food and drinks are prepared. Pest infestations can lead to big fines.

Pest control of your cafe is important in case you want to save on future costs and avoid any stress. Pests like cockroaches, rats, mice, ants and flies may infect your business area really fast, without you even noticing it.

Pest infestation can endanger the health of your customers and staff, even damaging your supplies. When your customers find out that your cafe has pest problems, it will not be good for your business reputation. Appearance of pests can also do damage for the image of every business that is involved in food and drink handling.

Your duty is to take proper steps to protect your business from pest contamination because you can get fines that can go up to $100,000. Even worse, you business could be shut down.

A professional pest controller like us can remove nasty pests from your cafe or restaurant. We can provide lasting solutions to prevent pests from returning.

Masters Pest Control knows exactly how to satisfy legal requirements for food related businesses.

As a Pest Control Cafe expert in Sydney we are able to deal with all types of pests in your cafe quickly and efficiently. As a Sydney wide pest controller, we handle all pests including all pests found in cafes. We provide warranty on all work.

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Common Pests Found in Cafes

Many pest species can be found in a cafe’s interior and exterior space, but most common ones are:

  1. Cockroaches ”“ finding them in your cafe can be very unfortunate. They are known transmitters of diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis and long term exposure to them can cause major health risks. They are very resistant pests and they have the ability to breed very fast which makes them hard to eradicate. Cockroaches can be wiped out in all stages of their lifecycle only by using professional products or hiring pest control cafe experts. The first trace of them in your cafe is nasty smell under sink, behind appliances or in cupboards.

  2. Ants ”“ when you notice a few ants on the floor in your cafe, it could mean that they are just having a look around for food. Sometimes it might be the sign of a larger ant infestation. A small pile of earth around holes in ground and at the base of exterior walls shows that ants are present.

  3. Spiders ”“ some of them like damp places and other prefer to hide in dry and warm places. They all like dark places where they spread out their web which they use for catching food. Large number of indoor spiders can indicate the presence of other pests that spiders use for food. Some spider species can be poisonous but most of them are harmless.

  4. Rats and Mice ”“ rodents like rats and mice can do much damage to your business and can be challenging to control them. They are rapid breeders and can take over of your building very fast.  These rodents are invading real estates because they are searching for food, water and heath. Rats and mice have large teeth for bite and they are widely known for transmitting many bacteria, viruses and diseases through their faeces, urine and saliva.

common cafe pests

Common Cafe Pests


The Food Safety Standards have issued very exact conditions for food and drink businesses about keeping food and drink storages and display areas free from pest presence. These premises have to be clean of all pests and other animals. Only the assistance animals are allowed to stay in dining and drinking areas, such as guide dogs.

Your duty is to take proper steps to protect your business from pest contamination because you can get penalties and fines that can go up to $100,000. Government shuts down many cafes and other food related businesses because their owners don’t fulfil their task to protect public health and safety.

Food related businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes are required to adopt statutory requirements and that includes food hygiene legislation and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points ”“ HACCP. HACCP principles demand food to be safe and that means that it must be appropriate for human consumption and not damaging to their health. Cafes are businesses that serve drinks and occasionally food and are well aware that they have to take necessary measures for pests’ prevention, early detection and control in business area and storage.

Hygiene standards

You worked hard to grow your business reputation and the last thing you need is the infestation of pests in your cafe. Hygiene is important to public health and it is of great importance to industry standards. Pests like flies, cockroaches, mice and rats can do specific damage to hygiene standards in cafe and storage area because of their disease risk. For example, wasps can destroy your outdoor event that can end premature.

pest free cafe

pest free cafe

Pests can cause some other problems, like:

  • Damage to the construction of the building, biting wires and electrical equipment
  • Eating and contaminating foodstuffs and stockpile
  • Losing the reputation
  • The risk that customers will consume contaminated products
  • Income loss and increased costs.

In the food industry, particularly in objects involved with food production and preparation, it is very important to keep surfaces clean and highly hygienic and it is inappropriate to find the pests in such places. Hygiene requirements prescribe that all parts of business structure where food and drinks are consumed have to be clean and kept in good order and condition. That way you will prevent entry of birds and risk of infestation, such as rats, mice, insect and other kinds of pests.

OHS industry safety certificationIn conclusion, you put so much effort in your cafe business and these little creatures can harm and destroy all your work. Nowadays, your name and reputation is everything and it can be ruined in seconds if you do not take extra care when it comes to pests. The best way to do that is to hire professional pest controllers when you see the first traces of pest infestation. That way you will save yourself money and your business name, but the most important thing is to secure your customer and staff wellbeing.

Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest management and control service provider that is able to deal with all types of pests in your cafe quickly and efficiently. Sydney wide pest controller, all pests including all pests found in cafes, warranty on all work 02 8007 4666.

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