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Sydney is a popular tourist destination and home to numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other commercial establishments. We are experts for hospitality buildings, accommodation and AirBnBs. With the influx of tourists each year, there is a  need for hotel managers always to keep their hotels in tiptop shape. To stay competitive in the tourism industry, hotels need to keep their premises pest-free, abiding by strict industry regulations. Good thing there's the Masters of Pest Control Sydney to help you protect your hotel from any pest infestations!

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Pest Controller for Hotel Area

Pest Control Services for Hotels

Professional pest treatment

We are committed to providing dependable building and pest inspections and pest control services for hotels in Sydney. We offer pest control for hotels, inns, motels, lodges and other forms of accommodation. As members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), we guarantee to provide the safest pest control solution to ensure the safety of your customers. 

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Pest Treatment for Hotel Accomodation

With over 40 years of combined building and pest control experience, the team at Masters Pest Control Sydney can deal with various types of pests commonly found in the hotel. Our team provides safe and eco-friendly pest control solutions that abide by strict industry standards. We understand that the reputation of your hotel is at stake. That's why we provide warranties on all our work and guarantee full discretion.

OHS industry safety certification

Hotel Pest Management

Cleanliness is key to a successful hotel business

Guests consider their hotel room a home away from home. That’s why cleanliness is a top priority when they’re choosing a place to stay. The cleanliness of a hotel room sets the tone for the quality of service and the amount of comfort the hotel can offer a guest.

Why is pest control so important for hotels?

  • Pest infestations can contaminate areas rapidly and can be hard to control
  • Pest infestations can impact the health of your employees and your guests
  • Pest infestations can cause deterioration to a property
  • A pest infested room can lead a customer to leave bad reviews and ruin your hard-earned reputation
  • You can be forced to close your business or be fined by your local or state government health departments for not abiding by their regulations.

Book a professional pest control hotel service that is discreet and well-experienced. Save your hotel from unwanted pests and possible embarrassment! For any commercial pest control services, you can rely on the masters.

Common Pests Found in Hotels

There are thousands of pest species that can be found around the object and in its interior.

Some of these species are harmless, but you have to be aware that your guests don’t want to see any sign of them because none of them is cute and attractive. Some pests are hazardous and can carry serious diseases and viruses transmitted by contact or when they bite. The most significant species present in hotels are:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can attack guests when they are sleeping at night. They can be found in mattresses, bedsheets, furniture, baseboards and even picture frames. Bed bugs can also travel in a hotel guest's luggage!


Cockroaches look for an environment with plenty of food, water, warmth and space for nesting, which allows them to be active throughout the entire year. These pests can enter the hotel from the outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes, grocery supplies, and guests’ luggage.

Mice and Rats

Rodents depend on the availability of food, water and shelter. Their colonies usually develop in attics, holes and wall voids, and under concrete and hard-to-reach locations. Mice and rats pollute food with their faeces and urine. These pests are also known for spreading diseases and carrying parasites.


Ants can enter hotel premises through the smallest cracks. They look for food and water, especially in food preparation areas. Ants' usual nesting areas are walls, roof voids, lawns and under building foundations.

Pest Control Services

Stop these stubborn pests from invading your hotel!

Commercial Pest Control For All Types of Businesses

We also provide pest control for other commercial properties, including (but not limited to) the following: 

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Hotel Pest Infestation

Each area of your hotel has different requirements for removing pests. What’s more, each hotel needs specific solutions to ensure the most effective hotel pest control method that meets all legislative conditions. Of course, you also want to minimise any obstructions to access your hotel during the inspection and treatment of your building. Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest control company that can deal with all types of pests in your hotel quickly, efficiently and with 100% discretion.

As a Sydney-wide pest controller, we stop all pests, including pests found in hotels, motels and other accommodation types, providing a warranty on all work. Consult the experts by calling (02) 8007 4666

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