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The importance of pest management for hotel business

The main goal for any hotel business is to make their guests satisfied and happy. To achieve that goal, managers in the hospitality industry need to ensure that every guest has an immaculate room to sleep in. It takes only one infested room to harm your hard-earned reputation. Social media and review sites makes the danger ever more present. This means that your hotel brand can be shamed overnight and that can result with big fines and even closing the hotel. To prevent these situations, some measures have to be taken. By finding the professional pest control hotel service that is discreet and has experience in keeping pests out of hotels, you will save your hotel from unwanted pests and possible embarrassment. Look at the pest controller as an investment for your business’ future.

Each area of the hotel needs different requirements for removing pests. Each hotel needs specific solutions to ensure the most effective pest control hotel method that meets all legislative conditions. It is essential to minimize any obstruction to your hotel during the inspection and treatment of your building.

Pest control for hotels is important in any business because they will contaminate areas rapidly and can influence the health of customers and employees. Not to mention the damage to products or stock. Problems associated with pest infestation have an important impact on the running the business.

Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest management and control service provider that is able to deal with all types of pests in your hotel quickly, efficiently and with 100% discretion. Sydney wide pest controller, all pests including all pests found in hotels, motels and other resting areas, warranty on all work.

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Pest Control Hotel

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Most common pests in hotel industry

There are thousands of pest species that can be found around the object and also in the interior of it.

Some of these species are harmless but you have to be aware that your guests don’t want to see any sign of them because none of them are cute and attractive. Some pests are very dangerous and can carry serious diseases and viruses, which can be transmitted by contact or when they bite. The most significant species present in hotels are:

  1. Bed Bugs ”“ they feed only on blood and are more active during the night when the host they are attacking is asleep. Bed bugs can be found in cracks and crevices, as such as mattress seams, sheets, furniture, behind baseboards and picture frames. In hotels, they often travel from guest luggage and other personal belongings.

  2. Cockroaches ”“ these pests enter your hotel area from the outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes. Also they can make an entry in the groceries, supplies and personal luggage.  They look for an environment with plenty of food, water, warmth and space for nesting, which allows them to be active throughout the entire year.

  3. Mice and Rats ”“ colony development of these rodents depends on the availability of food, water and shelter. They make their colonies in attics, holes, under concrete, in wall voids and other hard-to-reach locations. Mice and rats pollute food with their faeces and urine. These pests are also known for spreading diseases and carrying parasites.

  4. Ants ”“ these species can enter hotel premises through the smallest cracks. They look for food and water, especially in food preparation areas. Ants can nest anywhere such as in walls, roof voids, lawns or under building foundations.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Hotel Services

Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest management and hotel pest control service provider that is able to deal with all types of pests in your hotel quickly, efficiently and with 100% discretion. Sydney wide pest controller, all pests including all pests found in hotels, motels and other resting areas, warranty on all work 02 8007 4666.

We provide eco-friendly commercial pest control treatments for a variety types of business. Check out our professional commercial services below:

Fighting the hotel pests

Pest control is far more sensitive in the hospitality industry than in other industries. This industry is a broad category of fields that is closely linked to the service and tourism industry. The main objective is to fulfil the guests every wish they have and getting them to come back a second time. Hotel managers must do everything in their power to keep pests away from the guests. Hotel maintenance is an important goal to achieve but it can be very demanding. Some pest problems are not such a big problem for the usual household, but it can be devastating for this kind of industry. Rodents in the hotel lobby can be an embarrassment for hotel personnel, just like birds pooping on the pool deck. Cockroaches in the kitchen might cause health problems. Bed bugs can scare guests in the hotel room.  These situations may have a negative impact in the media, which creates bad marketing. Discretion of pest control management is also very important for this kind of business as hotel guests should not visually see pest controllers removing pests.

Bed bugs

One of the best solutions for the bed bugs is a daily monitoring program which turns on the alarm. It detects bed bugs before a true infestation really begins. A bed bug alarm is a small plastic device which is located under the mattress or other places where bed bugs have been detected. It makes it easy to monitor for bed bugs on a daily basis. Early detection is the key to preventing possibly the larger infestation of these pests.

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Insects and pest animals will achieve best results in the inside premises or in other small and limited spaces. For small external places like terraces and gardens, you can use an irritant odour like animal repellent granules. That is natural and organic compound that is effective for rodent control and even for some bigger animals.

Pest birds

Ultrasonic devices are also helpful for keeping pest birds from making traces of their droppings on hotel entrances and other sensitive areas. These devices are designed so only specific animals can hear. Wide outdoor areas can be protected with these devices. By sealing off areas that birds use to get into the building, you will keep them away from those surfaces. For that you can use bird netting and bird control spikes. If you can’t physically prevent birds from entering a building, then the best substitute for that is to make premises undesirable and uninviting for them.

Professional Hotel Pest Control Service

Hotel business is a large investment and it is a working place for lot of employees. Those employees have to take care of maintenance and especially for the signs of pest infestation. No one likes them and nobody wants to be close to them. When noticing the first traces of pest, don’t think twice, immediately call the professional pest control hotel service and allow them to take care of it. That way you will save your brand, money and people’s health.

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OHS industry safety certificationAt Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have a team of experts that is able to help you with all your pest issues. Our knowledge, our skills, our expertise and our pest management solutions are unmatched across all of Sydney.

Pest control hotel is what we do best.  We are professionally trained, insured and licensed in all areas of residential and commercial fumigation. We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments. If you still struggle with pest issues or if you want a complete pest solution that protects your commercial property from any harmful effects, check out our professional services below: