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Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Use botanical dust mixed with boric acid.

Fleas are most vulnerable when they are in their youth stage, such as egg and larvae stages. The easiest way to exterminate them is by using botanical dust mixed with boric acid or borate powder.

Adult fleas can live for about one week without getting food in the form of blood. However, flea larvae can survive for several months, so it is important to go for larvae first. This mixture will prevent fleas to spread all over the place.

Botanical dust is one of the oldest natural insecticides and borate is mineral that is widely used for making detergents, insecticides and as wood preservative. As an insecticide, it poisons the flea’s stomach.

Flea pest control

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By using botanical dust and borate mixture you should take care and you should not breathe it in. It is recommended to use a mask while using that mixture at home.

The mixture of botanical dust and borate acid or powder is best used by dusting the carpet, the furniture, the house owner’s bed and animal bed. It is best to use it when you are going out of the house for a minimum of 24 hours. The mixture has to settle for a day. After coming back home, you should clean the sheets on beds and vacuum the carpet and the furniture where the mixture was applied.

Use water and detergent to trap fleas.

Put a combination of water and dish detergent in shallow bowl that will act as a deadly trap for fleas. Fleas will die when they jump in that bowl.

Put the mixture of water and dish detergent in a really shallow plate or bowl. You place it on the ground so that fleas can accidently jump in it. Fleas are also attracted to the light so it is good idea to place the bowl with the mixture next to a light source, especially at night. Attracted to the light, many of them will fall into that bowl and will drown.

Spray a lemon mixture to remove fleas.

Slice one whole lemon on thin pieces and drop it into a little water and then boil it. After boiling it, leave it to stand overnight for best results. Pour that water into a spray bottle and spray onto areas where fleas are present.

Repel fleas by using cedar chips.

Fleas don’t like smell of cedar and they will do everything to get out of it. You only need to put cedar chips on affected areas. Because many dogs are allergic to cedar, you first need to find out is your dog allergic or not. By using cedar chips, you can make your dog sick.

Good way is to place cedar chips in the corners of rooms, under furniture and in the dog bed.

If you want to use it in your bed to ensure that it will remain pest-free, you could place cedar chips in a cotton cloth and put it under your pillow and in the bedding. Good thing too is that your bed will smell fresh and nice.

Almost every local pet store has cedar chips for sale. You can find it in a home improvement store too.

Pour salt in a flea infested carpet.

get rid of fleas with salt

Salt can be used to control a flea infestation.

By spreading salt over the carpet, it dries the moisture from things and dries them out. When flea attaches to the salt crystal, it scratches them and in the end fleas bleed to death while they move.

Salt needs to be small enough to attach itself to the flea, so it is important to use very fine grained salt, the finer the better.

Areas where you spread salt needs to be cleaned after one week. By vacuuming the salted areas very thoroughly, you need to pick up all the salt and dead fleas. Process need to be repeated for one or two more times.

After finishing with the vacuuming, you should change the old vacuum bag with a new one.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove fleas.

Most fleas would not survive the vacuum cleaner. By vacuuming the affected areas, many fleas will end up in a vacuum bag. You don’t need to use a fancy high-power vacuum cleaners, because average vacuums will also do the job. Changing the used vacuum bag is very important because it will stop the fleas from reoccurring.

Use ready-to-use flea traps.

Flea traps works the same as the combination of water and detergent. With the attraction from the heat and light, fleas fall into the trap and die. However, flea traps do not offer a lasting solution. It is still best to hire professional pest control experts to get rid of fleas once and for all.

Use insect growth regulator to stop flea infestations.

By spraying beds and floor with an Insect Growth Regulator, you stop fleas to fully develop. That way you break their reproduction cycle. It is used when you need to destroy large infestation. The cheapest way is to buy a concentrate of the regulator and mix it according the directions on the label of product. Usually it needs to be applied for two times, for a period of one month. During the flea season it is good way to spray the areas of the house where your pets spend most of the time at least once a month. Insect Growth Regulator is not poisonous to mammals and it is a great option in houses with small children or small animals.

Ways to treat pets with fleas

cat fleas treatment

Protect your pets from fleas.

Clean your pet often.

By washing your pet, you will destroy the fleas that are living in his fur. Other measures like vacuum, borate mixture, and cedar chips needs to be used because there are many other fleas in various stages of their life cycle who are waiting to jump on your pet.

Before bath it is good to apply the flea soap near dog’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth and butt. It is because when fleas feel the water, they instantly search for a safe place to hide, such as neck, head and butt.

After you have applied the flea soap to the vulnerable places, you soak the dog and soap his whole body. Let soap to stand for at least ten minutes so it can do its work and kill the fleas.

When dog has been dried, you can use the comb to remove the dead fleas from the fur.

Before taking your dog to veterinarian you better bathe your dog.

Use flea products.

Flea products are used on cats and dogs and they are used as spot-treatment once per month. The spot-treatment is dropped directly on pet skin, mostly between the shoulder blade and at several spots down the spine. This way the treatment will work through the skin.

Use oral tablets and vinegar.

You can give your pet oral tablets and they attack the flea’s nervous system through the bloodstream and tissue of your animal. This way does not prevent fleas, but it kills all the fleas who are feeding on your pet.

Also, you can mix vinegar with water and put it into your dog’s water bowl, or even bathe the animal using vinegar and water. This is not advisable to try with cats because their pH is much more sensitive than dogs.

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