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Dust mites usually refer to the mite species of the Dermatophagoides genus, but they may also refer to other mite species such as the Euroglyphus. These mites are usually associated with dust and dirt found indoors.

Adult dust mites are microscopic in size, typically less than 0.5 mm long. Their body colour ranges from mostly white to a light tan colour.  As their name suggests, dust mites live and reproduce in areas where there are large amounts of dust. Therefore, they are a common, typical pest found wherever there are humans. They also have a vital role in our lives as they eat some of our organic waste products, such as human skin and hair cells. Each person sheds around 1.5 grams of skin which equals 0.3 kg to 0.45 kg each year. This amount of organic waste is more than enough to feed millions of dust mites.

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    Dust Mite Pest Infestation

    The complete life cycle of dust mites, from egg to a full adult stage, lasts around 30 days. Dust mites go through five stages: egg, larval stage, two nymphal stages and the adult stage.

    How long do dust mites live?

    Adult dust mites can live as long as two months, depending on the humidity and temperature in their environment. They prefer to live indoors with high humidity and warm temperatures.

    Where can you find dust mites?

    Dust mites can spread dramatically when conditions are favourable to them. Dust mites are concentrated in areas around the home with constant traffic, such as beds, chairs, and carpets with long fibres. Human skin flakes, house dust, fungal spores, insect scales are often found in these areas, which acts as an infinite food source for dust mites. Dust mites do not like bright light and will often hide in seams, ledges or behind furniture.

    Dust Mite Removal

    • Book licensed pest exterminators who can handle insecticides specifically formulated to stop dust mites.

    • Carpeted areas should be regularly cleaned. Consider replacing old carpets with hard surfaces that can easily be cleaned.

    • Change your beddings every week.

    • Mattresses need to be vacuumed regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA air filter.

    • Reduce humidity levels in your home and improve ventilation with air conditioning.

    House Dust Mite

    House Dust Mite

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    Dust mites and allergies

    More about Dust Mites

    Dust mites can survive almost every climate, from higher altitudes to indoor environments, especially in bedrooms and kitchen areas. They thrive in mattresses, carpets, cushions, draperies, pillows, bedding and under furniture. Their number can be pretty high and range at around 190 miles per 1 gram of dust.  Dust mites can survive even in dry climates and reproduce in bedding because of the moisture generated by humans during all night of breathing and perspiring. Dust mites reproduce throughout the year, and seasonal changes in their population can be hard to detect.


    Dust mite allergy is quite common and is often associated with eczema, asthma and allergic rhinitis. Dust mite allergy is common in Australia. Dust mites are commonly found on the bed and found in every part of the house, such as the floor and furniture. Dust mites cause allergies as humans tend to react to various proteins (allergens) in their droppings. Each dust mite can produce 20 of these droppings every day. Therefore, these droppings may still cause allergic reactions to humans even after the mites are already dead.

    If you're allergic to dust mites, it's best to regularly clean your property and conduct a building and pest inspection. Book our pest exterminators to prevent dust mites from causing any health problems.


    • If you suffer from a skin reaction to dust mites, anti-itching cream can soothe the irritation. For severe allergic reactions, you can take antihistamines.
    • People with asthma and similar respiratory issues should consult their general physician or their immunologist to identify the allergens and relieve the symptoms.
    • Allergy caused by dust mites can be managed with immunotherapy and reduce the number of dust mites in the house.
    dust mites allergy

    Dust mite allergy