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Termite control or termite treatment is essential for Sydney homes and commercial properties that are susceptible to termite infestations. Schedule a termite inspection and let pest control experts help you stop or prevent pest infestations from happening.

If you suspect that there might be a termite attack going on in your property, it is advisable that you take immediate action before it’s too late. Prevent termite infestation sand save on repair cost!

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What are common types of termite treatments?

Direct destruction of the termite colony by physical means
Where the nest can be located and accessed, the entire nest should be physically broken up and removed. With mound-building white ants or those that construct their nests in the root crown of trees, care must be taken to ensure that the cell containing the queen is removed or destroyed.

Direct termite treatment of the colony by chemical means

Where the nest can be located but not accessed sufficiently for physical removal or destruction it should be destroyed by chemical means as follows:

1. Application of dust termiticide may be applied by means of a hand puffer or other suitable equipment to ensure its distribution within the colony.

2. Application of liquid termiticides may be applied directly into the nest. Holes should be drilled into the nest and the termiticide injected. In order to ensure eradication, the position of the royal cell should be identified by using temperature probe and the immediate areas around it targeted.

Indirect Termite Treatment of the Colony

When the nest cannot be located, it is possible to eradicate the colony by the application of suitable, registered chemicals remote from the nest, as follows:

1. Application of dust termiticide. A registered termiticide dust should be applied to sites of white ant activity. Once active galleries have been detected, it is important that disturbance be minimal prior to the application of dust.

2. Application of bait. Suitably registered baits may be used in conjunction with aggregation systems or may be applied directly to areas in which white ants are already known to be feeding. The effects of the baits on the colony will depend on the active ingredients.

How can you prevent a termite infestation?

A termite invasion can be quite a disaster since a termite’s food diet consists of wood, which endangers the structure of your house. With most of the houses in Sydney built using wood foundations, beams, framing and such, regular inspection is advisable with appropriate yearly followups for high risk homes. An infestation can destroy the whole structure of a house when it is not treated in time. Also, the earlier that you manage to discover termites the better for you since you will not have to resort to spending thousands of dollars to exterminate these wood eating insects.

By applying the right termite treatment with the help of professional termite exterminators, you stop termites (also called white ants) from damaging your property.

What are chemical termicides?

We have spoken recently to many homeowners who have been quoted a chemical barrier for fumigation. This is not correct. Chemical termiticides can only be used for direct termite application. So if you have located the nest you may use a chemical termiticide to kill the colony. Other than directly spraying the nest, chemical applications of termiticide should be used for barrier control only.

Remember this when getting termite treatment prices from professional termite treatment companies. Not following the correct process can result in the colony not being destroyed. The termite queen can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day and can live up to 50 years! So if you do not kill the whole colony, it won’t be long before they are back in your home.

Termite Treatment

Stop termites by getting a safe and reliable termite treatment.

Safe, Proven & Compliant Termite Control Methods

We use many different ways to eradicate termite colonies in and around existing buildings ensuring we comply with Australian Standards 3660.2. First and foremost, termite treatment must be done before any barrier system is used for example; chemical treatment to your sub-floor or perimeter of the building is not allowed till the colony is eradicated. (Related: How to get rid of termites)

Every completed job (also known as white ant treatment) is issued with a Certificate of Termite treatment. This is to prove your home or commercial property has undergone Australian standards compliant protection and treatment process.

Find out why it’s important to hire professional termite exterminators by watching this video:

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Why should you book the masters of pest control?

Our experts recommend liquid termite treatment as the fastest way to rid the property of the termites. In addition, termite baiting is used as part of our termite treatment process to manage residual termites and provide ongoing protection against future attacks. (Read: Efficient termite control methods)

Termite bait systems consist of several plastic stakes which have to be inserted in the ground at the various points around the house. Each one of the stakes contains growth inhibitors for termites which will eventually lead them to death. This method is a bit slow, making it unsuitable for houses which have been seriously congested by termites and need immediate treatment. Nevertheless, it is a very good option for termite control.

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There are many ways to apply treatment for termite infestations depending on the type of termite, the area of infestation and age of the home. The termite treatment process could range from a simple bait and barrier treatment to possibly full building work. If you suspect a problem, consult our team immediately!

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