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Many homeowners will at some point in their life suffer from a rat infestation otherwise known as rodents. Sydney’s rats and mice have posed health risks since the arrival of the first fleet. They transmit diseases both directly and indirectly. Rats can be quite brazen and are known to bite innocent people and their feeding/nesting habits can also be destructive. As soon as a rat problem is suspected around your home, it’s essential to combat it before the rodents breed and create an even larger problem. Their presence in and around a home, therefore, is dangerous and must be dealt with to safeguard the home and all of its occupants. Rats and mice usually tend to look for a warm place to live once the weather has turned cold and your home may be quite appealing for their needs. Rodents are carriers of various diseases and can be dangerous for your and your family’s health and in general it is not very healthy to have in your home. This is why rat control and rat prevention is required regularly in and around your home. Since there are many ways for a rat to get into your home, some precautions need to be taken to prevent it. It will also take some time and knowledge to get them completely out of your life once and for all. You can also always turn towards a professional such as our pest control Sydney expert Robert Taboas who has years of experience fighting against rodents in residential and commercial properties. Our professional Sydney pest control team can assist with advice and pest inspection and treatment before it gets out of control.

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While spotting a living rat or even a dead one should alert people about the possibility of a rat problem, these rodents also leave other telltale signs. Evidence of a rat problem includes bite marks in both wood and plastics. Droppings are another sign that rodents are active in a home. If you spot holes in walls or the floorboards of your home in Sydney, it’s likely that your home has a rat problem that requires immediate attention.


Rats are known to spread deadly diseases. Vermin including rats, for instance, carried the fleas through Europe that resulted in the Bubonic Plague. To this day, rodents can still spread plague and its many variants. Yet that’s only the beginning. People who are bitten or scratched by rodents can contract rat-bite fever. This illness involves chills, fever, joint pain, and rash. In addition, rats also transmit hantavirus, Lassa fever, salmonella, leptospirosis, tape worms, hemorrhagic fever with renal failure, and typhus. Many of the diseases or conditions spread by rats can be deadly.

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Tips for controlling Sydney rats

Eliminating rats from your premises is a must in order to protect your health and the health of all your home’s occupants. First, it’s important to eliminate food and water sources for rats and then to determine how they were able to enter the home. Small rats can enter within a hole as small as 5cm. These holes or crevices must be sealed to prevent rats from entering after you’ve dealt with your current invaders. Be wary of super rats which are immune to household grade traps and bait control. One great way to get rid of the rats that are currently residing in your home are mousetraps. However this is no way of guaranteeing that there won’t be any more to come, in fact it if you are suffering from an infestation it won’t be of any help at all. Mousetraps are not very good removing rodents from . This is why many homeowners cannot control the growing number of rats running around their home and get confused on how to proceed. We have a specialised pest treatment formula to get rid of them the first time.

Home prevention

Some homeowners prefer to deal with rat problems themselves by using rat poisons and traps. Others may feel it’s more efficient and expedient to contact professional pest controllers. Whatever the case, a solution must be found right away before the rat population in your home grows and leads to serious health consequences. Rats are notoriously difficult pests to deal with, but combating them is a must in order to protect the home and the health of all who live there. Working with our pest inspection experts is the ideal way to get rid of the pests from your premises, but it’s also important to eliminate any entry points around your home in order to prevent new rats from entering. Keep garbage and trash away from your home as well. If you have had a rat problem in the past, it’s important to remain vigilant for new evidence of infestation.

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Rat prevention ideas

1. It’s very important to repair and seal any place that can be used by rats to enter your property. Since they are very small they can enter through various places. Rats are even be able to access your home through the plumbing or air conditioning ducts. This is why you have to make sure that there are no holes anywhere in your home otherwise they may not only use it as a place to come in, but also as a shelter. Other pests like cockroaches can also use the same entry points and hiding places to nest, so it’s essential to get identify and fix any holes around the home. We have years of experience identifying entry and exit locations so you can repair yourself or seek the help of a professional home handyman. We know what to look for to prevent an infestation of rats in the future.

2. It may be necessary to use special seals as nailing woods over openings may not be quite enough to do it. Building professionals for example may use spray foam, escutcheon rings, steel wool and even steel sheets if necessary. This is why our company can offer an industry unique 100% guarantee that you will not suffer from any infestation should you follow our recommendations and allow us to deliver a complete pest treatment solution.

3. Another way to discourage rats from getting anywhere near your house is by spraying around your home. Spray around the base of your home makes it a little more difficult for rats to actually approach the house and get inside of it. It’s not of great necessity to use chemical products as baking soda or even peppermint extract work very well as deterrents because of their smell. It’s a good way to add spraying to your pest management in order to avoid any problems with rats.

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There are many home owners who try to deal with rats on their own. However, if you use our services you can be guaranteed to save money and time in the long term. How much is your time worth if you have to continually fight rat infestation problems around the home or business premises. We have helped countless number of households around Sydney resolve rat infestation problems from a handful of rats to a full infestation. Rats can cause severe damage to the property and if you do not know how to properly get rid of them once and for all yourself, leaving pockets of rats can cause additional damage to the property while trying to get rid of the pests. We guarantee the work completed where other pest controllers try to push for repeat treatments to recoup their costs. Don’t be caught out and call us today!

Although many home owners try to take the responsibility of rat eradication program all by themselves and there are some ways you can do that, this is neither cost-effective nor does it work very well. The best way to really get rid of any pests and particularly rats in your home is by contacting a professional and asking for their help. We service the entire Sydney region. Don’t sit around and wait, contact them now and clean your home of disease bearing rats.

There comes a time in most homeowners’ lives that they have to deal with rats. Rats infestations are a very common occurrence nowadays and they have to be dealt with in a timely manner. Implementing the proper rat pest control campaign is of vital importance for you since these pests carry various diseases that can threaten your health, and in the worst case scenario even bring you death.

Rats are known to tend to look for warm places to live in once the weather outside gets colder. This is the main reason why so many of them find households so appealing. There are many possible ways for a rat to find its way into one’s home and with some proper knowledge and understanding you can make sure that your home is not such a place. Rat control can be done easily if you take the time to look into the matter. Finally, if you think that your hands are tied then perhaps it would be for the best that you contact a professional Sydney pest control services team to take care of your problem.

A good way to take some measures against rats in your home is to place mouse traps around the area where you have spotted them. However, this is not a permanent measure since in no way does it ensure you that more rats won’t come crawling any time soon. This is the situation which most homeowners find themselves stuck into and are unable to come up with a solution to it. Contacting a professional pest controller can save you the trouble of doing this. But if you still have not been infested by rats, it is not too late for you to take some preventative measures to make sure this never happens.

First off, it is of vital importance that you make sure to seal up any place that the rats might use as an entry to your home. The most usual places that rats use to enter homes are through the plumbing and the duct work. Making sure that they are both well sealed and protected will leave the rats with fewer options to enter and perhaps even make them change their mind about entering in the first place. Sometimes it is for the best that you use different special seals because nailing wood over an opening might not be enough to do the trick. Using a spray foam, escutcheon ring, steel wool or steel sheet is a far better approach to the problem and will ensure you better safety.

Pest Control Rats

Pest Control Rats


Pest Control Rats

Pest Control Rats

Another thing that can help your pest eradication program would be to spray the area around your home with different insecticides. This can serve as a sign for the rats not to enter because the place might be full of toxins dangerous to them and so they could leave. However, using chemical products might be dangerous for your health as well so you should do this with extra caution. Make sure that you use only a minimum amount of dosage because otherwise your risk harming the people living inside. In addition, if you have small children living in the property then it would be better not to use them in the first place. Call our professional pest experts to take care of this issue. Even though it might seem costly, consider the fact that you will not be putting the health of your family at risk and you will see why this is a great option.

Many homeowners’ initial reaction when they see rats is to try and take care of the problem on their own. Even though it is good that they think for themselves and the safety of their family, it might not always be an easy thing to do. Using the services of a professional pest control team for rats in Sydney can be the best solution for your problem. At first it might seem a bit expensive, but when you consider all the time and money that you will have to sacrifice in the long run when you are dealing with it on your own, you will see that it is in fact very cheap. Rats can cause great damages not only to your property but to your health as well, so dealing with them quickly is the best thing to do.


If you still struggle with rats or if you want a complete pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as antstermitescockroaches and bed bugs, contact professional services.


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