Government schools, Non-government schools (Private), Language schools, Specialist schools and Selective entry high schools.

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Pest Management For Schools

Workplace Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Child-Student Friendly Pest Control Management.

We follow an integrated pest management approach instead of simply using harmful pesticides. We can eliminate any pest infestations in your school and make it safer for students and teachers. Government schools, Non-government schools (Private), Language schools, Specialist schools and Selective entry high schools.

Our pest controllers will carry out a thorough inspection and determine how to stop pests from infesting the school grounds.

Removing food sources, blocking openings and applying preventive measures are part of the integrated pest management program. Providing the right solution is the goal.

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Protecting Schools From Pest Infestations

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Do you need a professional to prevent pests from invading a school building? Masters Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest control service provider dealing with all types of pests commonly found in school buildings.

Common pests such as termites, rodents, and cockroaches can affect any school and its surrounding areas. A pest infestation can result in health issues and property damages. Therefore, it's important to keep any school pest-free to ensure the health and safety of the people working there and the children who study there.

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Pest Infestation Areas

  1. Classrooms
    - Pests like dirty classrooms and can hide in desks and storage areas.
  2. Gyms
    - These areas are often warm and moist with poor ventilation, especially the locker rooms, making it an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of pests.
  3. Lockers
    - Food remnants and other clutter can easily accumulate.
  4. Cafeterias
    - Pests like to be near food sources which make cafeterias an excellent place for almost all types of pests.
  5. Dumpsters and trash bins
    - It's important to inspect these areas to keep pests away regularly.
  6. School grounds
    - Pests such as termites can build their nest underground. It's best to have a professional inspect the entire school grounds
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Pest control for schools, universities and educational institutions

Common Pests Found In Schools

Before taking any action regarding pest management, it is essential to determine what pest species are causing the trouble. Here are common pests you can find in a school building:

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Common Pests in Sydney

Pest Control Preventive Measures for Schools and Universities

Schools can reduce the chances of a pest infestation by following these simple measures:

  1. Move dumpsters containing food farther away from the building.
  2. Seal all cracks.
  3. Restrict people from eating food outside of the cafeteria.
  4. Repair and remove all leaking pipes.
  5. Implement strict sanitation measures.
  6. Clean all gutters and redirect water flow away from school buildings.
  7. Educate students and employees about how their actions can affect pest control.

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