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Small parasitic insects, bed bugs are a scourge for people that have endured their presence. Bed bugs feed on people as well as pets while they sleep hence their name. The insects hide near people’s sleeping places while congregating in mattress seams, behind wall paper, or any clutter that happens to be in the bedroom. While their bites can

be unpleasant and itchy, the bugs’ bites can lead to infections making them more than a mere nuisance.

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Bed bugs are reddish brown insects that are no more than 7mm and may be even smaller.  The bugs do not have wings but can crawl easily to seek out a meal. The pests can live for months after feeding, making them an especially difficult insect to eradicate. They can travel roughly 30 meters in a single night. They often congregate where there are many people like hotels and even apartments. While they have historically been a problem for developing countries, they have been problematic in the Sydney area where tourists tend to travel and visit and move locations.

Identification of bed bugs

A bed bug problem can usually be spotted when a person experiences bites. Other telltale signs include blood stains on sheets, rusty spots (evidence of bed bug droppings), and a musty odor. If you find evidence of of this it’s important to eliminate them as soon as possible. A Sydney pest control treatment and advice from our professional team will go a long way to protecting your home from these small pests.

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Bed bugs health problems

Bed bug bites can be distressing for many individuals. Knowing that your body will be invaded as you sleep can be extremely disturbing. Although they are not known to carry disease, their bites and the subsequent itching can lead to infections. Some people may also suffer an allergic reaction to the bugs. These reactions can necessitate medical attention. In some cases, the bite is invisible; however, often the bite mark can be seen. People might experience redness and swelling as well. Bites can be intensely itchy, making these pests particularly pesky. Welts often develop a few days after bites occur. NSW Health has an information sheet available about bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Pest Control

Bed Bug infestation around your home

Tips for removing bed bugs

While bed bug bites can be treated with ointments, the essential idea is to rid the pests from the home. Insecticide spray is the ideal way to deal with bed pests. Professional pest controllers should be contacted for assistance where the problem is widespread. All bedding, of course, needs to be washed thoroughly and bedding should also be dried on high heat for a half hour. All hiding places where bedbugs are believed to congregated must be treated. Before treating with insecticides, you can vacuum thoroughly but must remember to seal and dispose of the vacuum bag.

People who travel a lot may be at greater risk of becoming exposed to bed bugs. They may even bring them to their own homes after staying in an infested hotel or motel. We can help you eradicate these pests and safeguard your health, your family’s health, and your home. Bed bugs can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem, but they can be successfully combated.

Professional Bug Removal

We are licensed pest and building professionals and members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We provide a comprehensive list of Sydney pest control bed bugs services for residential and commercial premises.

How to choose a pest controller

There are some times when you might have the misfortune to discover an infestation going on in your home and you will want to get rid of the vermin as soon as you can.

Bed bugs closeup pest management

Bed bugs closeup

When you are rushing you might jump in for the first bug specialist that you see without even giving it a second thought. Although you have every right to be in a hurry, it is important that you spend some time to find out more about the pest controller so that you are sure you will get the best possible services at a reasonable price. There are a few things that you should definitely discuss with the pest controller that you want to hire so that you can avoid any bad decisions that you will later regret.

When you are consider hiring a pest expert, the first thing that you should do is talk to some of the people you know and see if they can recommend you one. Ask around your friends, colleagues and your family if they have previously used such services and if they can recommend you a pest controller. It is highly important that you do not go making deals with the first company that you see, but rather first find people who have used it and ask them what they think. If you do not have anyone to ask, or you are afraid of talking to people about your little misfortune (which is a lot more common than you might think), then you should look around forums and other places where you can find feedback from any previous customers of the company.

Another thing that should be a factor when you choose a pest eradication company is the type of chemicals that they will operate with during the treatment process. You might be highly sensitive to some chemicals, or they might be using ones that are not safe for any pets or small children. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about the chemicals in order to find out if there is any chance that they might cause some harm to you and your family.

Followup Pest treatment

Expert pest controller will find and eradicate even the smallest bed bug.

Bed Bugs followup pest treatment

The duration of the whole treatment, including any follow ups and guarantees is also quite important when dealing with pests. This is why you require the expertise of an experienced pest controller to give you more information about all of these activities. The time that is required by the company for the process might be of importance as you might have the needs to use the room on a regular basis. Follow up is also quite important as there are some times when follow up services are required in order to completely eradicate the pests that have infested your home. You have to ask about how often this will occur and if the costs are going to be included in the upfront payment. When it comes to infestations, it is highly important that the fumigator can guarantee you to eradicate the infestation in a timely manner, providing you with clean up services, and in case of re occurrence a follow up procedure that should be free of charge. Review the feedback of past customers as well as their privacy policy in order to know what you are getting into beforehand.

Although there is no denying that you have to hire a pest expert as soon as you see any signs of a bed bug infestation you should not go about it blindly. By finding out more information about the company from past customers as well as the services they offer and other things that should be listed on their website, you will be ensured that the services you pay for will be worth it.

Suffering from a pest bed bug infestation can really be a cause of frustration and stress, however when you use a professional pest and insect controller that has bad services you will end up even more frustrated and stressed than before. This can lead to various problems both for your health and in you relationships with others. You might not see it now but if you do not use the right person you might suffer a lot in various aspects of your life. Make sure you make a good decision.

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If you still struggle with bed bugs or if you want a complete bed bug pest solution that involves not only protecting your family from from spiders hiding in areas you haven’t noticed, but also other pests such as ratstermites and cockroaches, contact professional Sydney pest control services.