What are rodent mites?

Rodent mites (Ornithonyssus bacoti) are small, oval-shaped bugs, similar to bird mites. Adult mites are usually pale in colour, but can appear darker depending on the period it last fed on blood. Although rodent mites are a less common problem than bird mites, rodent mites tend to frequent commercial or industrial buildings.

Rodent mites have a lifecycle that span around two weeks. They mainly feed on rats or rodents, which serve as their hosts. Although rodent mites do not feed on humans, these bugs bite and can cause severe cases of irritation and itchiness.

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Rodent Mites Magnified

Rodent Mites Magnified

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First Aid for Rodent Mite Bites

The irritation and itching caused by rodent mites can be relieved with various anti-itching medications such as crotamiton. Severe allergic reactions need to be treated with antihistamines.

Rat Mites Microscopic

Rat Mites Microscopic

What are the problems caused by mites?

  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Bites
  • Itchy rashes

What are the signs of a rodent mite infestation?

  • Small red welts or rashes on the skin
  • Your pet constantly scratches itsel
  • Sores and red bumps
  • How do I prevent a rodent mite infestation?

How can you remove rodent mites?

  • Hire a rat exterminator to stop a rat infestation.
  • Mow your lawn and remove weeds regularly to remove outdoor mites.
  • Give your pets a bath on a regular basis to keep them clean free from mites.
  • Wear clothing that covers most of your skin when you hike or do outdoor activities.
  • Regularly clean and vacuum your home.
Mite Control

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Pest Control for Rodent Mites

  1. Pest exterminators generally follow these steps when removing a rodent mite infestation.
  2. Identify the mites by hiring a qualified pest controller.
  3. Identify the cause(s) of the rodent mite infestation. All rodents need to be killed and removed.
  4. Remove rodent mite nests. This way, rodent mites will not be able to transfer to other parts of the house or building.
  5. Apply pest deterrents and products that can quickly exterminate mites. All areas infested with mites need to be treated with insecticides.

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