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We provide pest control services in Gordon to get rid of common pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, rodents, spiders, termites and more. We have pest control experts servicing Gordon and the rest of Sydney.

Masters Pest Control Sydney has been in the business for over 40 years with combined building and pest control experience. As a licensed pest control company, we can provide the most comprehensive home and commercial pest control services in Gordon.

If you want to stop termite infestation, you can count on the masters of pest control to provide an effective and lasting solution.

We will provide fast, simple, cost-effective pest removal for your residential or commercial property. We want to make the process of removing pests simple and stress-free. That’s why we aim to provide a lasting solution the first time around. Please read about our guarantee.

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Call the masters for pest control services in Gordon. We can match any comparable price quote.

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Our on-call mobile service vehicles are ready to serve you in Gordon. Our flexible schedule makes it easier and convenient for you to schedule a pest inspection. We will go the extra mile to ensure your home or workplace is free from any pests.

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Why we are the #1 pest controller in the North

Integrated Pest Management is the pest control method to help balance the laws of nature. FAO stated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem approach to crop production and protection that combines different pest management strategies and practices to minimise the use of pesticides.

IPM has minimal impact on agricultural ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms. The goal of IPM is to find practical, viable measures to reduce the harmful effects of pests and diseases. IPM can make the crop more productive and of good agricultural quality. IPM is about eradicating the source of pests and regulating the balance of natural predators and pests in the ecosystem.

Benefits of using IPM

It increases plant productivity.

benefits of integrated pest management

Pet, Garden and Child-Friendly Pest Controller

IPM protects your property from a vast number of pests. The harmful effects of pests also reduce the quality of agricultural products and the productivity of plants. With IPM, your crops can maintain steady growth until harvest, slow the resistance to pesticides, and weaken the need for repeated use of chemicals not suitable for your plants. Pesticides should not be used every time because pests can survive via natural selection. Over time, the offspring generations can adapt to these chemicals, and like in some movies, “super pests” are born. IPM can reduce the risk of this problem because it does not contain artificial and chemical factors.

Positive effects on health

Traditionally, farmers assume that pesticides are the fastest way to control pests, and fresh vegetable means no pests. However, the overuse of pesticides can lead to such dangerous situations because it contains mainly chemical ingredients.

Over 260 studies around the world have investigated the severe effects of agrochemicals. The results showed that it related them to some types of cancer. Besides, it also affects the behaviour and ability to learn and cognitive in children. Children who were regularly exposed to the amount of phosphorus-containing pesticides were at a higher risk of hyperactivity disorder than those with little exposure. The chlorpyrifos in insecticides and herbicides reduces testosterone in men, causing infertility and miscarriage in women.

By keeping a sustainable balance of nature, IPM helps people solve the above health problems concerning pesticides. No chemicals included.

See Child-friendly and pet-friendly pest control.

It is a way to respect nature.

As you know, our environment nowadays is in great danger because of human effects. One of those adverse effects is pesticides. By overusing pesticides, you are killing a part of nature.

Even though pests are harmful to our plants, it does not mean that they serve no purpose in the natural ecosystem. There are hundreds of birds starving for food there. Therefore, to avoid destroying natural balance, use IPM instead. It can eradicate pests by their natural enemies, and as a result, the ecosystem remains in balance. Besides, IPM also reduces the potential for air and groundwater contamination.

It is economical

Like you have read above, IPM can slow down the process pests get used to pesticides. Instead of repeated costs of pesticides, now you can reduce a good deal of money. IPM may cost you more effort and time than traditional pest control. But the cost will be lower with the flow of time because it has solved the underlying problems.

Besides, other financial benefits unrelated to pests are also available with IPM. For example, to exclude pests, you can also use IPM to save energy and reduce moisture problems.

What Makes Us Special

While there are hundreds of companies to choose from, you can rely on Masters Pest Control Sydney to do the job right the first time.

Common pest problems in Gordon

A large city with millions of people, Sydney is prone to pest infestations. In Gordon, there are now a wide variety of pest infestations that you should be aware of. Some of the common pests found in Sydney suburbs including Gordon are cockroaches, termites, spiders, rats, ants, and bed bugs.

Australia is home to these pesky creatures that can easily take refuge in your home or workplace. To avoid the health risks associated with these pests, we recommend that your hire a profession pest controller to regularly inspect your property and prevent any pest infestations.

If you find out that your Gordon home has been infested, it is advisable that you seek our professional help instead of trying to handle dangerous chemicals and ineffective over-the-counter sprays on your own. Professionals are well aware with what means they have to undertake to get rid of any pest infestations since they have plenty of experience and expertise.

Book a professional pest controller

Our pest control company is always ready to help you out when you reach out to them. We will send out a team to inspect your home and identify the pest you are dealing with. After that, we'll advise you about the appropriate measures to remove a bad pest infestation.

Sometimes some problems require more than just spraying an anti-bug spray. This is where pest control professionals come in handy.

rat, termite and cockroach pest control in Gordon

Stop mice, termites, cockroaches and other pests from invading your property.

Offices and business premises can also suffer from insects infestations. Sydney has many areas full of buildings that are highly susceptible to pest infestations. Pests such as termites are capable of causing great damages to buildings, and others such as rats carry various diseases that are deadly to humans. It is more than necessary to use professional pest management services. Nobody will want to hire you when they know that you have pests in your office building.

Our pest control team will conduct a risk assessment and determine the weak spots in your property that are most susceptible to a pest infestation. We'll conduct a thorough building and pest inspection.

For home or commercial pest control, book only the masters!

Home Pest Management for Gordon Residents

Taking an active approach to dealing with pests is always the best thing to do. If you sit in the back waiting for them to leave on their own, or you try to handle them on your own, the results might be catastrophic not only for your property but for your health as well. Calling our experts to take care of the infestation is the best option that you have.

diy home pest control in gordon and sydney

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We understand your needs and have serviced many properties in Gordon. We’ve handled pest control jobs all over Sydney and have provided preventive pest treatments. Here are more reasons to hire us for any pest control treatments:

  • We have satisfied customers all over Sydney. Most of our clients come from referrals from our previous customers. You can read our reviews or leave us feedback. We pride ourselves on ensuring professional, quality service in Gordon. We don’t compromise on the pest solution we use and will respond to calls within the day.
  • Our team uses pet and child-friendly methods. Our pest control solutions are child and pet friendly. We ensure no residual effect that could harm your loved ones or affect the fauna and flora in your property.
  • We guarantee that pests are removed the first time.
  • A good pest controller will sit down with you to share sound advice. 
woman sneezing because of an allergic reaction to pests

Allergic reactions caused by pests

According to Cindy Mannes of the National Pest Management Organisation, while allergies are often attributed to pollen and grass sensitivity, common pests such as dust mites, german cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs and fleas are also potential irritants that may exacerbate allergic symptoms. 97% of allergists agreed that keeping your house pest-free is a key step in protecting yourself and your beloved ones. In this article, we will look into ways the uninvited insects can contribute to allergies.

How do you get allergic reactions from pests?

Pests are likely to leave dander, urine, droppings, hair or fur, and even body parts. These often contain foreign proteins that human immune systems cannot recognise. When you get exposed to these allergens, the body’s natural protective shield may not put up a strong defence, which could result in allergic reactions. Allergic reactions include coughing, sneezing, wheezing, chest tightness, congestions, hives, and asthmatic symptoms. Pest-induced allergies are not only unpleasant, but they may also require further hospital care.

Allergies triggered by pests are more common than we may think. Research suggests that approximately 85% of households have traces of dust mites in their beds, and about 50% of homes have enough allergens that could trigger those with high sensitivity.

Which pests can cause allergies?

German cockroaches

cockroach pest control Syndey exterminators

Cockroach droppings are known to cause Asthma.

The National Pest Management Association report found traces of cockroach allergens in 63% of homes in the United States. The allergens are mostly concentrated in living rooms and kitchens and are high enough to trigger an allergic reaction. Typical cockroach allergy symptoms include coughing, nasal congestion, skin rash, wheezing, ear and sinus infection. Many cases reportedly could develop chronic symptoms that last beyond seasonal allergies.

Dust mites

Unlike other common household pests, dust mites are not visible to the naked eye. Small as they are, dust mites can put millions of people at risk of irritation, with symptoms varying from watery eyes, a runny nose to endless coughing.

Bed bugs

baby having an allergic reaction to bed bugs and dust mites

Bed Bugs are known to cause runny noses.

Though bed bugs do not fly, they can quickly travel any surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings. Bed bugs can sneak into your house undetected via luggage, clothing, or used furniture. Most bed bug bites are painless at first, but they can turn into itchy welts later. The unpleasant feeling can last all day and, in some cases, cause allergic reactions.


Some people may have a more serious allergic reaction to mosquito bites. It could cause blistering lesions or larger hives, fever and joint swelling. In a worst-case scenario, a mosquito bite can cause anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal condition characterised by throat swelling, generalised hives, faintness or wheezing.


Flea bites on humans look like small red spots in groups of two to three or clusters surrounded with redness. The symptoms may include red spots with a halo, itching, hives, skin rashes with small clusters of bumps, and swelling around the bite. In addition, there are certain reactions to flea bites regarded as medical emergencies, such as breathing difficulty (shortness of breath or wheezing), swelling of the lips or tongue, dizziness, nausea, and chest pain.

How can pest allergies be prevented?

Like us, pests need food, water and shelter to survive and usually opt for dark and damp areas. You are most likely to find them under sinks, ovens and refrigerators, in cardboard boxes, and inside the walls. Areas with limited human exposure, such as attics and basements, can become a home to common household pests.

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