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Flies, spiders and cockroaches are some of the most unwelcome guests you could have at home. Getting them to leave is difficult as they hide in deep spaces and dark corners, and they do it well. When they start breeding, it is easy to feel hopeless and think that there is no way you can take them all out.

Please leave it to us to take care of pest removal. With our extensive experience in extermination, we have what it takes to capture and wipe out all kinds of pests. We utilise our knowledge of environmental conditions, including the degree of temperatures and the level of humidity, to map out our pest removal strategy. The size, location and age of your property will also be taken into account whenever we conduct our on-site assessment.

If you are concerned about the side effects of pest control, we assure you that everything we do is in line with our mission to put the safety of our clients first. Rest assured that everything that goes into creating your home is guaranteed safe for your family and pets as well as the environment. All of our products are free of toxic substances and strong odours. In addition, we pride ourselves on our child-friendly pest control methods. There are various products you can purchase off the shelf to remove backyard pests. Here is a list of products sourced from Bunnings.

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    Termite Spray

    David Grays 500ml Ant and Termite Spray.

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    Ant and Termite Control

    Bunnings Listed Product for Ant and Termite Control.

    Fly Trap

    Envirosafe Fly Trap

    Non-toxic attractant, Irresistible to flies, Pesticide-free, Recyclable, Food-grade ingredients.

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    Envirosafe Fly Trap

    Envirosafe Fly Trap sold at Bunnings

    PestXpert 150g Nest Kill Granular Ant Bait

    PestXpert Nest Kill Ant Bait is a simple way to control outdoor ants. Nest Kill Ant Bait consists of irresistible ant food and a slow-acting insecticide. Sprinkle the bait over the area where ants are active, and the ants will take the bait back to the nest - killing the colony.

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    PestXpert 150g Nest Kill Granular Ant Bait

    PestXpert sold at Bunnings Australia

    Do it yourself pest control

    Rats Pest Control Sydney

    Vermin Control Rats Service Sydney

    A rodent or mice infestation can be an annoying problem. This common pest wreaks havoc in your home and destroys everything, including your furniture, pantry items—or heaven forbid, your clothes or books!

    These pests can multiply quickly if you don’t act fast. A pair of mice can easily produce 20 or many more offsprings in a short span of time. Once those pups grow older and start breeding, it’s easy for things to get out of hand.

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    Rats have a powerful sense of smell. Just as some scents attract rats, there are also scents that rats dislike. One of the most common ways to prevent rats from infesting your home is by taking advantage of natural scents that any mouse won’t be able to stand.

    residential pest control

    Do it yourself with the use of Bunnings pest control products.

    Prevent common pests

    1. Garlic

    Garlic is a common ingredient in every kitchen and has long been used as a flavour booster for any dish. Garlic not only makes our meals more delicious, but it can also serve as a pest deterrent. Rodents and mice can’t stand the strong smell of garlic.

    How do you use garlic to prevent a mice infestation?

    You can sprinkle a dash of garlic powder around your house to prevent mice infestations. Sprinkle garlic powder in wall cracks, holes, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    Masters Rats Control Sydney

    Rat Control Prevention

    2. Peppermint

    Peppermint is widely used for its flavour and fragrance. It’s used in common products such as toothpaste and candies. Another important peppermint that not everyone may know is that it can be used as a pest deterrent. The smell of peppermint is known to scare away mice.

    How do you use peppermint to prevent mice?

    Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil. Place the cotton balls in the dark, hidden areas that are susceptible to mice infestations. You may also spray a peppermint solution around your house which can deter rodents from entering or infesting your house.

    3. Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus is often used in creams and ointments aimed at relieving muscle and joint pain. It is also used to reduce symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion. When it comes to pest control, the minty pine scent of eucalyptus can be used to scare away mice.

    How do you use eucalyptus for DIY mice control?

    Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a cotton ball and place it inside the pantry, your wardrobe or even under the bed.

    4. Citronella

    Citronella is known as a natural insect repellent, but its benefits extend beyond that. The smell of citronella is known to be off-putting to rodents.

    How do you use citronella to prevent a rodent infestation?

    Citronella can act as a natural rodent deterrent. Plant citronella in your garden and use the leaves as natural pest control. Crush the leaves and leave them around your home. Alternatively, you can also spray a citronella solution around your house to scare away pests.

    5. Ammonia

    The smell of urine repels rats. Ammonia often gets rid of rats because it mimics the smell of urine. When rats smell this, they think a fox or a cat may be nearby.

    How do you safely use ammonia to scare mice away?

    Fill bottle caps with ammonia, and place them in strategic positions away from children and pets. Place ammonia in places that mice may appear, such as the basement and up in the attic.

    6. Peppers

    Do you know that you can use peppers to deter mice? This spice scares rats away as it could injure their lungs.

    How do you use peppers to prevent a rat infestation?

    Sprinkle peppers near any holes or cracks in walls and around the foundation of your house.

    7. Vinegar

    We already know that rats hate strong scents, but the one they absolutely hate maybe the smell of white vinegar.

    How do you use vinegar to stop mice?

    Use a vinegar solution to clean the area where mice often go. To make things even unbearable for these pests, leave vinegar-soaked cotton balls inside cupboards, under the sink, inside cabinets, and other infested areas.

    8. The scent of household pets

    Fight pests with the common household cat

    Common household pet

    Animals are divided into prey and predators. It’s only natural for mice to be scared of cats and any would-be prey. Mice have a remarkable sense of smell and can use it to detect predators. Keeping a cat or a dog as a house pet may prevent mice from multiplying in your house.

    Note from pest control professionals:

    These home remedies, although popular, may not fully stop a pest infestation. Rodents are stubborn pests and may find a way to continue infesting your house. The best solution to any problem will always be prevention and mice control done by professionals.


    Pest Prevention - Bunnings

    Common Signs You May Have a Bug Problem

    Bugs come in all shapes and sizes, some more horrible than others. So if your home has been affected, make sure you call Masters Pest Control Sydney for help! Termitesbirdswasps – you name it has it covered. Our extensive expertise in bug control services has given us the ability to manage any bug problem. Equipped with many years of industry experience, our qualified professionals are well suited for any commercial or residential task you have.

    Ants control and treatment services

    Sydney Ants Control Measures

    1. Sawdust Residue

    This typical sign your property may have termites or carpenter ants. The residue is usually found near timber structures and materials. If you see this, please inspect further and enquire about bug control services. Garden Pro Ant Killer from Bunnings. 

    2. Cracks & Marks

    Many bugs enjoy devouring your property. If they don’t eat it, they will most likely find another way to destroy it. As a result, mysterious damages to your property may start appearing – from cracks in the walls to holes in the roof, window screens and fences. In addition, the bugs enjoy leaving marks on the objects around your house and using them for food and nesting materials. Pro Fogger Insecticide Bunnings.

    3. Presents

    Your little bugs are gracious enough to leave behind some gifts for you to clean up. Their droppings, eggs, bloodstains and body parts, to be precise. If you see these remnants, then please contact Masters Pest Control immediately before they start to produce a nasty odour. Surface Pest Spray Bunnings.

    4. Nests

    Have you noticed little nests? Or perhaps webbings that your not-so-friendly spider family live on. These little home could be anywhere! And if left untreated can grow bigger and bigger until it’s a major issue. One nest could mean there are three others around the house. Call Masters Pest Control for a pest inspection.

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Signs of Termites In Your Home

    Signs of a cockroach infestations

    Cockroach Infestations

    Commercial Bug Services

    All Commercial Property Types

    Bugs are not content with invading homes across Sydney. Offices, food courts, establishments and other commercial spaces are a prime target for infestations as well. With the high density of the human population and abundant food sources, bugs are naturally drawn to business premises. So if you spot creepy crawlers on your property, contact Masters Pest Control Sydney immediately. We'll keep your employees in good health and protect your reputation among customers and guests when they come to visit. So call your North Shore local team of bug controllers today.

    Disease Carrying Bugs

    People who have businesses in Sydney seem to be quite accustomed to having their homes infiltrated by bugs every season. Masters Pest Control Sydney has done exterminations all over the Sydney commercial business areas and is familiar with the common bugs that lurk around populated places. These can be anything from parasitic bugs to disease-spreading vermin. When you live in an area that boasts a warm climate for about six months every year, this scenario seems inevitable. Pests manage to sneak their way indoors, living off your resources right under your nose. The worst part is that you only find out until the damage is done. And then it's on to the next step, removal. But did you know that you can avoid all of the hassles if you take some time to do a few things in your day-to-day life?

    Some Daily Commercial DIY Tips

    By investing just a bit of time, you can skip the stressful ordeal of going through hell and back to eliminate bugs from your home. Prevent your living space from becoming a hotspot for these hellish creatures by properly storing and sealing food at all times. Ensure to wipe countertops, tables and all other surfaces clean to get rid of odours and particles as these attract pests. Dispose of your trash completely and regularly as well.

    Remember to exercise caution all the time, particularly during the summer months, as this is the period when troublesome bugs thrive the most. But that does not mean you should take it easy in the middle of winter either. Common household pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches are still very active in the colder season.


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