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Disease carriers that cause physical damage History First mention of rodent control is recorded in ancient Egypt. Egyptians used bins to store their grain for later use and it did not take long for rats and mice to find their way in. However, ancient Egyptians were smart and it did not take them too long […]

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How to Get Rid of Rats

Getting rid of rats can be a bit tricky. Rat infestation is not always apparent and can occur without any visible evidence. Rats tend to come out only at night and hide during the day, which makes it difficult to spot a rat infestation immediately. These pests are unsanitary and may spread harmful diseases, that […]

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Rat Pest Control: Get Rid of Rodents With the Help of Local Pest Exterminators

Hire pest controllers to provide protection from rodents. If you’re suffering from a rat infestation, have a pest exterminator team inspect your property and recommend the right pest control solution. You can always turn to a professional, such as our pest control expert, Robert Taboas, who has years of experience fighting against rodents in residential and […]

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