Solving Spider issues in Sydney

Sydney has experienced significant residential growth in recent times. With land excavation, recent wet and humid weather and the close proximity to the Nepean river and other wetlands, Sydney remains a suitable environment for spiders. An increase in reported cases has also been apparent.

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Tips to Stay and Feel Safe

Warm weather ushers in a rise in Sydney’s spider population. The heat and humidity provide ideal breeding conditions for these insects. More than just supporting survival, it encourages growth.

Spiders are a reality of life in Sydney and the whole of Australia. Truth is, a great majority of them are far from dangerous. It is mostly people’s fears that perpetuate this myth. Practicing precautionary measures will keep you, your family and property safe from spiders.

Common sense would tell you not to touch or tease spiders. Teach this to young children and remind them every now and then.

You should also cover vents and weepholes with mesh, attach flyscreens to windows and repair cracks and crevices in your home or office. Make sure to switch lights off at night, as these would attract insects, which in turn, will attract spiders.

In addition, refrain from leaving clothes and shoes outdoors when it is nighttime, Always remember to wear appropriate clothing like gloves and boots when working in the garden or yard as well.

Explore Your Spider Control Methods

As professional pest controllers, we perform a meticulous inspection in and around your property. We search all the places they would likely inhabit such as corners of windows, behind curtains, in ceiling voids, and gutter lines. We also look into your gardens, patios as well as outdoor furniture and decor. For your protection, we inform you about possible entry points.

What makes us different from other businesses is that we skip the use of chemicals. Based on experience, we have found that using spider web sprays and other chemical barrier-style treatments may be ineffective in the long run, as well as harmful to your health.

Identifying and Treating Different Kinds of Spider Bites

While all spiders are venomous, a majority of species are actually harmless to people. Still, Sydney his home to quite a few spiders that can cause some damage to animals and humans through their bites.

Funnel-Web Spider – Wrap a bandage around the bitten area and the surrounding limb and apply pressure to it. It is also advisable to restrict movement further by applying a splint.

Redback Spider – Put an ice pack on the area that was bitten to lessen the pain. Just stay still and avoid moving around too much.

Mouse Spider – For this species, symptoms are actually quite similar to that of a funnel-web. Simply wrap a bandage around the bite site and the surrounding limb while applying enough pressure to immobilise the area. Apply a splint to restrict movement even more.

White-Tailed Spider – For some people, bites may cause burning pain, swelling and itchiness. Blistering has also been reported in certain occasions. If symptoms persist, consult a medical practitioner.

Black House Spider – Aside from local swelling and pain, bites can also, but very rarely, lead to the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Muscular pain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

In a few cases, skin lesions and necrotising arachnidism have been reported. Seek medical attention immediately if symptoms persist.

Golden Orb or Orb Weaver Spider – Harmless enough to humans, expect mild local pain, numbness and swelling from a bite. Nausea and dizziness might occur in rare cases. If symptoms persist, get treated immediately by a doctor.

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