03 Dec. 17

Signs You Need a Home Termite Treatment

Pest infestation is known to cause inconvenience, but there are some insects that can destroy the foundation of your house in the literal sense — and termites top that list, unfortunately. Termites are pests that feed on cellulose. Since they live in colonies, they collectively infest materials that contain a rich content of cellulose. In households, there are lots of wooden items present, and if your house is infested by termites, then structural damage as the consequences of the infestation will be inevitable.

There are some signs of termite infestation which indicate that you need a professional home termite treatment.

signs of termite infestation

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Underground Tunnels

Subterranean termites are known to make underground tunnels for their shelter, which they use to procreate and store their food. They are a few centimetres deep in the soil and can be several metres long. If you notice small holes in the soft soil around your house, then there are chances that your house has been infested by subterranean termites.

Shelter Tubes

Other species such as dry wood termites make mud tubes on walls, along the wires and along other home fixtures. Termites make mud tubes to protect themselves from predator insects. These tubes also provide a murky and soggy environment that suits their development.  Termites mostly make these structures when there is less activity around i.e. at night.

These mud shelter tubes vary in their width depending on the task they are carrying out. Narrow tubes indicate that they are being used to search for food while wider ones, which are more alarming, show that they are used by termites to transport food. These tubes have a texture of clay, and appear in brown and dark brown colours. If you notice any similar structures in the house, then it’s time to get  professional help for home termite treatment.

Blowholes in the Trees Surrounding your House

Both dry wood and subterranean termites like to form their colonies in tree roots and trunks. If you have a lawn or backyard with a couple of trees, then you should check them for blowholes. Otherwise a severe termite infestation can eventually result in their decay. Even if blowholes are not visible, the sound of knocks on the trunk can tell you whether or not it’s shallow from the inside.

Piles of Droppings and Wings

Piles of tiny pellets of droppings are also a telling sign of the presence of termites in your house. These droppings are of the colour of the termite feed. If you find a heap of such substances alongside walls and foundation of the house then, this is the sign that you need an immediate home termite treatment.

Even though it is very rare to witness the presence of wings inside your house, but if you do spot them, you should know that they also indicate that your house has been infested by termites. As spring season has begun in Australia, subterranean termites — that flock during this time of the year ”“ will leave trails of discarded wings on your house flooring. If you witness such a thing, it would be a good idea to start preparing for home termite treatment.

Sagging Floors and Hollow Walls

Early identification of termite infestation is difficult because they hide in the wood in a honeycomb pattern and continue to excavate through the wood, without showing any external signs. If you have a lot of timber used in the structural design of your house then you probably experience flaccidity in the flooring. If your walls are made of timber and are infested with termite, they will produce hollow sounds.

In case of heavy infestation, you can even hear tapping noises on wooden structures. This sound is produced when mandibles and heads of termites are moving against the surface. All the discussed signs clearly demand you to have an immediate home termite treatment with professional assistance.

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