27 Apr. 17

Pests In Commercial Buildings

Dangerous pests carry disease-causing organisms that cause leptospirosis, salmonella, typhus fever and ringworm infections. They spread the disease by feeding and urinating on stored products and contaminating food with droppings. Virtually any structure that has food preparation or storage areas due to the abundant food and shelter appeals to them.

Pests In Commercial Buildings

Pests In Commercial Buildings

At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we have identified the most common pests that thrive in establishments such as shops, restaurants and bars. In these kinds of facilities, you can find everything from rodents to cockroaches. Our advanced pest control solutions will have your office workable again.

Ants come in large, organised groups and their nests can house up to several millions in number. Even though they do not eat a lot of food, they can still punch holes through packaging and eat their way in.

Main ant species:

  • Coastal brown ant
  • White footed house ant
  • Black house ant

Mice and Rats
Mice and rats are responsible for the contamination and loss of food in both commercial and domestic premises. A serious problem in the food and beverage industry, these pests consume and contaminate goods. They pollute food preparation surfaces leaving their faeces and urine all over the place. What makes them even more hazardous is that they can bite through electrical wires and can cause fire.

Main rodent species:

  • Roof rat
  • Norway rat
  • House mouse

Cockroaches can be frequently found in businesses that store huge quantities of material, food or otherwise. In general, cockroaches feed from sewers, drains and garbage. They usually live in warm and moist areas that are rich in food sources.

Main cockroach species:

  • Australian cockroach
  • German cockroach
  • American cockroach
  • Smoky brown cockroach

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