Marsfield – 5 Signs You Have Termites

Does the word “termites” make you shiver? Well it should because they are nasty pests! The lower north shore suburb of Marsfield can relax because Masters Pest Control are your termite controllers. The area is apart of the City of Ryde local government area. Masters Pest Control has serviced residential and commercial properties all over this district. You can rest assured you won’t see many pests on your way to Macquarie Business Park or Macquarie Train Station. If your property hasn’t been serviced yet, call 02 8007 4666 for our pest control services.

Marsfield - Termite Control

Marsfield – Termite Control

5 Signs You Have Termites!

Are you noticing things around your home? …little white ants? …noises in the wall perhaps? Your home may have termites! No need to worry though, Master Pest Control Sydney offers termite control Sydney-wide. Our team are just one call away. With experience servicing commercial and residential properties all around the Sydney metropolitan area, we are the best people for the task.

There are five typical signs that your home or business may contain the terrible termites in its cracks and crevices.

1. The Swarm

Termites can either crawl or fly. When they fly they will swarm. This usually happens around warmer weather as it is prime climate for the termites to begin their mating season. Once they are developed they rise up from the group and congregate in the sky, traveling to your house! If you see a swarm in your general area, please contact Masters Pest Control Sydney immediately.

2. Mud Tunnels

When termites infest your property they will create mud tunnels. These tunnels are small tubes that are constructed on the inside and outside of your walls. The devious beasts use this to protect themselves from humans and keep warm. To see if the tunnel is active, just cut open the middle of it – if it is repaired within days you need to call Masters Pest Control Sydney immediately.

3. Noises in the walls

Lucky for you, termites don’t mind being noisy intruders. They will literally hit their heads on the walls of your home when they hear you coming, this is to warn the rest of the colony you’re home. If you have enough visitors, you will be able to hear the buzzing noises. Masters Pest Control Sydney are happy to come and exterminate your noisey room mates.

4. White Ants

Perhaps you have been seeing interesting looking little white ants around your home? Truth be told, there is no such thing as a white ant – THESE ARE TERMITES! Call Masters Pest Control Sydney and our professional exterminators will come and clear the white ants out.

5. Hollow Sounding Wood

If you have suspicions about termites in the wall, try knocking on the wall. If your wall sounds a little extra hollow – this may mean that termites have eaten through it. Termites love to chomp and feed off the material your home is made from. Call Masters Pest Control Sydney and we will come and put a stop to their expensive appetite.

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Whether you have questions or need a quote, call our exterminators on 02 8007 4666. Masters Pest Control Sydney are happy to help.

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