San Souci NSW

Located on the suburb of southern Sydney, Australia, Sans Souci spans 17 kilometres south of the Sydney Central Business District, the main commercial centre of New South Wales and home to largest Australian companies’ headquarters. Strip shopping centres and malls are within walking distance of each other, most situated on Rocky Point Road, near Sandringham Street. In Sans Souci, strip malls are becoming common as the residents tend to do their shopping on the Internet instead of going to stores. The most popular spots include the Sans Souci Shopping Village, The Party People retail supply chain, numerous fast food outlets and small shops as well as retailers.

In terms of geographical area, Sans Souci is surrounded on three sides by water with Kogarah Bay to the west, the Georges River to the south and Botany Bay to the east. On the eastern border, there lies Sydney’s longest beach named Lady Robinsons Beach, stretching between the mouth of the Cooks River and Georges River on the western shore of Botany Bay. Sans Souci is connected to Taren Point, in the Sutherland Shire, to the south, by the Captain Cook Bridge over the Georges River. As a result, Sans Souci became the ideal gateway to watercraft activities and a magnet for pedestrians. 

According to Census, there are about 10,304 people residing in Sans Souci, 63.9 per cent of whom were born in Australia. The second most common countries of birth were Greece, contributing 4 per cent to the total population. Next to Greece are China, Egypt, England, and New Zealand, each of which contributes 1.5 – 2.5 per cent to Sans Souci citizenry. Regarding spoken languages, Greek is the most popular one with 13.4 per cent of the residents speaking Greek. Some other common languages include Arabic, Macedonian, Mandarin, and Italian. The main religion in Sans Souci is Catholic, constituting 27.7 per cent. Besides, around 21 per cent of the residents are followers of Eastern Orthodox, 11.5 per cent follow Anglican whereas 15.1 per cent of the population are atheists.

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