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Don’t let a pest infestation spread around your home or business, and cause you headache. The masters provide fast and cost-efficient pest control services in Eastwood and nearby Sydney suburbs. We specialise in termite control, rat and mice control and cockroach pest control Sydney wide. With the masters, you won’t have to worry about stubborn pests again!

For residential or commercial pest control, call the Masters of Pest Control Sydney on (02) 8007 4666. Remember, we price match any comparable quote!

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Proven Safe, Pet and Child-Friendly Pest Control

As members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, the Masters of Pest Control Sydney has made it its mission to provide the safest pest control option for Sydney dwellers or business managers. We use pest control methods that are proven safe for the environment as well as your pets or family members.

Ask us about our eco-friendly pest control! Contact us on on (02) 8007 4666.

Your local Eastwood pest controller who is only a phone call away to solve any Ant, Bed Bug, Cockroach, German Cockroach, Pest Inspection, Rat, Spider or Termite issues.

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Pest Control Near Me – Eastwood NSW Services

Are you looking for a pest control company near you? The Masters of Pest Control Sydney has service vans that can provide immediate pest control services wherever you may be in the region. We offer pest management services throughout Eastwood and nearby Sydney suburbs.

We service Sydney-wide including the Lower North Shore and the ff. suburbs:

Why should you hire a professional Sydney pest control team?

Hire experts if you want to:

  • Determine the root cause of any pest problem. Using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method, a trained pest exterminator will thoroughly inspect your property to get to the bottom of a pest infestation problem. Looking for sources of food, termite nests or other signs of a pest infestation is key to solving any pest problem.
  • Get a lasting solution to any pest problem. A trained professional is able to determine the right solution to any pest problem. Don’t bother using over-the-counter sprays that only provide a temporary solution to a pest infestation.
  • Keep your property safe from harmful chemicals. Make sure to hire a professional pest control team that can provide safe and eco-friendly pest control. Using harmful chemicals are not always the best solution.
  • Avoid wasting money! Don’t waste your money on over-the-counter pest products that will not actually solve your pest problem. In addition, hiring a professional pest exterminator allows you to avoid paying for the damages to your property caused by common pests such as termites and mice. Business owners and homeowners alike will benefit from a fast and cost-effective pest control service.
Eastwood Ant infestations, Bed Bug infestations, Cockroach infestations, German Cockroach infestations, Pest Inspection, Rat infestations, Spider infestations, Termite infestations

Professional pest control specialists can get rid of any common pests in Eastwood

DIY Pest Management for Eastwood NSW

Use this pest control wheel infographic to guide you in handling pests around your property. These simple and easy-to-do recommendations help property owners make pest deterrents out of common household items. These simple solutions can provide a temporary solution to your problem with pests. If you want a more lasting solution, you may consult our team on (02) 8007 4666.

Eastwood home pest management. Pest control Eastwood ideas that are child and pest friendly

Protect your Eastwood residential property

Why should you book the Masters of Pest Control Sydney for your Eastwood pest problem?

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust our pest control team:

  • We have over 40 years of combined building and pest control experience.
  • We pledge to provide only the safest, eco-friendly pest control services.
  • We pride ourselves in providing great customer service! (Please read what our customers have to say about us.)
  • We beat any comparable quote out there to ensure that you’ll be getting the most cost-effective pest control service.