What do you know about dust mites?

Facts about dust mites

About Dust Mite

House Dust Mite

Dust mites is one of the mite species that are commonly found wherever human are. These mites are usually associated with dust and debris that can be found inside homes, hence, these mites live and reproduce in areas with a lot of dust.

Dust mites can survive in different living conditions, even in dry climate, but they normally prefer to live humidity indoor areas such as kitchen or bedroom. The complete life cycle of dust mites, from egg to a full adult stage, lasts around 30 days. Through their lives, dust mites go through five different stages: egg, larval stage, two nymphal stages and the adult stage. Adult dust mites can live as long as two months, depending on the amount of humidity and temperature of their surrounding environment.

Why are they harmful for human’s health?

It sounds as if they are very useful for our live since their foods are normally shed human skins or hair cells. However, they thrive in mattresses, carpets, cushions, draperies, pillows, bedding and under furniture and their population is pretty dense with a range at around 190 mites per 1 gram of dust. Even though they eat human skins, they also cause allergies as humans tend to react to various proteins in their droppings. These droppings will continue to cause allergic symptoms even if the mites are dead.

The allergy to dust mites is especially frequent in Australia where the allergen is present in large quantities. There are several dust mite removal techniques that can be used to reduce dust mites such as removing all the dust in your home but neither one does the job of completely removing it. Some of the methods that are often used to decrease the number of mites and their allergens are costly with limited evidence of their effectiveness.

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