Bird Control: Do you know birds can do harm to your home and health?

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Birds seem like a friendly animal to us, however, have you ever known that birds are also considered at pests? Depending on different bird species, they can cause you many problems such as destroy your crops or even your property.

Pigeons are one of the most common birds around Sydney. You can see them everywhere on the street, around your neighbourhood, bus and train stations and in the parks. They seems pretty harmless, however, their droppings contain acid, which causes corrosion to your house and their debris may cause the blockage to the gutters. Even worse, some kind of birds even carry bacteria and parasite such as fleas, bird mites which can transmit to human and pets.

What harms can they do to your home?

It is thus very important to have a bird control plan if your home is contaminated by any types of bird. There are several reasons why you should take action in the very first stages:

  1. Bird droppings and the leftovers of nest materials can be the cause of many diseases and spreading of bed bugs, mealworms and various types of mites.

  2. Bird droppings on sidewalks can be dangerous to people due to being slippery.

  3. Bird nests and nesting material can be a fire hazard when located near lights, electricity and other electrical devices.

  4. Bird droppings can cause stains, corrosion and other types of damage to buildings.

  5. Birds that make their nests inside food production facilities can cause serious damage by contaminating food and equipment.

  6. Birds can cause noise pollution, especially when their population grows out of proportions.

Call our friendly pest controllers

Since your home provide birds food, water, warm and shelter, it is important that you should keep an eye on the them to prevent any further bad affect to your home and family. The best way is to get helps from a professional pest controller. The pest controllers will do an inspection and create a treatment plan based on the specific situation. Call our pest control services at Masters Pest Control Sydney on (02) 8007 4666 to schedule an appointment. We open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. Also check out our other services below:

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