Keep House Ants Out Forever


House ants are tiny, non-winged insects that anyone can encounter anywhere. It is a name often used to refer to a wide variety of ant species, including sugar ants, which is endemic to Australia. Unlike other pests, ants are a lot more predictable as they are mostly attracted to food sources.

If you keep snacks lying around, leave leftovers on the table or fail to dust off crumbs on the floor, you are luring them in. The simplest way to get rid of ants and keep them out is to store food properly. Make sure to wipe off and vacuum scraps and morsels in your home.

Keep House Ants Out Forever

Keep House Ants Out Forever

However, there are cases wherein ants begin to go full force on home invasion, even if you keep your house clean. If this happens, do not hesitate to call the hardworking team of pest controllers at Masters Pest Control Sydney. The first thing we do is locate their nest. Identifying where the ant colony lies is the cornerstone of the first phase of our game plan.

Locate the Queen

Once the colony is discovered, it is time to set up the second phase of our ant control strategy. This involves pinpointing where the queen is nestled. In fact, the primary target should always be the matriarch. As the mother of all the ants, she has the sole responsibility of reproducing and growing the entire population. Thus, killing her will impair the colony’s capacity to multiply.

And for the final phase, we will be setting up baits filled with poison aimed to wipe out the worker ants. With our help, you can get rid of ants and never have to worry about them again. Call 02 8007 4666 right now to discuss how to get rid of ants in your home.


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