14 Nov. 17

How to Identify Termites and Prevent Termite Infestation?

If you want to keep your house termite free and stop their frequent attacks, prevention is the key. But the question is “How do we identify termites?”

Termites are a social group of insects which are soft-bodied and feed on wood. Due to their lifestyle and eating habits, they are considered highly damaging for a wood structure including the many homes in Sydney.

identifying termites

Termite control experts can help you identify the termites infesting your property. Call (02) 8007 4666 to schedule a termite inspection.

Termites grow at a very large scale and quite instantly. Termites are easily distinguishable from other home insects if you compare some of their special traits such as a straight waist, equal sized wings, and the abdomen. Unlike other insects such as ants, the abdomen of termites are broad and connected to the thorax.

Another distinguishable feature of termites is their antennae which are commonly thread-like or bead-like. Since termite feed themselves on the basis of woods, it is necessary that you take adequate measures for termite control treatments.

Termite Control Methods – Organic and Natural

There are several ways in which you can prevent termite infestation. While these procedures are not necessarily a silver bullet, these natural and organic methods are both child and pet-friendly. If you think you have nothing around which can cause termite infestation that you don’t need to worry.
Otherwise, the best way to initiate this prevention is by moving the things first. And to get the optimal termite control is to make a regular and thorough inspection of your home. One way to do is to monitor the areas in house carefully and keep tabs on caused damages to ensure they are not due to termite infestation.

Also; avoid having any sort of water leaks outside as well as inside the home this is because these habitats help termites in multiplying in large quantities. Therefore, if you really tend to keep your home termites free you will not let go of small drop or leaks whatsoever.
Another proven way to ensure termite control is to use boric acid. Boric acid powder is effective in removing existing termites so treat the wood items with boric powder acid before you get them to use. Similarly, in the case of woods outside your house, spray the wood and keep spraying with regular intervals to avoid termite infestation or growth.

Improved Methods of Termite Control

Here are some other improved ways to carry out termite treatments.

Green Termite Bait

This system is usually installed outside the property. Since termites get attracted to wood, these systems contain wood base. Hence, as soon as termites approach, it gets replaced with a poisonous lace. After feeding, termite then further carries this poisonous food inside the colony and, hence helps in removing termite colonies at large.

Barrier Treatment

Termite barrier is the most economical option to go for. This treatment makes the use of various products of termites such as Termidor which acts as a barrier. Considering fripnoil, an active substance found in Termidor, this substance first attracts termites and then, as termites enter the area affected by the substance, they start to die off slowly.


The most important of all termite prevention is to get a yearly inspection of your space by hiring professional pest controllers. You may call us at (02) 8007 4666 for professional help. Being in line with the saying, prevention is better than cure. This is the only smart way to keep your house and family safe from these creepy home infecting creatures.