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German Cockroach Nightmares You Need To Know

There is a reason why we are terrified of cockroaches. Roaches invade our homes, hiding in the shadows and residing in nooks and crannies. They represent the filth that we try to avoid, spreading their waste and even diseases as they scamper around our homes.

Blatella germanica, also known as the German cockroach, is probably the most familiar type of cockroach to most Australians. It is also one of the most resilient. This species of cockroach love heat and humidity and has great adaptability to residential homes all over Australia. Because they are usually active at night and prefer to hide in cramped spaces, they can be a stuff of nightmares, even for experienced pest controllers.

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Here are German cockroach pest control nightmares that you need to know

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German cockroaches can be resistant to common anti-cockroach products being sold.

Gel baits, traps and chemical pesticides are some of the most common pest control methods available to homeowners. They can be effective when dealing with other pests, but when it comes to German cockroaches, these methods may not be as powerful. Because of their fast reproduction, this species can develop resistance to ordinary pest control methods. Some studies even found that German cockroaches tend to avoid baits treated with sugary chemicals, developing resistance that exceeded ordinary pest management threshold.

German cockroach secretions can affect your food.

This species of cockroach produce odour secretions when threatened. A large enough population of German cockroaches can produce a distinct musty smell. Aside from these secretions, this species also produce small, dark and pepper-like droppings. Now imagine these pests scampering on your plates and food at night.

German cockroaches spread diseases and allergic reactions.

German cockroaches are known to carry diseases-causing germs, bacteria and viruses. Residents of a German cockroach-infested home may experience stomach problems like diarrhea and dysentery. This species are also known to carry salmonella. Their droppings can also cause allergies and breathing problems.  (READ: 7 Facts About German Cockroaches)

German cockroaches may damage books and important documents.

In the absence of readily available food, German cockroaches will eat books, book bindings, documents and even your wallpaper. It may not be as damaging as termites, but they could cause significant destruction by feeding on your documents.

German cockroaches will bite humans.

For heavy German cockroach populations where food sources may not be enough, they have been found to bite on sleeping humans and eat food residue that may have remained on their faces. This usually happens in extremely heavy infestations and available food sources cannot support the population. German cockroach bites can cause irritation, swelling and lesions a well as wounds that lead to an infection.

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