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What is electric pest control?

Electric pest control involves the use of electronic devices that can eliminate or repel common pests such as rodents, flies and other insects. Pest exterminators can strategically use electric pest control to remove pests without using harmful pesticides and ensuring the safety of pets and children in your home.

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Electric Control Sydney

Electric Control Sydney

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    Common Electric Pest Control for Homes

    Here are some examples of electric pest control devices commonly used at home:

    • Electronic Fly Killers, which uses UV light to attract insects. Once an insect lands on the electronic grill, the insect gets electrocuted.
    • Electromagnetic and ultrasonic devices, which are used to repel rodents and insects. The electromagnetic signal scares away rodents and insects.

    Our home pest control service can incorporate installations of electric pest control devices around your home. Note that the use of such devices allows you to avoid the use of chemicals and other harmful pesticides. The effectivity of this approach depends solely on how effective pest experts can pinpoint the right areas to install these devices.

    Should you book an electric pest control service?

    Here are some things to consider when booking an electric pest control service in Sydney:

    • Electric devices are only effective in controlling a limited number of pests. In most cases, they can't be used to fight major pest infestations.
    • Electric devices are 100% pet and child-friendly.
    • Pests like rodents can eventually become accustomed to high frequency signals emitted by an electric pest control device.
    • Ultrasonic sound waves are weak and cannot penetrate furniture, walls and other obstructions around the home.

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